Evermore (The Lost Princesses, #1)

Evermore (The Lost Princesses, #1) An Ancient Key A Secret Treasure And A Princess Destined To Use Them Both To Fight Evil And Restore PeaceRaised By A Noble Family, Lady Adelaide Has Always Known She S An Orphan Little Does She Realize She S One Of The Lost Princesses And The True Heir To Mercia S Throne Until A Visitor Arrives At Her Family Estate, Reveals Her Birthright As Queen, And Thrusts Her Into A Quest For The Throne Whether She S Ready Or NotUnable To Tolerate King Ethelwulf S Cruelty And Lawlessness, Christopher Langley Left Mercia Years Earlier, Training A Group Of Rebels In Neighboring Norland When He Returns Home After His Mother S Death, He Discovers That Not Only Is Adelaide All Grown Up, But She S Also The Rightful Queen Of MerciaWhen King Ethelwulf Discovers Adelaide S Location, He Ll Stop At Nothing To Capture Her And The Key She Holds To The Ancient Treasure Christopher Is Just As Determined To Protect Adelaide So She Can Lead The Growing Rebellion When Feelings Ignite Between The Two Old Friends, Forces Threaten To Destroy Their Love And Rip Them Apart Forever

Jody Hedlund is the author of over twenty historicals for both adults and teens and is the winner of numerous awards including the Christy, Carol, and Christian Book Award.Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she s learned that

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 222 pages
  • Evermore (The Lost Princesses, #1)
  • Jody Hedlund
  • English
  • 19 September 2018

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    Before you read this please do yourself a favor and read, Always the novella length book immediately preceding this one It will set up the backstory for this book so you ll understand it.With that being said, This Book I Loved It A young adult medieval era book that is sure to keep your attention at any age, as it did mine.When a secret is revealed it puts Lady Adelaide s life in danger when it s revealed this orphan is the heir to Mercia s throne.Thrilling moments of danger,intrigue,courage,faith and romance.This is written in first person and I could not read it fast enough.Raised with her male cousins, she is able to fight in tournaments yet she has a tender side in helping the less fortunate than herself.I loved the character development of Lady Adelaide, she takes a back seat to no one, she is a firecracker Her strength is rooted in wisdom through God s care.Forgiveness and reconciliation sometimes are so hard to do and I was pleased to see that theme included here.The romance was slow and sweet and I love that I can count on clean but yet exciting hold my attention romance from the author.This is so good I read it one day and an not wait for the continuation of the story.I have read almost all of this authors books and love that I can count on an excellent well researched ,clean hold my attention story each time Published August 27th 2019 by Northern Lights Press.I was given a complimentary copy of this book Thank you.All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Warning if you are looking for a coherent review, this is not the place to be There will be much flailing and fangirling and asdfghjkl.Okay so I LOVED this book SO MUCH.Augh, lost princesses, hidden treasures, TALL JOHN YOU GUYS, he said like three words but he is a without a doubt this book s MVP I adored Christopher, he was such a fleshed out character capable of being both serious and joking when it seems like many characters are only able to be one of the two And also I always like Jody Hedlund s warrior ladies because those are the ones that I relate to XDThe one thing I would have liked was a little to Mitchell s arc because I think he had a lot potential.King Draybane was the absolute best I think I laughed at everything that he said, this manASDFGHJKLLike I said, no coherency here If you get anything out of this review just know that I love this book XDLook I even made a collage for it image error

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    Love, love, loooooove this book Read it in every spare moment over the course of 24 hours and now I m just super sad that it s over but also super excited for the next in the series I ve loved many Jody Hedlund books, but I have to say, I think her medieval YA stories are my absolute fave Ever is action packed and romantic and everything I want in a thrilling read.

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    This book is excellent It had the right amount of action and romance I loved it This new series is captivating I didn t want to stop reading I m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series I was given a complimentary copy of this ebook from the author, but was not required to write a review The thoughts and comments are my own.

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    Ever by Jody Hedlund is the first book in the Lost Princesses series This series is one you won t want to miss Ms Hedlund has created a new Young Adult world that adults also love with a fairy tale esque feel The series is not only un put down able, but is also free from a lot of the edgy content one finds in Young Adult books today Ever is about the oldest princess, Adelaide Readers will quickly fall in love with this heroine who is beautiful, noble and kind but can also hold her own in a sword fight and often dresses as a man to win tournaments The hero, Christopher, is swoon worthy to say the least Combine these two characters with a stunning revelation, a mystery and a daring escape with lots of action Throughout the story, one learns about honor, family, forgiveness, love, faith and sacrifice I m already eagerly waiting for the next book in the series Content I give this book a PG rating There is some gore related to battle and people who are tortured.Rating I give this book 5 stars I want to thank Jody Hedlund and Northern Lights Press for the complimentary copy of this book for review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I express in this review are my own This is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s CFR 16, Part 255.

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    Do not underestimate me I have never cowered from danger and I shall not start now Jody Hedlund s first book in The Lost Princesses is so good The prequel novella, Always, sets the stage for this one, so it really needs to be read first Adelaide, who is in reality the Crown Princess Constance, has been hidden for 17 years with a family loyal to her late father and mother, the king and queen of Mercia When her adoptive mother dies, she reveals to Adelaide her true identity From then on, danger follows her as the evil King Ethelwulf is set on killing her Sir Christopher of Langley, adoptive brother of Adelaide, left his home thinking his father supported the evil king, and swore his fealty to the King of a neighboring country He has now returned and discovers that Adelaide is no longer a young girl and he has developed feelings for her But he determines not to act on those feelings because as a queen, he cannot come near to being near her station Hedlund has excelled once again with her medieval tale Truly, I think this is her forte She does a magnificent job with these stories I love this time period and she is wonderful at it I loved every minute and now I can t wait for the next lost princess s tale My thanks to the publisher and author for a preview copy of this book The opinions stated here are entirely my own.

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    Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of this series already I was already hooked with the prequel, so going in I knew I was in for a great ride, but Hedlund even exceeded those expectations There were twists and turns that I didn t see coming, romance, loyalty, surprises, and a few moments that I did see coming And yes, this is a YA book, but even so there were some smooches that are going in my swoony scenes list I m not sure if it was my hype about the kiss, the way Hedlund wrote the scene, or a combination of the two, but yeah I was totally sighing afterwards Lady Adelaide isn t your typical princess, and I think that s why I liked her so much She isn t afraid to get dirty, to fight, to do all the things a guy does essentially a tomboy in our day And that s me to a T Yes I can get dressed up, but I love doing guy stuff too But here s the thing I liked about her even she was not afraid to stand up for what was right From the very beginning she had this stance, and Adelaide would not back down from her decisions She is just such a strong character and I look forward to seeing what comes next for her.Then you have Christopher Boy did he have a past that was weighing heavy on him, and it got me thinking he did what he felt was right, but it still weighed him down Are there things in my life like that, and how can I get rid of them I think perhaps Christopher had the most character development out of any of the characters, and I really enjoyed seeing his changes throughout the story He was strong, yet vulnerable especially when it came to Lady Adelaide But at the end of the day he really just wanted to right his wrongs and be able to move on with his life Something I m sure we all can connect with at one time or another in our life Hedlund keeps readers on their toes with tons of action as our characters try to stay hidden from the King s army There s not much time to breathe here folks, so make sure you have plenty of reading time I think you ll find you do not want to put the book down The only downside to reading so quick is that it s over, and I m just not ready to say goodbye to these characters Now I just have to wait impatiently I might add for the next release I received a complimentary copy of this book I was not required to write a favorable review All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I think we are all in need of taming, Christopher answered with seriousness than I expected If we are blessed to find someone who is willing to kindly speak truth into our weaknesses, then we shall be better for it This is book 1 of the Lost Princesses series but there is a prequel novella called Always that would be helpful to read before embarking on this dazzling series Jody Hedlund takes us on a breath taking journey of medieval YA fairytale involving three lost princesses finally coming of age and discovering that there is a kingdom to rescue The author s beautiful writing, tightly knitted plot with great action and plenty of twists and turns, realistic and totally lovable characters, and themes of forgiveness and mercy even in the face of bitterness and family feuds all make this book clearly a top pick for the year Adelaide Princess Constance , who is the oldest of the princesses, has been tucked away in Lord Langley s family as a niece but discovers her true identity before Lady Langley passes away Christopher is the disowned elder son of Lord Langley who secreted away to a neighboring nation as a soldier when the new king forcibly took the throne Christopher s return home causes much trouble between himself and his younger brother, even as they try to figure out how to find the other two princesses to restore the rightful heirs to the throne This book is a must read for all I can t wait for the second and third books to get acquainted with the twin princesses I received a copy of the book from the author and was under no obligation to post a positive review All comments and opinions are solely my own.

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    The possibility seemed so remote, even outlandish But I couldn t dismiss it Adelaide has grown around playing swords fight, hunting and, overall, being very much loved and protected And she wouldn t have it any other way.But when her dearest aunt on her death bed reveals a secret that can change the future of Mercia, and as Adelaide discovers there s behind the reasons her family has kept her so secluded, she will start wondering if her biggest battle is yet to come and if she and her heart are prepared to take the place as queen.On a quest with the dearest people to her, she ll have to make choices on who she wants to be despite heartache and disappointments , and the sacrifices a royalty has to make I received a review copy from the author All opinions are my own.

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    After reading the prequel novella, Always, I knew I wanted to read the entire Lost Princesses series Book One, Ever, did not disappoint When the woman who raised her is on her deathbed, she discloses Adelaide s rightful identity with this request, God saved your life, Adelaide And now it is time for you to give it back in service to Him as the ruler you were born to be Promise you will do so Is it true, is she one of the three lost princesses Will she be able to find her two sisters before the evil King Ethelwulf Author Jody Hedlund is a skilled storyteller transforming an exciting page turning adventure with an element of romance into a true fairy tale The Lost Princesses Series is not just for young adults I am far removed from that age group and I am loving it I do suggest you begin this series by reading the prequel novella first I m eagerly looking forward to Books Two and Three I received a copy of this book from the publisher and author The opinions are completely my own.

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