Miss Benwick Reforms a Rogue

Miss Benwick Reforms a Rogue A Lady In DisguiseA Rogue Out For RevengeWhat Better Way To Escape An Abusive Fianc And A Tyrannical Mother Than By Masquerading As The Very Male Secretary To The Most Infamous Scientist In The Land Davina Benwick Can T Think Of A Single OneBut Pretending To Be A Man Is Hard Work, Especially Around Her Employer He S As Charming As He Is Eccentric, And Davina Can T Help But Fall For Him, Though He Seems Hell Bent On Marrying Another What S A Lady In Disguise To Do Julian Hirst Doesn T Have Time To Be Distracted By His Foppish New Secretary, Not When There Are Important Things On His To Do List Number One Finish His Greatest Invention Ever Number Two Exact Revenge On An Old EnemyNeither Project Is Going Well And To Make Matters Worse, When Julian Discovers His Secretary S Secret, He Starts To Have Feelings For The Little Deceiver That Was Definitely Not On The List One Of His Plans Is About To Go Up In Smoke Quite Possibly Literally

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Miss Benwick Reforms a Rogue
  • Maggie Fenton
  • English
  • 16 June 2017

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    I have a confession to make One that says something either about my age or about this book It seems I finished reading it last night but this morning I had forgotten the ending Actually, I d almost forgotten the whole story It s just that boring, hackneyed, uninspired and lacking any originality Plus, of course, my memory ain t as sharp as it used to be.But my memory is good enough to remember this very same plot in many an HR over the years I ve been reading romance And it s not a favorite If I had paid attention to the book description I would not have ordered it Instead, all I noticed was that it was a new Maggie Fenton HR, after a two year absence, with a manspreading, rakish hero on the cover.Fenton had three HRs under her belt previous to this one, a Regency romp trilogy And romps they certainly were A bit silly , a lot not authentic to the period, but well written and humorous, IMO I especially liked the clever writing in her third, The Alabaster Hip, so I assumed her fourth effort would be even better.And, yep, that assume did turn me into the expected ass If Fenton s name hadn t figured as the author of this book, I would not have been able to pick her out of a lineup of generic HR authors publishing nowadays This book is not good It s not clever It s nothing but rehashed tripe I ve read a thousand times before In the first place, who on earth believes that people can be fooled than a few hours at most about the gender of a straight female dressed as a male Not me, and when our hero is fooled for than half this book, and only twigs on to her gender by accidentally copping a feel of her breasts, I lost all respect for his intelligence.Brief summary of plot with no spoilers to my knowledge Spineless heroine has a godawful mother and an indifferent brother When she is being forced to marry an abusive earl, she runs off before the wedding can occur, assumes the identity of a male cousin and takes his place at his new post as secretary to our hero.Meanwhile, the hero is set on revenge against a peer whom he blames for the death of his mother and brother Not content with having ruined the man financially, he is now set on ruining the man s daughter by seducing her and dumping her.And blah, blah, blah Hero wants to carry out his revenge plans, but thoughts of his new male secretary s golden curls and cute arse keep getting in the way Dumb and dumber This story offered me no romantic feels, no clever and witty banter, no unexpected plot twists, no interesting, well developed characters The only thing it did was annoy me.Maggie Fenton, you could have done better You had two years to write this, because THE ALABASTER HIP came out in 2017 Instead, it feels as if you turned this one out in two days.

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    Maggie Fenton does it again I didn t even know she had this little gem coming out I jumped on this like a bee on a flower It was hilarious at times, especially the riding scene where Davina was trying to figure out how to ride a horse in pantsI got so tickled at that scene that I had tears in my eyes from laughing Let me back up thought, Davina has always let her mother run rough shod over her, whether it was about clothes or actions But this time she has gone too far as she is about to force Davina into a marriage to a man a bit too free with his fist Davina for a change finds the gumption to step out the day of the marriage and she steps into a pileof other shenanigans that require men s pants and good looking boots Never mind being a secretary to a mad man who sleeps in ditches by night and is intent only two things during the day, his revenge on a peer of the realm over his mother s death and getting his combustion engine running He has no time for skinny, nice arsed Jordan s term secretaries with secrets or dealing with the death threats to his life If you haven t read any MF s this is a good place to start because it is a standalonealthough there is a certainly lady who came off as mysterious that I ended up liking in the end and I would love to see if there is to her story than we got All of her backlist is worth picking up and reading Well done

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    This was a lighthearted read that had a number of madcap events taking place It did have serious undertones though Julian Hirst, an inventor with a brilliant mind was out for revenge for a past misdeed Davinia Benwick is escaping from her abusive fianc and to a certain extent her dreadful mother, but she is disguised as her cousin Leon There is amusing banter between Davinia and Julian and an attraction between them that they try to deny Add to this the way Davinia s brother arrives and I wondered what might happen next, I was not disappointed as there was plenty of events An entertaining read I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Great Absolutely loved this story Witty, funny, laugh out loud Great characters It was fun to revisit them I highly recommend this book to everyone Almost as good as The Duke s Holiday , the first book of the the Regency Romp Trilogy, which I have read too many times to count, I love it that much If you haven t read her Regency Romp Trilogy, you are really missing out Read it, and follow with this one I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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    4.5 5 Ugh I wish I hadn t read that so fast Very entertaining, I liked Davina and Julian I also enjoyed Pilby the butler, I love when servants aren t props The mystery of who was trying to kill Julian was okay as the bad guy wasn t too obvious Julian s angst over believing he was attracted to a man was light, he accepted that his brother was so inclined before his death and while Julian is confident in his sexuality he accepts that he finds Leon Fawkes adorable and that he has a great arse This book is connected to the Regency Romp Trilogy , Davina is the cousin of Astrid Duchess of Montford from the first book I remember Davina s brother Sir Wesley from the book and their overbearing mother vaguely, but I m having trouble recalling Davina Overall, really good but not my favorite of the trilogy that would be a tie between The Duke s Holiday and Virtuous Scoundrel.Tags Abuse Davina s emotional abuse from her mother, emotional physical from her fiance, and minor neglect from her brother Location Hebden, Yorkshire and surrounding area Scientists Julian is an applied physicist and inventor working on steam engines Cross Dressing Davina dresses as her cousin Leon to take the secretary job and notes the freedom being a man brings

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    Charming, funny and originalWhile a woman posing as a man to escape a bad betrothal is not the first time this tale has been told, the way Ms Fenton tells her story makes it believable and entertaining I have enjoyed all of Ms Fenton s books They give the reader such a lovely feeling at the end, you should try it.

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    I ll make allowances because parts of it made me grin, but this is not Fentons best work Lack of actual plot and too much oh noes I am attracted to a man followed by oh she was a she all along no wonder I was attracted to her makes me give things a side eye.Three stars because hilarity and ambrosia Protags were not very consistently characterized either and they really hurt the story imo.

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    You will really enjoy this oneExcellent While retaining some of the madcap features of Fenton s prior series, this newest Regency Romance is much in the traditional genre s vein But definitely at top level in characters, plot and action Just plain wonderful Fenton goes to the top of the waiting for the next book, must buy, and read immediately list.

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    Loved it I almost forgot how much I enjoy Ms Fenton s writing I hope we don t have to wait as long for her next book Humor, intrigue and romance This book has it all I loved Davina and Julian.

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    4.5 starsDavina hated how she cowered to her mother s emotional abuse Fighting, with her mother, though, made life just too unbearable to be worth it However, when Davina s mother encouraged her to marry an abusive man, Davina finally decided to rebel She cut her hair, ran away, and disguised herself as her male cousin, Leon Davina showed up to Leon s new job, working for Julian Hirst, a mad scientist, and inventor, a bit nervous She was in over her head, and she knew it But what choice did she have Julian Hirst was well known for his inventions He was quite wealthy His real driving force, however, for making his fortune was not greed and ambition, but revenge Julian needed, wealth and power, to completely ruin, the man responsible for his mother s hanging.It wasn t until Davina showed Julian that he was denying himself a chance for love and happiness, that he gave changing his behavior, even a thought Could he truly give up his life s goal to avenge his mother s death He didn t think so I always enjoy reading Maggie Fenton s novels because she crafts her stories with over the top humor, witty dialogue, and light romance I was thrilled to receive a review copy of this novel and found it, captivating, and very entertaining.Thank you, Maggie Fenton, for my complimentary copy of Miss Benwick Reforms a Rogue I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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