A Little Light Mischief

A Little Light MischiefA Seductive ThiefLady S Maid Molly Wilkins Is Done With Thieving And Cheating And Stabbing And All The Rest Of It She S Determined To Keep Her Hands To Herself, So She Really Shouldn T Be Tempted To Seduce Her Employer S Prim And Proper Companion, Alice But How Can She Resist When Alice Can T Seem To Keep Her Eyes Off Molly Finds Her Own HeartFor The First Time In Her Life, Alice Stapleton Has Absolutely Nothing To Do The Only Thing That Seems To Occupy Her Thoughts Is A Lady S Maid With A Sharp Tongue And A Beautiful Mouth Her Determination To Know Molly S Secrets Has Her Behaving In Ways She Never Imagined As She Begins To Fall For The Impertinent Woman Has Been StolenWhen An Unwelcome Specter From Alice S Past Shows Up Unexpectedly At A House Party, Molly Volunteers To Help The Only Way She Knows How With A Little Bit Of Mischief

Cat writes steamy, upbeat historical romances They usually take place in the Regency, generally have at least one LGBTQ main character, and always have happy endings.Before writing, Cat was a lawyer and a teacher She enjoys crossword puzzles, geeking out over birds, gardening badly, and of course reading In high school, her parents went away for a week, and instead of throwing raucous parties,

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  • ebook
  • 96 pages
  • A Little Light Mischief
  • Cat Sebastian
  • English
  • 23 September 2018
  • 9780062951038

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    Even though I ve definitely burned myself out on historical romances, I still rather enjoyed this one If you re a fan of the genre and want to read something fast and fun and also really, really gay, I highly recommend

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    I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via Edelweiss for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. Historical romance is a genre I rarely read but with the recent surge of f f historical romance I find myself and interested in the genre Or maybe it s just that I m so starved of f f that I ll read it no matter the genre.This was my first book by Cat Sebastian and after hearing great things by my friends I was maybe slightly disappointed that I couldn t give this novella a full 5 stars, but I still enjoyed it a lot, and it did made me curious to try her full length novels.The story follows Alice, a disowned woman, and Molly, lady s maid and former thief The book is quite short so things move quickly in terms of both characters realizing their attraction to each other, and what worked well is their difference in experience when it comes to attraction to other women It was still slow burn enough if you keep in mind that this is a novella that has to start and end in less than 100 pages, and I really enjoyed it There also was no relationship drama or misunderstanding miscommunication, which I always appreciate The main social theme was how Alice, who comes from an abusive home, has been wrongfully disowned by her father because of, you guessed it, misogyny And like in all the best fiction, the revenge is so, so sweet I am personally all for f f histrom being about badass women getting revenge on the shitty men in their lives, and this is the third f f histrom I ve read that follows this pattern and I have to say I don t mind it one bit if all the other historical sapphic fiction sees not only women getting together but also overthrowing the patriarchy in small but significant ways.In terms of what didn t make this a 5 stars, it s a mix of things but I feel like most of it is just this not being my comfort genre I also felt like I could have done with a little relationship development I m all for women liking each other and it not being complicated or too angsty, even in historical times And I really did love the romance, I just think it was a little forgettable for my taste But there was so much I loved, and it s refreshing to see a relationship between two women where they re certainly aware of the world they live in but they also never face homophobia on the page Also, did I mention one of the main characters has a little daughter I ve never an f f where one of them is a mom of a small kid that gets to be part of their eventual happy ending.For those who haven t read the rest of this series I haven t either and I still enjoyed it I do feel like maybe I lacked a bit of context both in the series and historical , but the book one cameo had me intrigued and curious to eventually read that book and properly meet those characters.So overall I would say this is an excellent read both if you re not a historical romance reader but want to read f f no matter the genre and if you re used to historical fiction and are looking to read diverse and get into some sapphic reading.

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    A Little Light Mischief is an f f historical romance novella set in London in 1818 It follows two women as they fall in love and get revenge against the man who wronged one of them.It is part of a series, but I can tell you that you don t need to have read the previous books to understand it I haven t, I don t know what they re about, and I had no problems with understanding the context What I struggled with was the writing style English is my second language, and I often struggle with books that sometimes go out of their way to sound older It is an added wall, when this already isn t my language to begin with, so I connected with the story less.I ve recently read another historical romance set around the same time that didn t make me feel this way while not sounding modern either, so this is something I noticed.Apart from that, I loved A Little Light Mischief It s exactly what the title and the cover promise it is a fun, romantic read about two women in love who also get into some mischief, and I love this small, recent trend of f f historical romance that comment on misogyny and a little also on homophobia while not being about queer pain at all It s escapism, as it should be.Also, I will always think that novellas are the best format for romance, at least for me A Little Light Mischief is long enough to develop the romance but too short to need relationship drama or much conflict, and there s still space for a sex scene, which is the perfect combination All the fun without any of the boredom, drawn out miscommunication or pacing problems.

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    dnf 49% arc provided by publisher through EdelweissA classic it s not you it s me I don t know how many histfic romances I ve tried to read but I haven t finished a single one I thought I d give this a shot because a sapphics and b it s short even though I dnf d the seconds book of this series This was just boring And the ratio of prose to dialogue was too much for my personal taste People who like histfic would probably like it but it wasn t for me.

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    That cover Yes Finally a Cat Sebastian F F Yes Thank god Finally Jesus Oh man

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    Is this my new favorite Cat Sebastian Yes, yes it is.

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    A Little Light Mischief is a really wholesome sapphic Historical Romance that I would definitely recommend if this is something you re craving of You ve made me feel like I deserve good things And you re the best thing of all While this is technically part of a series, you can definitely read this without having read anything else in this series I was definitely a little bit confused in the beginning, simply because there were so many names that I didn t know and I was just missing general context but this ended up not being an issue after the first couple of pages.This is a sapphic Historical Romance exactly like I love it It is so very wholesome and has no homophobia in it I loved the development between the two characters and it was as slow burn as a Romance novella could be.I also loved that there was a storyline included about women coming together to go against the shitty men in their life There is nothing better than two ladies falling in love and ON TOP OF THAT have a tiny revenge storyline against shitty men THE BLESSINGS There was a surprising amount of character development in this novella that really surprised me Alice really learns to come out of her shell and use the skills she already has through being with Molly and I loved that It is a story where Alice doesn t become an entirely different person because of her love interest but just really understands herself and how brave she can be At first, she reassured herself that everyone must have this difficulty women s bodies were just good and one did enjoy looking at good things Overall I just really enjoyed this novella and think it is a great addition to the otherwise quite empty vast space of sapphic Historical Romance But at the end of the day it is still just a novella that will probably not really stay with me for long, which is why I gave it 3.5 stars Booktube Channel Twitter Instagram I received an ARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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    Sexy and important You ve made me feel like I deserve good things And you re the best thing of all SUMMARYA reformed thief and a penniless lady What those two could possibly want from each other They don t know either but they can t stop wanting it And after some secrets are revealed and a certain unwanted man makes an appearance there will be time for a little light mischief CHARACTERSAlice Stapleton Alice had a busy life and now she has nothing but time for herself And sometimes time to humour the Lady who took care of her and accompany her to parties So, she spends her time trying to embodier tissues and not gawking at a certain maid, thank you very much But what will happen if she is forced into her proximity Molly Wilkins Molly is not ashamed of her past of thieving and sleeping around for some nice bracelet that would keep her fed for weeks However, now she s got a good job and wishes to live an honest life She has a reason to And this reason is why she must remember that seducing a proper Lady who is under the care of her employer is a bad idea Well, bollocks RELATIONSHIPSDespite the differences in social position and character, Molly and Alice have enough in common to develop a deeper understanding and comradery so the undeniable sexual tension is not the only thing that brings them together They have to work on their trust issues and share some of their secrets but in the end, they just seem to work together and work together There is both passion and understanding between them WHY IS THIS BOOK IMPORTANT Both Molly and Alice experienced certain things that made their lives very difficult Molly came from low and everything she owns she earned herself She also has a person to provide for but she works so hard she barely sees them Alice, turned away from her home, relies on the goodness of the Lady who took her in but has no perspectives of gaining any independence so she is constantly wary not to lose the roof over her head again Seeing them learn to trust each other and stand on their feet, while under the care of another strong but complicated woman, is truly a wonderful experience ___________________________blog insta twitter booksirens duolingo

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    4.5 stars Link to bookstagrams love, love this adorable f f novella between a lady s maid former thief and a disowned daughter of a vicar You will love this if you enjoy any of the following Revenge on despicable men aka tearing down the patriarchy Bed sharing in a house party Swoon One heroine constantly helping out the other heroine in and out of her clothes Why the hell don t we have f f lady s maid romances Unrepentant thievery and heist plotting Absolute zero external or internal homophobia there s no angst about the couple or we can t be together because it s wrong Hallelujah Single mom heroines This was unexpected but I liked the subplot very much And you can just tell they re going to be such good parents to the little girl Honestly, all my criticisms stem from the desire that this was a novel instead This isn t exactly fair criticism because, well, it is a novella I wish we had seen the daughter especially interaction with Alice and Katie and I wish there was relationship development e.g., that we had seen of their relationship progress after their first intimate encounter But these are very small negatives when I think about how much I adored Alice and Molly together.Disclaimer I ve interacted with the author on a personal basis, but these are my honest thoughts about the book

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    On my blog Rep wlw mcsGalley provided by publisherTo be honest, I was put off this book on the first page when there was the following line Alice didn t know how she was supposed to concentrate on her sewing or whatever it was she was meant to be doing when there was an ample bosom or a pert backside within reach at all moments. That would be sexual harassment, Alice.The book then goes on to establish Alice as meek and not at all likely to be the kind of person who does that, so why that line was in there, I don t know All it really served to do was put me off the characters and the book.Because, although this book was less than 100 pages long, I still really needed to at least like the characters from the first page And I didn t So I got bored Charlotte, you are so easily bored, you say And yes, true, but it also doesn t take that much for me not to be bored Just some characters I actually like and a decent plot The major sticking point between me and this novella, besides the boredom, was how off the pacing felt The first chapter skips around a lot and it just felt like I d been dumped into the middle of a longer story And then when that finally settles, the book is over before it s even properly started I went from I ve read three chapters to wait, that s the end .There s also not a whole lot of reason to actually want the characters to get together One of the first things Alice does in the book is follow Molly home and imply she s either stealing from her employer or sleeping around And then proceeds to stutter a bit when Molly looks disapproving but never really apologises for her assumptions So maybe it s a little harsh to say I couldn t really want them together, because by this point I d already been put off, but ultimately, I never felt anything between them.And also I really couldn t stop thinking about how one of the characters is described as smelling like a person who had a job and a child and a purpose in life, not merely a vague infinity of breasts and hips and crooked grins So they smell of baby vomit

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