More Than Mortal

More Than Mortal Every Ancient Legend Begins With A Grain Of Truth Ceri Always Knew She Was Different Seeing People S Auras And Being Able To Change The Weather With Her Moods Just Isn T Normal, Nor Does She Understand Why Simply Being Around Others Saps Her Of Her Strength There S No One She Can Turn To Who She Is And Where She Comes From Are The Biggest Mysteries Of AllSettled Into A Small College Town, She Immerses Herself In Studies Of The Supernatural And Lives A Solitary Existence Until He Crosses Her Path And Comes To Her RescueAfter Earning His Master S In Criminal Justice, There S No Plausible Reason For Edan To Stick Around Campus There S Only A Feeling A Feeling Of Destiny And Purpose That Calls To His Ancient Highland Ancestry And Keeps Him Right Where He IsWhen He Meets Her, His Purpose Becomes Clear He Can T Explain It, But She Needs Him, And He Ll Go To Great Lengths To Protect HerIn Their Search For Answers, Ceri And Edan Learn There S A Lot To The World Than Either Of Them Ever Imagined The Lines Between Reality And Myth Blur As They Discover Ancient Magic, Hidden Realms, And The Truth About Who And What They Really Are Pawns In A Game That S Been Played For MillenniaWill Ceri And Edan Embrace The Destinies That Have Already Been Written For Them Or Will They Sacrifice Everything To Be Together

Abbie Zanders is a wife and mother of three including a set of identical twins , born and raised in the mountains and valleys of Northeastern Pennsylvania She has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics Though she has spent the last 25 years developing financial software for healthcare based companies, she has also held second jobs as a pub waitress, a restaurant dessert baker

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  • More Than Mortal
  • Abbie Zanders
  • 09 January 2018

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    Didnt see it coming Abbie has hit gold again with this one So many plot twists an turnsamazing gonna need a fan to keep cool with the pure perfection of these alphas An I ll be honest Ceri could melt some hearts as well The draw between Ceri, her Guardian an betrothed is tangible on every page.The bonds between friends, betrayals from others, an heart stopping tear catches leaves no emotion unscathed in this book Trying really hard not to let any spoils slip A must preorder 1click Get drawn into the magical awesomeness that Abbie has created once again Her worlds, an character s have such depth an personality Beautiful flaws that leave characters perfect You get drawn in by the realness of each character an their emotions, personalities, an inner thoughts, an turmoil.

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    Holy That was Amazing This author never fails to entertain me She has a way of bringing you into the story and keeping you there.I read this book it in one sitting I couldn t put it down, I was drawn into Edan and Ceri s world and didn t come out of it until the end This was an amazing story with great characters You will not regret adding this book to your library I think every girl would love to have a Guardian Edan in their life

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    This book was great I loved all the different points of view from all the characters Also,there were parts where I laughed and others that made me shed a tear Further, the idea of a guardian was new and different Lastly, I love that there is an epilogue, that is the best kind of ending Abbie made another great book

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    I was a little worried I wasn t going to like this one after the first chapter with Teague, but I loved it Did not see that twist coming Love a good paranormal read, especially with such a wide array of characters They each had their own stories and were easy to like, except for Teague, lol Although I did find myself liking him a bit towards the end Cerri and Edan are a great match, so glad things worked out the way it did for them and for Tristan and Dionys Once I had the time to read this I couldn t put it down I needed to see how their story would unfold and was hoping Cerri didn t end up with Teague Overall great book, would definitely recommend and read again Would love for this to be the first in a series and see from Nikos, Tristan Dionys, Derek, Xane, Christophe or even Teague Even better Seamus and Maggie s story

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    Changing my Mind on Mythology and Legends Loved it Completely relatable and very emotional Ceri keeps her distance from people as they literally drain her and being around people is taxing for her When a trio of goth looking men accost her, her rescuer Edan has the opposite effect she feels safe and trusts him to keep her safe.These two find out there are realms they know nothing of, but of which they are an integral part.The reader can easily imagine the world tilting as discoveries are unveiled.Fae, and the affinity for fire, earth, air and water Guardians, Nymphs and Poseidon himself all play a role in this fascinating and entertaining story I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book

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    What an adventure This book is unlike any other that I have read, including the PNR fantasy genre I love all the work and research that must have go into the writing of this book It is so well written and thought out that I was held captive This starts out seeming to be one thing and takes you on quite the ride I can t say that I could have predicted what was going to happen throughout much of this book Just when you think you know what is to come, Ms Zanders throws you for a loop and you are left reeling I am afraid to give any details about the actual story as you could lose some of the thrill of discovering them as you read along I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who love PNR fantasy and even those who don t It pulls you in and you forget about the outside world while you get lost in the story Ms Zanders weaves around you.

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    I was blown away with this one I started to read and from the first sentences I was trying to figure out what he was She was just as beautiful wonderful to to know Abbie Zander s has hit out of the park She has taken PNR to another level Please don t be upset I didn t write about actual story but needless to say that you ll be in love with this book and future authors work Not say she isn t awesome to begin with but this is WOW.

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    Abbie Zanders weaves a magical tale of ancient realms and civilizations, dark demons, Guardian Highlanders and the Fae Even the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, makes an appearance It s a story of heartache, never quite fitting in, loneliness, and most of all love It s charming with two wonderfully written and genuinely likeable characters Ceri and Edan find something in each other that s been missing in their lives She gives him purpose and he makes her feel safe Little do they know that their fates were long ago determined Fulfilling a destiny may be inevitable but does not necessarily guarantee happiness.

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    I love PNR, but a really good one is hard to find And it seems that Abbie Zanders has provided readers with a winner I love PNR reads that deal with the four elements and add in people who are just learning their destiny even better As far as the secondary characters I loved Tristan to pieces and all the paranormal creatures introduced were amazing This was a very intriguing book with a great storyline and flow I look forward to any additional books that will follow.

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    OMG Abbie weaves a tale of the Fae that sucks you in right from the start Neither Ceri nor Edan are aware of their true nature The story of their awakening and others will keep you enthralled until the epilogue And thirsty for of this series Definitely one click

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