CradleWhales Lie Inexplicably Stranded On A Beach In The Florida Keys Overnight A Dozen Whales, Wandering Far From Their Nromal Migratory Route, Have Appeared From Nowhere And Beached Themselves More Of The Creatures Are Floundering In Dangerously Shallow Water, While A Contingent Of Local Citizens And Fishermen Try To Steer Them Back To The Open Sea.Local Photojournalist Carol Dawson Is Sent To Cover The Story, And After Some Research Identifies A Small Area Of The Ocean Where, She Believes, Something Must Be Causing The Whales To Panic And Wander From Their Normal Route.She Hires A Boat, And Together With Its Owner Nick Williams Goes Out To Investigate At First Their Dive Reveals Nothing But A Perfectly Normal Looking Undersea Trench Running Between Two Coral Reefs, But Theyn They Spot Whales, Moving Aimlessly And Sluggishly As If Drugged And When They Go Closer To Investigate They See What Looks Like A Large Hole, With Metallic Looking Lips In The Ocean Floor And Emanating From The Opening, A Set Of Marks That Look Like Tank TracksCarol Dawson And Nick Williams Are About To Experience The Most Momentous Discovery In The History Of The Human Race.Once Again Arthur C Clarke, The World S Bestselling SF Writer, Has Produced A Novel In Which Surprises And Marvels Are Unveiled With Masterly Skill If Anything, His Collaboration With Top American Space Scientist And Writer Gentry Lee Has Given Clarke S Work Another Dimension Combining The Tension Of An Outstanding Thriller With Ideas And Revelations Matching Anything Arthur C Clarke Has Ever Written, Cradle Is A Masterwork Of Soaring Visionary Imagination, Bound To Prove As Popular As Such Clarke Classics As Rendevous With Rama And 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction He spent the first half of his life in England, where he served in World War Two as a radar operator, before emigrating to Ceylon in 1956 He is best known for the novel and movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, which he co created with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick.Clarke was a graduate of King

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  • 04 December 2018
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    Even 25 years after it was first released, this is a turd that is still steaming It took me four months to read this drivel i read about 6 other decent novels in that time I ve read Arthur C Clarke before and i m a fan but this atrocity was completely bereft of the vision prophecy and fascinating SCIENCE that he brings to Sci Fi So i can only blame Gentry Lee who is credited as co authoring Surely ACC only leant his name to boost sales The plot is inane, the characters ridiculous, the writin...

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    Read for the 2017 POPSUGAR Challenge prompt A Book with Multiple Authors 6 3 I think this may be up there with the worst books I ve ever read Most of the books I give one star to are because of their atrocious editing, off the top of my head I can t remember reading a book where the plot played such a big part in drawing the one star.The original premise sounded quite interesting advanced aliens, and treasure hunters find their space ship on the ocean floor but then someone went and ruined it and produced this pile of crap Most other reviewers are blaming Lee I hope it s not Clarke as I bought his 2001 A Space Odyssey series and I don t think I could read four entire books written like this , but as I haven t read anything from either of them I m taking their word for it.The characters were ridiculously overwritten a treasure hunter with an unnecessary back story of a love affair with a married older woman who broke his heart when he was young an army man with an unnecessary back story about his pre marital sexual escapades which somehow lead into his desire to bed his underage co star in the community theatre production of Tennessee William s The Night of the Iguana he plays Shannon to her Charlotte a black man who was an embarrassing caricature of a black man from the south constantly using the exclamation Oooeee and never calling Carol by her given name, only Angel and a reporter who has the most annoying ...

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    This book was totally unbelievable I don t know what it is with Clarke in the 80s, but he just went psycho with his characters during this period hard not to blame Lee really alouthgh they were good in the Rama series The first two thirds of this overlong novel goes into meaningless detail about the backgrounds of the various characters involved, and they re so formulaic their personalities are derived from formulae whose only input are moving emotional scenes from their past It s as though the authors heard that sci fis need character development so they lifted a few chapters from a Mills and Boon novel At least in the late 90s sci fi authors began to realise that science a...

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    Is this even science fiction The aliens aren t necessaryswap them out for some ordinary motivating force and the story would be largely unaffected And when Clarke focuses on the sci fi part of his story, he bores me with unimportant minutia about the design of the alien ship.I ...

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    Considering his fame and the number of books he authored, it s surprising that I ve had little exposure to Clarke Like everybody in my generation I saw the film version of 2001 numerous times, and there was another novel of his the title of which I cannot recall that was in three parts The first two parts fascinated me but the last was an utter let down, seemingly written by someone else Update Just figured out that other book was by Asimov Anyway, I decided it was time to sample his writing again Unfortunately, I should ve chosen something other than Cradle I believe my only reason for finishing it was that I d picked up several other books recently only to put them down, having found them a waste of time I don t like not following a book through to the conclusion, so muscled on in ...

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    This is a scifi novel from an author that I normally love Unfortunately, this book was disappointing The main plot, involving contact with aliens, was passable but boring The side plots were ridiculous and unnecessary adult video games, swinger treasure hunters, and so on The characters were...

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    Cradle is a first and unsatisfying collaboration by Arthur C Clarke and Gentry Lee It is an uninspiring treatment of a well worn Sci fi topic first contact via an underwater oceanic alien hideout Cradle also introduces readers to the rougher, promiscuous writing style of Gentry Lee Clarke has plenty of sexuality in his novels, but he usually spares readers the juicy details I would have enjoyed this novel if Clarke and Lee had taken the story completely to the ocean The too brief passages describing alien oceans on far off worlds are wonderful Instead, a great deal of time is spent on land, with the authors attempting character driven plot Inasmuch as Lee was a fledging novelist, this was a weak choice Whole chapters feel like a bad made for TV movie about treasure hunting Still, I have a positive spin ...

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    Easily one of the worst books I ve read in years Maybe if I read this when it first came out in 1989 and I was 13, I would have found the gratuitous sex scenes titillating As it was, I found them distracting from what little plot there was The entire book was laced with racism and misogyny Sure one of the main characters is a woman and one is black, but the authors can t seem to go 5 pages without waving a little flag saying Hey, we have a main character who is a woman, and one who is black To be fair, part of the problem is that the book is horribly dated Characters drink 12 beers then jump in their car to drive to meetings andthat s it Apparently in the 80s, drinking and driving was perfectly acceptable and did not incur consequences In setting the story only 5 years in the future so in 1994...

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    I was expecting , having read the 2001 series, so was very disappointed Not a very well written book, reads like an author s first book than one from an experienced team The plot was very contrived with convenient coincidences moving the plot along There was a surprising amount of sexual suggestions in the book, this was completely unnecessary and slowed the book down There were a number of details and plot lines in the book that were unnecessary, serving only to slow down the pace of the book or to set up some near superhuman task the character would achieve later The futurist...

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    Den h r boken skrevs 1988 och det m rks Bortsett fr n det kuriost roliga i att se hur f rfattarnas spekulationer om den n ra framtiden allts 1994 st tt sig mot facit, s h r 30 r senare, s r det v ldigt tydligt att boken r skriven i en tid d representation av kvinnor och minoriteter blivit aktuellt, men att hur en s dan representation skrivs utan att det blir en misogyn och rasistisk pastisch inte riktigt n tt fram till f rfattarna.I vrigt r boken ganska seg och handlar mest om n gra m nniskor och deras inb rdes relationer de t nker mycket p att ligga och sina neuroser kring sex och relationer De bra delarna allts delarna med aliens r f och utspridda, och rligt talat dessutom inte s rskilt bra de heller egentligen De k nns formulaiska och uttjatade de med.Allt som all...

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