Tomb of the Queen (Jo Bennett Archeological Mystery #2)

Tomb of the Queen (Jo Bennett Archeological Mystery #2) An Ancient Relic.A Long Lost Tomb.A Group Who Will Do Anything And Kill Anyone To Find It.Jo Bennett Is Back Now, She S Caught Up In A Whirlwind Race To Find The Tomb Of The World S First Celebrity Cleopatra From The Halls Of Her University To The Halls Of Ancient Egyptian Temples, This Archeological Mystery Has It All. In addition to his fiction work, Nick is the founder and lead of Sonata Scribe, the only music studio focused on producing soundtracks for books and series Find out at

[PDF] ↠ Tomb of the Queen (Jo Bennett Archeological Mystery #2)  Author Nick Thacker –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 224 pages
  • Tomb of the Queen (Jo Bennett Archeological Mystery #2)
  • Nick Thacker
  • English
  • 25 July 2018

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    This is the 1st book in the series that I have read, but it compares favorably to his other stories regarding Harvey Ben Bennett.This story has Jo trying to find Cleopatra s tomb Her initial foray to Egypt is cut short when one of the individuals working at her dig is murdered While in Egypt, she had her purse stolen from her , but later on she found it returned, and when she checked it, she found a patch which would lead to another part of the story.Once she returned, she had found out that her position at the college was no longer available She found out through doing a search on the Internet the identity of the organization that had left the patch She went to the local chapter of The Daughters of Isis and they welcomed her and told her that they would be funding her dig to find Cleopatra s tomb On her return to Egypt, she found many items and discovered a tunnel which led to a burial chamber While following the tunnel, she was attacked She was able to overcome the attack and escaped.She found in papers that she received after her mother s death that had a phone ...

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    This is the first Jo Bennett now I have read and I really enjoyed it It is similar to the Harvey Bennett series in that we have shadowy groups out to take over the world or save the world and a charismatic person who is out there taking risks to get the ancient knowledge I enjoy that kind of book especially when a Bennett is involved I like the characters of Jo, Jake, and Patrick I like the setting of Egypt and Cleopatra I like the shadowy groups I like that Jo is an archeologist and there were some places that mentioned real archeological work There were a few times that I stopped reading and thought, That s convenient And the romance was almost too much for my tastes, which is slightly than nothing The romance was than next to nothing, bu...

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    WOW, DOUBLE WOW Jo is a great, terrific character If you enjoy a gusty, extreme risk taking female this is the story for you Kristi does a fabulous job with the descriptions and settings in the Tomb of the Queen This story has it all history Cleopatra, Egypt, intrigue, murder, and romance The reader is transported to Egypt and the Mediterranean sea As I was reading, I had to keep loo...

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    Grab this newest Jo Bennett thriller Any archeology buff or adventure junkie can find the perfect fit with this series.Great finds are being made off the coast of Alexandria When Jo Bennett attends a lecture accompanying a traveling tour of exhibits, she has the displeasure to meet and butt heads with the participating archeologists When one of the two claims he is destined to find the tomb of Cleopatra, she dares to challenge him She has her own very strong opinions about where the tomb may lie.Jo soon has both her home and her office burglarized The only thing missing is her notes on where Cleopatra rests Against the wishes of the university, Jo sets out for Egypt Will this search lead to a monumental find Or will it be the end of her professorship Some people wil...

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    Good archeological thriller it keeps you turning pages Jo is still very naive and Jake is the perfect rock There are a number of outrageous plot situations Jo leaves her job without permission, spends her savings on a trip to Egypt to find Cleopatra s tomb, waltzes into the Minister s office without an appointment expecting to obtain a free dig permit IN EGYPT, etc and ther...

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    Better than the first one I read the first book in this series and it was OK Figured I would try this one and I m glad I did Much better than the first one Jo acted rational The plot was good Supporting characters were well done Good amount of action Good ending but with en...

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    What a great read Jo is awesome She is adventurous, yet unsure of herself Her passion is Cleopatra and this adventure is incredible.Jake is Jo s boss at the university and they fight their feelings because boss employee can t date.Jo has an oppor...

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    pic the NeilI had not been one who enjoyed Indiana Jones type books,however,this book has changed my mind This is a very enjoyable and easy to read story The characters are great and the storyline drags the reader right into the adventures This is indeed great writing and a Great Read

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    Ok Quick Read Plot Was UnbelievableYou can not really just hop on a plane to Egypt, without travel Visa, and no plan She has little money and no permit to dig and no clue how to go about it.

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    Cleopatra Where Are You I love archeological books and this is a good one set in Egypt The protagonist,Jo, is seeking the tomb of Cleopatra There is danger, murder, bad guys trying to get there first, a beautiful heroine, and a handsome hunk What do you want

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