Moon is everything Christine isn t She s confident, impulsive, artistic and though they both grew up in the same Chinese American suburb, Moon is somehow unlike anyone Christine has ever known When Moon s family moves in next door to Christine s, Moon goes from unlikely friend to best friend

The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3: Hotel Oblivion (The Umbrella Academy, #3)

With a new Netflix series, the best selling graphic novels return with the original creators Gerard Way My Chemical Romance, Doom Patrol and Gabriel B Two Brothers, Casanova have earned awards and accolades on their separate projects, and finally return to their breakout 2007 hit, for the lat

Rusty Brown

The week after I finished the last page of Jimmy Corrigan I immediately started a new long story based on characters who had originated as parodies, but whom now I wanted to humanize amidst a setting of memories of my Omaha childhood and Nebraska upbringing Chris Ware, Monograph Now, twenty

Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl (Mighty Jack, #3; Zita the Spacegirl, #4)

Jack and Lilly are no strangers to heroics They ve befriended dragons, battled giants, and even earned the loyalty of a goblin army So when they meet Zita the Spacegirl, fresh from her interplanetary travels and seeking their help to face a new threat, they re than ready for another adventure