The Darker Arts (Frey & McGray, #5)

The Darker Arts (Frey & McGray, #5) Madame Katerina, Detective Nine Nails McGray S Most Trusted Clairvoyant, Hosts A S Ance For Three Of Edinburgh S Wealthiest FamiliesThe Following Morning Everyone Is Found Dead, With Madame Katerina Being The Only Survivor When Questioned She Alleges A Tormented Spirit Killed The Families For RevengeMcGray, Even Though He Believes Her, Must Find A Rational Explanation That Holds Up In Court, Else Katerina Will Be Sentenced To DeathInspector Ian Frey Is Summoned To Help, Which Turns Out To Be Difficult As He Is Still Dealing With The Loss Of His Uncle, And Has Developed A Form Of Post Traumatic Stress Not Yet Identified In The Th CenturyThis Seems An Impossible Puzzle Either Something Truly Supernatural Has Occurred Or A Fiendishly Clever Plot Is Covering A Killer S Tracks

Oscar de Muriel was born in Mexico City in 1983 and moved to the UK to complete his PhD He is a chemist, translator and violinist who now lives and works in Manchester The Loch of the Dead is his fourth novel, following A Mask of Shadows, A Fever of the Blood and The Strings of Murder.

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    Visit the locationsFor reasons unknown even to me, I wanted to read this at night I m not sleeping that well anyway at the moment so thought this would at least keep me entertained in the twilight hours Can I just say this WILL keep you entertained in those quiet hours and it s a brilliant time to enhance the spooky feel of the story not that it needs it Oscar s writing stands on its own Full review to come 5 stars Ever been interested in participating in a seance well, that s what you do in this book There s one held at the start for a rich Edinburgh family and they want answers from the dead A medium is employed for the dark task, and the evening is set up Table, candles and an offering to give to the dead person Then they begin.In the morning, all but one of the people in the room are dead the medium So, a clear and cut case, right Not so fast.A sceance Six guests and the medium The next day only the medium is alive and she states that she is innocent and woke up to a scene of carnage No one believes her but it s up to Frey and McGray to sort it all out.And they do from the investigation to the trial to the denouement, they race around Edinburgh and further afield to sort out what appears to be a matter of the dark arts, the occult and a confession that a dark hand appeared to float above the table just before the lights went out.The chill factor is there from the start as is the confusion of the locked room mystery There seems to be no suspects or clues as to what could have happened The scene of the crime, the house of the victims, the home of someone far away from the city the author evokes all locations and the atmosphere really well and I m sure as I turned each page, a little puff of mist wafted in the air..A suitably creepy read in the vein of the best locked room Christie style mysteries The ending and denouement is interesting Don t read the author note at the end of the book before the story whatever you do Spoilers galore of course.And the best bit Frey and McGray s banter and annoyance with each other I just can t enough of these two and their working relationship There s some very funny scenes when one drags the other from their bed and gapes at the many suitcases he has Then there s the trying to outdo each other, the snide remarks about the medium and the seance, the love of food and drink and the general Scottish vernacular and sense of humour.Oh a joy in other words All in all, I was immersed inside a world of the dark arts, witchery goings on and the locked room mystery with a twist

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    This is an excellent series and I think this one might even be my favourite It s one of those closed room mysteries which I always enjoy with a Victorian twist Seven people take part in a seance and only the medium leaves the room alive Inspectors Frey and McGray Nine Nails are such favourites of mine and it s good to see them again as we return to the darkly colourful and witty world of Edinburgh in the 1880s Oscar de Muriel s writing, as always, is an absolute joy to read Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

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    Book number five in the Frey and McGray series In this book, Nine Nails McGray s trusted friend and Clairvoyant Madame Katerina hosts a seance for one of Edinburgh s wealthiest families But the following morning the six who attended are found dead by the family s valet Madame Katerina is the only survivor and is accused of the murders As the whole of Edinburgh is baying for blood, the witch hunt begins.Frey and McGray are tasked with the impossible duty to ascertain what really happened at the seance was it a malevolent spirit or a devious plot to commit murder This is one of my favourite series, Mr De Muriel knows how to get you right in the feels one minute then laughing out loud the next.I ve loved watching the relationship between Frey and McGray grow over the series and look forward to the next.

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    I received a finished copy of this book from the publisher for my independent honest review Thank you3.5 I love this series and after the magnificence of Loch of the Dead I found this to be a little bland I was so looking forward to the story focusing on Madame Katerina and I did enjoy it but my least favourite so far The essence of Victorian Scotland is still captured very well, however the convoluted family tree of those involved in the seance disjointed the plot and my reading experience somewhat as I had to keep referring back to the family tree diagram to fully understand it I feel that McGray s character is getting and uncouth, violent and unbalanced which I hope doesn t get any worse as in my opinion this would unravel the partnership between Frey and McGray which I ve always loved I enjoyed the continuation of this great series, however I didn t love it like I usually do.Looking forward to the next installment and so sorry Oscar this was a little disappointing.

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    Another brilliant Frey McGray story, captivating from start to finish.This one was a classic who done it mystery with a gothic twist and oh so intriguing to read.Again, very different from the previous books, but outstanding in its own way holding my attention throughout the novel, keeping me on the edge of my seat at all times.I really have not much to add than that Oscar de Muriel is a very gifted, talented and brilliant writer in my opinion, one of the best writers out there at the moment.Also, the very final chapter of this book has gotten me incredibly exited for the next book, which I hope will follow soon.

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    I love spending time with these characters 5 books in and they are like familiar friends you are so fully comfortable with and know so well As always, the story builds to a heart palpating finale with twists to spare Always a satisfying conclusion and a tease for what lies ahead I can t wait for book 6

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    I didn t like this novel as much as the last ones First me the interrogations go on and on, with too few clues to start me trying to guess.while did it.

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