Spy Glass

Spy GlassOpal Cowan Had Been Willing To Make The Ultimate Sacrifi Ce To Save Her Friends And Rid The World Of Blood Magic Though She Survives, She Is Forever Changed Opal Cowan Has Lost Her Powers More Than That, She Is Now Immune To Magic Opal Is An Outsider Looking In, Spying Through The Glass On Those With The Powers She Once Had, Powers That Make A Difference To The World And Were Her Whole World Until Spying Through The Glass Becomes Her New Power Suddenly, The Beautiful Pieces She Makes Fl Ash In The Presence Of Magic And Then She Discovers That Someone Has Stolen Some Of Her Blood And That Fi Nding It Might Let Her Regain Her Powers Or Learn If She S Lost Them Forever

When Maria V Snyder was younger, she aspired to be a storm chaser in the American Midwest so she attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology Much to her chagrin, forecasting the weather wasn t in her skill set so she spent a number of years as an environmental meteorologist, which is not excitingat all Bored at work and needing a creative out

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  • Paperback
  • 424 pages
  • Spy Glass
  • Maria V. Snyder
  • English
  • 08 December 2018
  • 9781921685590

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    Okay, listen up, girls, because this book has some major important life advice here If you happen to get kidnapped and abused by a heroin addict when you are 14 yrs old, and then run into him when you are 20, only to have him abuse y...

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    Review of Spy Glass Opal Cowan 3By Maria V Snyder Thanks Net Galley for the ARC To be Published September 17th 2010 by Mira BooksI wrote this review almost 6 years ago and I still agree with what I originally wrote The overall story was fine It was a huge bonus to see Yelena, Janko, Ari, Iris and Valek again But where was Zitora She was a huge part of the last two books, but was absent from this one, and she seemed to have her own story to fulfil at the end of Sea Glass Perhaps a new series That would be well worth the wait.Yelena, Janko, Ari, Iris and Valek were very pleasant to read again and they added a lot to the skittish plot and weak character developments.Now to the part of the story that enraged me to the point that it was difficult to finish the book If you do not want spoilers, than please do not read any Opal and her overall relationship choice Wow, it is a little strange that a book which is undoubtedly read by younger people would have one of the core characters enter into a relationship with the man who, and this is a quote from the book A year and a half ago he had kidnapped and tortured me This relationship was also started when she was in a relationship with someone else There has been an attempt to explain ...

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    This book wasn t horrible, but I did have issues with certain plot points, and the rest was pretty boring.Opal irritated me in this book because she view spoiler cheated on her boyfriend Twice If she was going to do that she should have just broken up with him hide spoiler

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    The writing style and plot were good, even though a bit boring and the world building was amazing as always Valek finally made an appearance and Leif s wedding was beautiful addition to the story But I didn t like Opal from the start of this series Her constant whining for example Even though she has home and loving family And let s not forget about her many, many love interests She has three of them, actually view spoiler..And now her cheating on Kade with Devlen. I didn t like Devlen, and didn t believe in his sudden change for a good guy.I certainly don t get why would she want to marry him He tortured her, both mentally and physically Twice in the past He even used Ulrick s her former boyfriend s body to seduce and sleep with her And then he tortured her again Yeah, he was addicted to blood magic, but that doesn t make it ok If a drug addict does something horrible, does his addiction justify his actions Beware, because now Devlen has changed He s so sorry a...

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    SPOILERS FOR THE PREVIOUS STORIES No, no, no This one didn t work for me on sooo many different levels, which is disappointing It s only because I am a fan of this author s other stories that I have trudged on, hoping for a shift.First there s the totality of the character that is Devlen He has tortured both mentally and physically Opal in the past and now it s been put off to something he did because of blood magic Let s just insert a convenient soul reader to instantly say that a certain character is no longer bad and hello, easy street I don t care what kind of magical stupor you re under that would cause bad behavior, memories of torture alone would never allow me to interact with that person Never ever, ever, seriously Ever I ve seen the various reviews comments here on Goodreads on whether Opal was raped by Devlen and it s fine if you don t think so call it what you want Of course in reality we re never going to have people conveniently switching souls and then pretending to be your significant other For me the fact is, Opal thought she was with Ulrick, and that she consented to sex is secondary to the fact that he wasn t Ulrick It doesn t matter if she enjoyed being with Delven in a Ulrick suit, she didn t know it was really the man who inhabited her worst nightmares and caused a lot of her feelings of...

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    I feel as if it fell short of the first two I was happy Valek was there for most of the book, however, many of the other side characters lacked time in the book I felt there was very little Ari, Janco, Yelena, and none of Zitora Secondly, I still find it creepy that she ended up with Devlen He tortured and raped her, and yet she still fell in love with him I can t see that happening I also really liked Kade, and Snyder set them up in the first book and kept their rela...

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    Phew I m done with Maria V Snyder and her series That tiny part of me that suffers OCD can finally be put to sleep.When I first read Poison Study, I thought Snyder s writing was terrific Tight plot where things really made sense and excellent characters smart, funny and relatable Then, slowly but surely, the quality dropped Books 2 and 3 in the Study series were pretty meh I still liked them but it was mostly because of some of the characters having made such a good first impression previously The fact that I didn t like almost any of the new characters introduced after the first book should have been all the warning I needed not to start a new series But, of course, where s the fun in heeding good advice So I started the Glass series still riding the positive feelings left by that first book Big mistake Even with that injection of optimism, I still didn t like Opal, Zitora and the whole group of male protagonists However, the second book was already out, so I just kept going on autopilot and read it That only made me dislike these characters There are a few exceptions here and there, of course, but not nearly enough to make up for all the rest Had this book been out back then, I would have read it right away, if only to find out how things turned out But this wasn t publis...

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    Quick review Opal Cowan, glassmaker, one trick wonder and victim extraordinaire, spends the majority of the first two Glass books helping others, rehashing traumatic experiences, sparring or traveling from one place to another At practically every single village she visits, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, she s beaten, or falsely imprisoned, or tortured, or kidnapped The girl just can t catch a break people want to steal her magic, or, you know, just want her to die But resourceful girl that she is, Opal always manages to get out of sticky situations, somehow Along the way she picks up a couple of suitors Kade, a powerful stormdancer with the personality of a dead fish and a never ending supply of weather analogies Ulrick, a handsome, extremely overprotective glassmaker who lacks confidence, integrity, and any significant amount of magic and Devlin, a good looking former blood magic addict, whispers who used to torture Opal, and, switched souls with a very willing Ulrick in order to seduce Opal, whisper mumbling and then kidnap and torture her further And then fall in love with her And then save her life And save her friends lives And then apologize to Opal for all the horrid things he did to her And finally turn himself into the authorities, after giving Opal a gift And a kiss BTW, at some point Opal drains Devlin of all his magic I just can t remember when.All caught up now...

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    Spy Glass has always been my ultimate favorite of this entire series I love Opal and Devlen but I like that we get to read a bit about Valek without Yelena However at this point I think a lot of my enjoyment has to do with determination there are 9 books that I need to finish before my summer break and I do NOT have time to use than a day on each and nostalgia This series was my gateway into fantasy series and i...

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    My first complaint about the book is the size I received the book for a birthday present When sliding it into my book shelf with other Maria Snyder books it is 1 2 inch to an inch taller than the other books The symmetry throws me off and bothers me.I have really enjoyed this series until this book First it majorily dragged on and on There were a couple of parts that would get exciting and then it would drag some The last 140 pages were high paced and exciting I loved that Janco, Valek, Ari were in the story I loved the two little kids and how Opal was with them The whole Kade thing made me sad I can understand the problems but I didn t like the way things played out with Opal being unfaithful If they would have come to a mutual decision before hand than I wouldn t have been bothered But Kade loved Opal and wanted to be with her and she hurt him.Now my little soap box and I know many other s may have a problem with this as well I believe in forgiveness and redemption I believe people can change and become good or bad I believe we should forgive but we don t have to trust that person again Is it physically possible to actually feel that way about someone who did all that he was responsible or somewhat responsible for Maybe if you clinically need medication you can but I doubt someone could go through all she went through with Devlin and be able to love him and want to be married to him I know there is the whole Stockholm syndrome but ...

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