Shades of Magic Vol. 2

Shades of Magic Vol. 2 Written By New York Times Bestselling Author VE Schwab And Torn From The Universe Of The Shades Of Magic Sequence, This All Original Comic Book Adventure Continues The Story Begun In The Steel Prince Perfect For Fans Of Bloody, Swashbuckling Adventure And Gritty Fantasy The Young And Arrogant Prince Maxim Maresh, Having Faced The Terror Of The Pirate Queen, Now Aims To Capture The Respect Of The Combative Port Town Of Verose By Taking The Impossible Challenges Of The Night Of Knives And Surviving, Where None Has Survived Before These Are The Hidden, Secret Adventures Of Maxim, From Long Before He Became The King Of Red London And Adoptive Father To Kell, The Lead Of A Darker Shade Of Magic Collects Shades Of Magic Night Of Knives

V.E Schwab is a pseudonym of

[Reading] ➶ Shades of Magic Vol. 2  ➽ V.E. Schwab –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Shades of Magic Vol. 2
  • V.E. Schwab
  • 27 March 2017
  • 9781782762119

10 thoughts on “Shades of Magic Vol. 2

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    Just love this whole thing Loved the Night of Knives, loved the art, loved it all

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    Just read this book in one sitting and liked this one a lot than the first one Cannot wait for vol 3 to come out early next year

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    Some scenes and especially fight scenes left me a bit confused and disoriented and I think I wasn t as invested as I was in the first volume but overall I enjoyed this.Happy reading

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    How am I expected to wait for this

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    I loved the first arc, but I can t believe how invested and blown away I was by Night of Knives

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    The art in this volume definitely looked worse than the previous one Moreover, the story was not that interesting.

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.The accomplishments by the 1 New York Times bestselling author are not unbeknownst by readers today Her gritty and deadly stories glow with an immersive and addictive quality that makes for a truly entertaining ride, whether you see it coming or not Looking to continue her comic book trilogy by exploring the secret adventures of Maxim, a character that first made his appearance in the Shades of Magic series, V.E Schwab expands her universe through a new medium that makes for a unique visual experience It is now time to find out if she was able to learn from the flaws of her first installment.What is Shades of Magic The Steel Prince Night of Knives about Collecting issues 5 8, the story picks up right after events in the first volume, with the showdown against the Pirate Queen Sent to Verose by the king as an exercise to not only redeem himself to his father s eyes but to build his character and show signs of a future ruler, the young and arrogant prince Maxim Maresh now needs to earn the respect of those who live in the port town of Verose and to do so, he wishes to take on the infamous challenges of the Night of Knives, a four part trial that none has ever successfully completed.As much as I wanted to remain hopeful for Schwab s comic book series, this second installment further confirmed my fears for the fate of this run, with only one volume left to conclude this little detour Compressed in just four relatively short issues, the story never finds the time to give the reader the chance to care for anything that happens to a protagonist that only thinks about his rulership and takes decisions oriented towards his goals The story also dives right into new lore elements, dumping most of the world building elements within a page, before focusing on action sequences Even moments meant to push the character s development felt underwhelming and accelerated, almost making it feel like a waste of time.Although the artwork isn t the most mediocre style that I have ever seen so far, it still struggles immensely to convey the world s magical elements It doesn t help when action sequences are messy and many sequences felt choppy, leaving the reader wondering if it s just them or if certain panels were actually missing to help connect the dots The worse probably lies in the rough and unimpressive facial expressions drawn by the artists on this project that leave you bewildered at the bleakness of the comic book Even the colouring is questionable, with some panels filled in with no finesse or nuance, almost as if it was meant to hide the lack of substance in the story.Shades of Magic The Steel Prince Night of Knives is a short and flawed episode in the Steel Prince s life that fails to capture the magic of the series with its choppy and unappealing visual style.Yours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog

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    actual rating 3.5I thought the first volume felt a bit unfinished rushed just because it was the introduction, but now I m thinking that four issues are just not enough to tell the kinds of stories that Schwab wants to tell This one was definitely interesting and a cool concept, but it seemed like it was over almost before it began Also I still have a bit of a love hate relationship with the artist Still a good read and I love the extended background we are getting on the Shades of Magic world, but I wish these were 6 issue arcs instead of 4.

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    This comic has the most inconsistent artwork and the ugliest shading I ve EVER seen Sorry, V.E Schwab, but your illustrator SUCKS ASS A real shame This could ve been such a jam if only you collaborated with the right person Alas, your talent is wasted here.

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    really me phobic of them to make me wait until october

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