An Inextricable Tale

An Inextricable Tale Saul Shields Is One Of The Most Compelling Arguments For Birth Control Walking The Face Of The Earth, But Deep Down Don T We All Try To Love Waifs And Strays Who Hate Themselves Approximately 150 Pages, Mature Themes Dealing With Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology Sexuality.

Paul Allgood is lead vocalist for the Durham, NC based bands Wedlock and Celadon Candy as well as executive producer of Bryanna Rain s Blameless EP released in 2010 An author, playwright, and occasional public speaker, his novel, An Inextricable Tale, was published by Grey Vireo Press in 2006 An audiobook followed in 2007 as well as an adapted stage play co authored by Lynanne Fowle.

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  • An Inextricable Tale
  • Paul Allgood
  • 17 May 2018
  • 9780978789497

7 thoughts on “An Inextricable Tale

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    Really interesting look at religion and spirituality through the eyes of a ne er do well Was glad I found it.

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    I have been struggling with this review because I refuse to use spoilers in my reviews and with this being a novella it is very hard to express how great this book is without giving much away so I sat after reading it for a few days and then decided to go with my feelings.For a short book this book was packed with a heck of a lot of emotions and subjects It is told from the the viewpoint of a black man who was forced to talk to a therapist as a part of his release program and boy does he talk about a lot He discusses subjects from religion, his feelings about losing and going to find his daughter, doing drugs, being bisexual and rape Just to name a few.An Inextricable Take is one of those books that take you on an emotional journey There were times I loved the main character and times I hated the man Allgood, was able to wrap the reader into the character s emotio...

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    The book, An Inextricable Tale, by Paul Allgood, is one of those books that you begin and simply can t put down as you have to know what will happen next The story follows Saul Shields, through a direct conversational point of view It gives you background from his beginnings and you find you are immediately connected to him as you see his life unfold to the end All of it, the good, the bad, the holy heck awful We follow along as Saul faces the reality of his life choices and the guilt that comes with the many bad, sometimes criminal, and selfish ones Be prepared as this book is not...

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