Ignited Vol.1

Ignited Vol.1 The Lives Of Six Teenagers Are Changed Forever When Tragic Chaos Ensues In Their High School Now The Power To Restore Order Is Literally In Their Hands It Was Supposed To Be The Perfect End To The School Year, A Beautiful Start To Summer, But It Turned Into A Nightmare For The Kids Of Phoenix Academy High School Now, Only A Few Months Later, They Re Expected To Get Back To Their Studies, But Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Especially For Six Of Them Whose Newly Acquired Superpowers Won T Be Enough To Restore Balance To Their World Now The Choice Is In Their Hands Will They Fight For Orderor Surrender To Chaos

Mark Waid born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama is an American comic book writer He is best known for his eight year run as writer of the DC Comics title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics Captain America.

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  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • Ignited Vol.1
  • Mark Waid
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9781643375649

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    Language R 50 swears, 19 f, 1 c Mature Content PG Violence PG13 school shooting and action sequences The first day of school is never great, but this first day of school is making the news because it s also the first day of its reopening after a school shooting in May Anouk just wants it to be a normal day to prove that normal is still possible, but that s thrown out the window when an anonymous group pushes back against the unreasonable precautions the school administration is taking As these students discover the odd similarities between their experiences with the shooting, they have to decide what they re going to do with the new challenges arising.The story was interesting, though the cause of the students powers is still ambiguous enough to be confusing I wasn t bored as I read, but I also don t feel very compelled to find the following volumes to discover the answers to multiple unresolved questions Overall, it was a good read with good illustrations, I just didn t find it to be great.Reviewed for

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    It s the start of a new school year Unfortunately, for the teens in Ignited that means returning not only to school, but the place where tragedy in the form of a school shooting happened While most students struggle with facing the lost of friends, others struggle with finding they have become ignited by the shooting and in doing so have gained superpowers With the argument that teachers should be armed as well it is not a normal start to the school year The ignited teens must decide which side of the argument they are on and what they are going to do about it This graphic novel is very prevalent to today s society and tackles a very hot topic This is not your typical graphic novel despite it having characters with super powers This is definitely a book for older teens due to the sensitive nature and the language which the characters use With that being said, I can appreciate how this book can continue to spark and encourage discussions about the epidemic that is affecting our country.

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    This is pretty much just a take on the X Men, really A bunch of teenagers who survive an Arizona school shooting suddenly find themselves with superpowers and trying to stop everyone they know from being reactionary asshats and taking things WAY too far in an effort to keep them safe It s pretty political it kind of hits you over the head with guns are bad, guns in schools are even worse and puts pretty much every adult in a REALLY terrible light, so it s pretty heavy handed on the preachiness level Maybe other issues will do to flesh out the characters So far they are pretty bland.

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    Trigger warning School shooting During a school shooting several kids see a purple light and gain super human abilities They decide to use those abilities to protect the school when the local government is deciding to arm teachers.This was a hard book for me to read The reactions of the students and teachers hit a little too close to home for me It broke my heart reading the book and at the same time infuriated me I wanted to yell at the people who believed guns were the answer.Overall it was a good book that showed how far people go to protect themselves and those they care about.

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    Creative Timely Great art.

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