The Heavenfield (Book 1)

The Heavenfield (Book 1) The HeavenField Is A Fast Paced Science Fiction Thriller Set Within A British Experimental Scientific Research Facility.When Grace Palmer And Her Team Discover A Way Into A Mysterious World They Name The HeavenField , They Trigger A Devastating Chain Of Events Bizarre, Unexplained Murders And Attacks On The Project Leave Scientists Trapped In The Field With No Way To Return As Their Air Supplies Run Low And Their Equipment Starts To Fail, Their Nightmares Begin To Play Out Before Them

Hello, my name is I G Hulme, and I am the author of The Heavenfield, a novel released in print, e book, and free audiobook available at the Heavenfield website.The sequel story, The Dead Man s Feast, is currently available in Print and e Book format.

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  • The Heavenfield (Book 1)
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  • 10 November 2017

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    Why I read this book Last week, Evo of put out a call for patrons stores and distributes free, that s right FREE, audiobooks with the encouraged option to donate to the authors I first discovered this website when I was desperate for the next episode of Nathan Lowell s Owner s Share when it stopped appearing on iTunes I was one of the hordes of people who led to a server crash at podiobooks that necessitated an upgrade in hardware Although I don t go to this website much, it is something I am supporting because of the wonderful selection of podiobooks and the ability to donate to the authors without having to track down their websites The HeavenField by I G Hulme was listed as receiving the Founder s Choice award in 2009 The description and art caught my interest I listened to the first 5 minutes of the first chapter, and I was hooked.My one sentence summary Scientists produce a gateway to an unknown and horrifying landscape while mysterious forces try to shut down the experiment.Kudos I ve got to give the author credit for his artwork words, images, and podcasting Visit his website to see some of his great artwork It s all topnotch, eerie, and completely engrossing The podiobook starts off like a radio drama I loved this effect It can ...

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    Really entertaining and fast paced sci fi action thriller that covers a lot of bases in a packed narrative international espionage, terrorism, war, violence, good v evil, angels and demons and cool technology The characters are likeable and interesting especially heavy drinking heavy smoking project leader Grace Sanders and Gutteridge, the muscle on opposing sides Thomas the genius who no one acknowledges Alexi the killer with a conscience All play key roles in events that escalate from international attempts to control a new plane of existence to a war with the denizens of evil itself.The podcast version is really well read by the author, who though presumably not a pro voice actor manages to convey distinct personalities on all even the female characters H...

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    The opening sequence of this podiobook, no matter how many times I ve heard it, still sends chills down my spine The Heavenfield, Season 1 takes you on a terrifying journey into a world that exists in parallel with our ownreachable via a concept known as Standing Point technology Originally thought to be an Eden of sorts, the veil of serenity that is the Heavenfield is torn away before the eyes of a handful of explorers What follows is their terrifying journ...

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    It almost feels like a cheat to count this as a full book it seems like Part One of a multi part series At any rate, it was a very enthralling listen production values are excellent on this audiobook and I really enjoyed it There are still a lot of mysteries to be explained, but I feel confident that the author will explain everything in due time Not recommended if you NEED to understand everything ...

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    I just finished the podcast of this whole series In a nutshell I thought it started off very strong but stumbled a bit in the 2nd half were stupid, out of character and or otherwise unlikely actions by the characters were often used to drive the plot.Ra...

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    I couldn t stop listening to it I burned through it as fast as I could.The effects are delightful An anxious character is stressing out, and you realize that you re hearing their labored breathing The effects are well blended The story is exciting The ending felt, t...

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    This was an excellent podiobook It was a straight read, with minimal sound effects and no voice actors other than the author My only dissappointment is that book one isn t really a standalone book as I had thought, but rather an int...

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    Took a while for this to grow on me.I listened to it as a free serial audio podcast from is a physics experiment gone drastically awry.Not clear in the beginning what s going on, but becomes clear with continued listening genuinely worth listening to.

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    Entertaining Not good Not bad.

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    This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the very first page.original concept.this is a book worth buying many times over.I am looking forward to the sequel.peter

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