PuhdistusEn 1992, L Union Sovi Tique S Effondre Et La Population Estonienne F Te Le D Part Des Russes Mais La Vieille Aliide, Elle, Redoute Les Pillages Et Vit Terr E Dans Sa Maison, Au Fin Fond Des Campagnes Ainsi, Lorsqu Elle Trouve Zara Dans Son Jardin, Une Jeune Femme Qui Semble En Grande D Tresse, Elle H Site Lui Ouvrir Sa Porte Ces Deux Femmes Vont Faire Connaissance, Et Un Lourd Secret De Famille Va Se R V Ler, En Lien Avec Le Pass De L Occupation Sovi Tique Et L Amour Qu Aliide A Ressenti Pour Hans, Un R Sistant La Vieille Dame Va Alors D Cider De Prot Ger Zara Jusqu Au Bout, Quel Qu En Soit Le Prix Sofi Oksanen S Empare De L Histoire Pour B Tir Une Trag Die Familiale Envo Tante Haletant Comme Un Film D Hitchcock, Son Roman Pose Plusieurs Questions Passionnantes Peut On Vivre Dans Un Pays Occup Sans Se Compromettre Quel Jugement Peut On Porter Sur Ces Trahisons Ou Actes De Collaboration Une Fois Disparu Le Poids De La Contrainte Des Questions Qui Ne Peuvent Que R Sonner Fortement Dans La T Te Des Lecteurs Fran Ais.

Sofi Oksanen was born in Finland to a Finnish father and an Estonian mother In 2010 she won the Nordic Council s Literature Prize for her third novel originally a play , Puhdistus Purge.

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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Puhdistus
  • Sofi Oksanen
  • French
  • 11 December 2018
  • 9782234062405

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    The silence has been peculiar that year expectant, yet at the same time like the aftermath of a storm Once in a while, there are books that leave you powerless Books that rise beyond any attempt of reviewing, that intimidate you and make you feel that whatever words you may use, they are bound to be mundane, detrimental, inadequate Sofi Oksnanen s Purge is such a book.I have it as my personal principle to make no judgement regarding historical events Human History is made of endless conflicts, wars and oppression It has always been thus, it will never change All hope and eulogies that man remembers the sins of the past to avoid repeating them are extinguished Therefore, this is my inadequate attempt to write a review focusing on language, feelings and characters To make a judgement regarding whose fault is what is not my place.There is an outstanding opening sequence where we witness the battle between Aliide and a fly Flies are constantly present in the book What do they stand for Perhaps, the dirt that fills Allide and Zara s lives Perhaps they are a symbolism for the dream that is impossible to fulfill or the horror that is impossible to kill.Perhaps, the constant buzzing in an echo of the constant buzzing in Aliide s heart, her unreceprocated feelings for Hans Flies, onions and soil are vivid images in the book This is a novel that doesn t rely heavily on dialogue, but on im...

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    What a great book And first of all thanks to 7Jane of Finland and Jim of New Hampshire who recommended Finnish authors and works to me This is a psychological thriller set in rural Estonia There are only two major characters The first is an elderly woman who, as we learn her story, is the textbook definition of a survivor She been through WW II, starvation, rape, torture, a dead husband and lost family Her only remaining family members, a sister and a niece, were exiled to far eastern Russia, thousands of miles away, because the sister was suspected of aiding and sheltering her husband, an anti Soviet freedom fighter The older woman had been secretly in love with her brother in law for years and now with the sister exiled, maybe she can finally have him to herself if he s still alive and if he takes the risk of reappearing These events happened during the Soviet occupation of Estonia, then the German occupation, and then the Soviets again, and each time the political domination changed there were r...

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    I don t have to like people I m reading about but I like to understand them Their behaviors and motivations I like them multidimensional I may disagree with them, despise sometimes, hate even But I like when they make me uncomfortable, when they prove me how lucky I m not being them or how wrong I was in my assumptions Purge is dense and suffocating reading, full of secrets, resentments and lies Sofi Oksanen has created a very ambiguous and unsettling protagonists and while it is pretty natural to sympathize with Zara, young runaway from abusive partner, yet character of Allida arouses mixed feelings Allida Truu, only her name evokes something true, is much complex and complicated character and her history is long and twisted like history of her native Estonia She is victim and culprit She is vulnerable and predatory, innocent and snaky, good and evil And b...

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    4.5 5It s a rare occasion when the title for a book reveals itself as evidence of not a whim or facile plucking of a simplistic keyword, but of cold and careful analysis of the very viscera of the work Even of a feat when considering that the book is a translation, and that the title could have easily been ruined by the commercial gauging of the US market The original title of Stieg Larsson s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was M n som hatar kvinnor Translated literally, Men Who Hate Women, a title which retained would have harnessed the rabidly popular heights the book achieved much effectively, in my mind.Ah well No use crying over wasted potential.The word purge speaks of both physical and political, bodily cleansing and cultural expulsion, as well as the forcible expunging of sin and impurities That is the theme here, played out against the gigantic backdrop of history and the smaller curtains of men and their hate for women Flies, communism, and psychological warfare, fully sunken into the culture of Estonia, its neighboring countries, and the minds of two women And yet, for all that, not a hint of sentiment in the descriptions of bucolic mentalities at work in the soil, old world superstitions acted out in herb and blood, bowel gutting atrocities conducted as so much bureaucratic machinations and generating paperwork as such If there s preserves to be made, the preserves are made If there s plants t...

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    Puhdistus A Purga 2012 filme realizado por Antti JokinenEspectacular trailerEm 1992 a Est nia liberta se do dom nio da Uni o Sovi tica, que entrara em colapso em 1989 Aliide Truu uma senhora idosa que vive reclusa na sua casa numa aldeia despovoada na Est nia Ocidental, ocupa o seu tempo a ouvir r dio e a fazer compotas de frutos silvestres e outros produtos agr colas e frut colas Zara uma jovem que aparece no jardim de Aliide, uma desconhecida, desorientada, coberta de lama, esfarrapada, desmazelada, com uma lanterna e um mapa uma rapariga russa que falava est nio Aliide pergunta lhe Mas afinal de onde s para teres vindo aqui parar.Este um dos eixos da narrativa mas h m ltiplas subtramas em A Purga num enredo com v rias hist rias paralelas, que evoluem no presente e no passado, entre os anos de 1930 e a d cada de 1990, na Est nia Ocidental, em Tallin, em Vladivostok, na R ssia e em Berlim, na Alemanha Aliide e Zara s o duas mulheres lutadoras e inesquec veis, duas sobreviventes, independentemente das circunst ncias e das adversidades, das contrariedades e dos infort nios, dissociando se dos acontecimentos traum ticos de um passado, dominado pelas paix es, pelas trai es e pela vingan a as duas empenham se em sobreviver, ambas vivem e viveram no medo e na vergonha, corajosas e resolutas, lutam contra os seus opressores, contra o abuso e a trai o, contra a viol ncia psicol gica, f sica e sexual fazendo sempre que indispens vel justi a pel...

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    3,5 estrelas arredondadas para 4, porque sou boa pessoa A trama est bem urdida Conquanto n o seja original ssima, a hist ria foi bem concebida e a estrutura delineada com efic cia Gostei bastante da hist ria que decorre durante a guerra e o p s guerra, mas n o gostei da dos anos 90, ap s o fim da Uni o Sovi tica A quest o da prostitui o e do tr fico humano pareceu me reverberar a falso e for ar demasiado a tentativa de chamar a aten o para o sofrimento e opress o femininos que s o factuais e percorrem a narrativa e a hist ria daquela regi o, claro, mas que surgem como extenuantes dado o passado familiar de Zara No entanto, a trama em redor das irm s e do marido no fundo, uma hist ria de ci mes, inveja e amor n o correspondido e da situa o pol tica local durante as d cadas de 40 e...

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    Durch meine diesj hrige Autorinnenchallenge, in der ich in 13 Monaten 26 B cher von Autorinnen mit dem Familiennamen A Z lese Details dazu hier , habe ich mich aus meiner bisherigen Komfortzone herausbegeben und m chte Euch nun zum relativ exotischen Buchstaben O die finnische Autorin Sofi Oksanen mit diesem Roman w rmstens ans Herz legen.Im Jahr 1992 findet die Protagonistin Aliide auf ihrem estnischen Bauernhof ein junges gefl chtetes verletztes M dchen namens Zara, das sich allm hlich als Enkelin ihrer Schwester entpuppt Nach und nach erh lt der die Leser in Einblick in das Familiendrama, das daf r verantwortlich ist, dass die Verwandten auseinandergerissen wurden und sich gar nicht kennen Daraus webt die Autorin ein beispielloses Drama aus Terror, Angst, Schuld, Opfer T terumkehr und S hne, in dem die Figuren derart vielschichtig denken handeln und f hlen, dass es eine Freude ist.Die Geschichte kommt zwar durch die zahlreichen sprunghaften R ckblenden in unterschiedliche Jahre etwas gem chlich in Schwung, aber sp testens bei der H lfte der Strecke hatte sie mich so gepackt, dass sie mich berhaupt nicht mehr loslie.Zu Beginn war es f r mich gruselig, dass die ...

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    I m always a little nervous when I pick up a translated novel, because I ve read a lot of bad translations in my day Thanks to authors like Henning Mankell, Steig Larsson, and Ninni Holmqvist, there are and great translations coming from previously overlooked parts of the world This is one of them Oksanen is a new Finnish Estonian novelist, and this is not the last you ll hear of her Purge tells the story of two women Aliide Truu, who lives alone in the Estonian countryside, and Zara, a girl whom Aliide f...

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    I have an affinity to books where the characters outshine the storyline Such volumes craft a distinct memory that never seems to fade for years creating an imaginary bond with those characters experiencing their pain and suffrage through your smallest nerves.Zara and Aliide will never die away from my mind as long as I will remember Purge is not a book about bulimia or anorexia It is a metaphor for all those sinister culpabilities that an individual buries within his her heart until the moment of truth where it all erupts like smoldering lava destroying every possibility of tranquility Oksanen puts forth a riveting account of human lives that are trapped in a web of uncouth circumstances and repelling emotions making the cost of survival nauseating and demeaning.Set in the early 1990s,the book is structured into five parts each going back and forth in time connecting the lives of the two women Estonia a few years shy to reclaiming its independence the last Russian troops left on August 31, 1994 was under the communist rule of the Soviet Poverty, unemployment raked throughout the country s landscape creating a spate of thefts and squalor Aliide Truu, an elderly woman spent her days prese...

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    This book is bigger and stronger than it looks I m not sure how to do it justice, or even how to describe its place in the genre spectrum feminist, literary, historical crime fiction, maybe, although that s still all over the spectrum Purge most poignantly draws attention to the very clear thread between sexual violence and military occupation It connects big picture violence war and occupation with personal conflict and interpersonal tragedy who betrays whom, and how, and why how it becomes so easy for people to use one another The inhumanity, the dehumanization, present in this book is very, very crushing And it s additionally difficult, thinking about current world affairs and knowing that things like this are happening now, still.It s a very dark read, but not exploitative, despite the exploitation the major characters suffer The main character, Aliide, is complicated, and not know...

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