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Works by Paulo Coelho This Is Nonfiction Commentary Purchase Includes A Free Trial Membership In The Publisher S Book Club Where You Can Select From Than A Million Books Without Charge Chapters Novels By Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, The Devil And Miss Prym, Veronika Decides To Die, Eleven Minutes, The Witch Of Portobello, The Zahir, The Manual Of The Warrior Of Light, By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept, The Pilgrimage, The Fifth Mountain, Like The Flowing River, The Valkyries.

The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist In 1986, PAULO COELHO did the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella, an experience later to be documented in his book The Pilgrimage In the following year, COELHO published The Alchemist Slow in

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    No matter what all people say, and the critic that there is for Coelho For me it were inspiring, light reading summer books which made my holidays better while enjoying the nature and beeing at quiet beaches, it felt me up with sth additional while beeing there For sure it were not the best books I ve ever read but they were fitting in that time of my youth, travels and the need for some nice addition while enjoying the freedom, some book that is easy re...

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    Paulo Coelho s works absorbs you into the setting and lets you see the story itself as it unfolds.

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