How To Love A Duke in Ten Days

How To Love A Duke in Ten DaysThese Men Are Dark, Bold, And Brave And There Is Only One Woman Who Can Bring Them To Their KneesFamed And Brilliant, Lady Alexandra Lane Has Always Known How To Look Out For To Herself But Nobody Would Ever Expect That She Has Darkness In Her Past One That She Pays A Blackmailer To Keep Buried Now, With Her Family Nearing Bankruptcy, Alexandra Strikes Upon A Solution Get Married To One Of The Empire S Most Wealthy Eligible Bachelors Even If He Does Have The Reputation Of A DevilLOVE TAKES NO PRISONERSPiers Gedrick Atherton, The Duke Of Redmayne, Is Seeking Revenge And The First Step Is Securing A Bride Winning A Lady S Hand Is Not So Easy, However, For A Man Known As The Terror Of Torcliff Then, Alexandra Enters His Life Like A Bolt Of Lightning When She Proposes Marriage, Piers Knows That, Like Him, Trouble Haunts Her Footsteps But Her Gentleness, Sharp Wit, Independent Nature, And Incredible Beauty Awakens Every Fierce Desire Within Him He Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Safe In His Arms

If you re anything like me, the best night is one spent with a brawny highlander, a mysterious werewolf, a conflicted vampire, or a hot headed Irishman My stories span the spectrum of romantic fiction from historical, to paranormal, to romantic suspense But I can always promise my readers one thing memorable and sexy Celtic heroes who are guaranteed to heat your blood before they steal your hea

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    4 Stars I have been a fan of Kerrigan Byrne from her first book She is an outstanding storyteller and her novels contain deep and dark emotional themes This novel continues to exemplify her writing skill and her ability to evoke an emotional response.Lady Alexandra Lane has a dark secret that not only leaves emotional scars but has also caused her fear of revelation throughout the years Only a few know her secrets, namely her two best friends, and they are all bound by their loyalty and love for each other Now Alexandra is afraid of the consequences of her secret being revealed by a blackmailer Her character is noted to be strong, intelligent, independent and serious.Piers Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne, bears both emotional and physical scars He is bent on revenge after being ditched by his fianc e He is immediately drawn to the uniqueness of Alexandra His character is of a hunter outdoorsman, open, funny and a rescuer protector.The story is fast paced and I read it in one sitting I love how much time the couple spends together, getting to know one another There is not a significant secondary story which lends to time with the couple Excellent dialogue with some laugh out loud moments with Piers dry humor Overall a good read and a highly recommend.

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    I loved, loved How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors No, not just favorite historical romance authors, but favorite authors Full stop This is the second book from Kerrigan Byrne in a row that I ve loved, and I think it s time to just suck it up and buy her whole backlist This book was unputdownable Sometimes, I think I m too harsh of a reviewer I have trouble feeling enthusiastic about mediocre romance, and with over 1500 romances under my belt, I got bored easily But then a book like How to Love a Duke in Ten Days comes along and knocks my socks off I loved almost everything about this story I loved how it addressed the main character s Trigger warning view spoiler rape hide spoiler

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    I m trying to like this author better But I know she loved writing this book.

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    Listening enhanced my love for this storyI was so excited when I realised that How To Love a Duke in Ten Days was going to be available in audio I m a huge Kerrigan Byrne fan and her previously released, Victorian Rebels series is not available in Australia YETplease be yet My listening experience was everything I hoped for and The characters came to life for me and I loved stepping into their world and hearing them Derek Perkins is a master at his craft and is one of my very favourite male narrators His clear and precise voice is enhanced by his talent with accents and characterisations In my head, I often apologise to Mr Perkins that such a classically sounding narrator has to say the F word aloud and narrate intimate scenes It almost seems out of character to his voice The best way to describe it is trying to imagine Mr Darcy swearing of course I m thinking Colin Firth s Now, I m not saying he shouldn t say those words, though, because I loved hearing Piers frustrationand naughty thoughts.I loved reading this story and I loved listening too I m so glad I have my very first Kerrigan Byrne historical romance on audible and I am sure it will be regularly re read listened to That is until the Victorian Rebels comes to Australia HINT HINT PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON THE TOP sorry for shouting Holy Friggerroly that was bloody AWESOME I saw a post on Twitter the other day that made me a little sad No book or author was mentioned but a reviewer was disheartened and ready to give up reviewing after she d been targeted and harassed because of a negative review That bothered me, but then, I was also upset by a comment that was further down in the post Another reviewer was complaining about all the OTT fangirling reviews.Hmmm Now, how am I going to convince you to read this awesome story that is my absolute favourite from Kerrigan Byrne since her last release without sounding OTT fangirling Well, friends and fellow readers, I just can t Sorry, you ll just have to grin and bear my fangirling tendencies because I LOVE THIS AUTHOR and I LOVE HER HISTORICAL ROMANCES Seriously, Kerrigan Byrne can do no wrong in my eyes Well, maybe she could do wrong if I knew her in real life, but writing wise, she is a BLOODY MASTER at her craft How to Love a Duke in Ten Days was amazing and kept me enthralled from start to finish As soon as this story loaded up on my Kindle, I HAD to start I squirmed with glee at the turn of the first page and sighed in contentment with every page turned after that Ms Byrne s words worlds characters are my happy place and I m sad to say goodbye at the end.I absolutely love Kerrigan Byrne s ability to capture my attention at the beginning with a scene that was thought provoking and a little heartbreaking This author sucks you in by showing us the heroine at her most vulnerable We then get to see her survive, grow and eventually conquer the demons that made her vulnerable To be honest, that squirmy, uncomfortable, icky feeling she leaves me with is something I look forward to Isn t that weird I guess the appeal is in knowing that this character WILL win in the end If that win is just in love, then I m fairly satisfied If that win also happens to be from conquering a fear or getting past a barrier, then I m ecstatic.When I met Alexandra and her Red Rogue friends Cecilia and Francesca, I knew that I was meeting new friends When I met Piers, the hero, I knew I was meeting my next favourite HERO This man made my heart flutter Big, broody and bossy just the way I love them So, on meeting him I was fluttery, by the end, I was swooning, sighing and squirming with delight He d fallen and he d fallen hard I love it when the hero falls hard for his heroine How to Love a Duke in Ten Days left me extremely satisfied, but I can admit that at times it was hard to read Alexandra had a horrible thing happen to her at a young and vulnerable age If she hadn t had the support and love from her two friends, there s a good chance she may not have survived While the journey was a little rocky at times, I was never in any doubt that Piers and Alexandra would work through their problems together I knew that Piers would be thoughtful and understanding He cared about Alexandra s feelings and while Piers knew it left him vulnerable, showed her how much she meant to him.Yes, I have written a very positive review, but I know this book will not be for everyone For starters, if you re not a fan of sexy stories, this is probably not for you If a wee bit of mystery, a touch of angst and a smidge of secrets, lies and betrayals make you run for the hills, then maybe avoid this one How to Love a Duke in Ten Days does touch on some sensitive issues but I never felt overwhelmed and thought the author handled it very well.From the first page to the last, I was captivated Piers and Alexandra s love story was exactly what I m looking for in my historical romance reads I smiled, sighed, sniffled and squirmed throughout this story and I loved every minute of it If you haven t read a Kerrigan Byrne historical romance yet, this start to The Devil You Know series would be a fantastic introduction But be warned once you start, you won t be able to stop Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

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    5 How to fall in love with a book in 1 day Stars Mild spoilers We are eternally bound, she repeated By secrets, blood, and pain And by trust, passion, and revenge, Francesca added darkly And by friendship, love, and Cecelia sniffed, pressing on the hands beneath her, as if she could touch the heart below it And hope For without that, what reason do we have to endure The Red Rogues OMG Kerrigan Byrne is a brilliant writer I knew I had a ARC due I will be honest I didn t want to read this book Or any book for that matter I have been in a really crappy book funk Everything I have read had been boring, meh, annoying, or just plain pissed me off For the last few months, I have found myself not wanting to read anything, because I know I will end up angry at fictional characters, and want to throw my kindle against a wall I was avoiding this book Afraid my sour ass mood would color my view of the story I decided to try and start it If I started to feel annoyed, I would put it down and come back to it later However two pages in, just two mind you, I was so enthralled that I couldn t put the book down The story was so emotional, the characters so on point, that I read it all the way through No sleep, didn t clean, had my husband make dinner I could not be pulled away from this book til I got their HEA Lately, I only feel safe when I m with you Alexandra I like it when you say my name, he growled I ll like it even better when you moan it PiersPiers was amazingly sexy, beastly, and protective He had his issues, and wasn t perfect, but he was perfect for me I love me some scarred heroes Maybe it s just me, but there is something sexy about the strength and survival that scars represent Piers had a dry sense of humor that had me cracking up Alexandra was amazing and strong It was nice to see how much of a fighter Alexandra was She made a life for herself without a man, she was smart, brave, and loyal As a sexual assault survivor, I hate when I read a book where a woman is assaulted, then jumps straight into bed with the hero Like nothing happened and sex magically makes everything better When the aftermath is depicted as easy to get over Just glossed over like no biggie Sexual assault is an ugly, life altering thing that changes a person forever No two survivors are the same, or react the same So I really loved that Kerrigan Byrne did a great job of painting the raw aftermath of healing Of the scars that linger long after, but also of the beauty of taking back one s power and life It was a nice balance A touch of real without weighting down the book with too much dark I love anything that sheds a realistic light on something that affects so many He could break her He could protect her She feared him She needed him She wanted.this The scream crawling up her throat finally erupted, muffled by the fabrics as her entire soul rent apart in one quivering, bone shattering cry of pure, helpless, hopeless anguish She e thought she was healing That her patient, tempting husband opened her body and mind, seducing her into the world of carnality But no She was broken Damaged Dirty No matter how many baths she took No matter how many tears she offered How much restitution she paid or forgiveness she begged No matter how many years were put between her and the night her body had been invaded She was damaged Soiled Unclean and fallen Alexandra The above quote is just so powerful, and raw Piers and Alexandra were one of those amazing couples that you feel a real, and deep connection too Their love was all consuming Their passion was smoking hot I felt the bond, felt the love, felt the story They were not the only well written, and beautiful relationship in this book though The Red Rogues, Alex and her two best friends Francesca and Cecilia were a lovely picture of female friendship and sisterhood They would do anything for each other It s a nice change to read about loyal female relationships, without all the catty, backstabbing drama that most books have Truly this book was amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone that loves romance I would say that as a reader maybe the Author should have put a bit of a trigger warning on the book, other than the metoo comment The rape scene was very hard to read and may really upset some That there is the only thing I would change about this book It will be going into my top favorites of all time I would give this book that 5 stars if I could I m just blown away I can t wait to read the next book You don t know what it will cost me, Alexandra, to love you like this It consumes me It obsesses me You ve somehow, in less than a bloody fortnight, become integral to my sustenance than the very air I breathe or the water I drink Piers

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    4.3 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review How to Love a Duke in Ten Days is the first book in the new series Devil You Know by Kerrigan Byrne and it is a wonderful start The Prologue starts us off with seventeen year old Alexandra as she is called into the headmaster s office of the ladies finishing school she has been attending in France I do want to mention that there is a pretty intense rape scene, some might want to avoid reading Skipping the prologue to avoid it would be possible but you would miss some bonding knowledge between Alexandra and her friends The rest of the book has mention of the rape and how it affects Alexandra s relationships and how she is, can, and could be triggered in intimate moments with our hero Piers I thought the author handled the respect and emotions beautifully around this issue and it provided some moments of tears and smiles A confusion of sensations paralyzed her How could she feel both panicked and protected If you ve read Byrne s work before, you ll know how her stories balance light and dark moments, she mastered them in this book The fear Alexandra feels with Piers in the beginning before she knows him was tempered exquisitely with the playfulness between the two Alexandra and Piers get to know one another and the first half is Alexandra learning to trust Piers.After the prologue, we jump ahead in time ten years and Alexandra gets a note from her friend Francesca telling her she needs her help and an invite to her betrothal ball to the Duke of Redmayne aka The Terror of Torcliffe Francesca, along with Cecilia, are the friends Alexandra made at the France school and they formed The Red Rogue Society They all have red hair and sneak away at night to further their education , basically try things young men get to experience but are forbidden to ladies The night of Alexandra s rape bonds them together, along with the school s gardener, as they bury a secret I loved how Byrne wrote this group of women and how their personalities were so different but their friendship was solid I feel like historical romance is full of men groups who are bonding together in some way and I liked the script flipping here She was a soft, silver moonbeam in a room full of glowing golden candles.And all the radiant for it. When Alexandra and Piers meet there was a definite crackling of tension but even though these two were very guarded characters, it was their lightness together that won my heart Byrne s writing style is very reminiscent of the bodice rippers of old, you ll get some faint purple prose elongated sex scenes and drama, which sometimes can get a bit much I thought this was most apparent with Pier s nickname of Terror of Torcliff except for the scars on his face, there didn t seem to be a reason for it I also thought his background could have be fleshed out , we re told about his mother and father, but especially his relationship with his half brother, it wasn t as filled out as I would have liked.The reason for Piers wanting to get married is so that he can produce heirs because he doesn t want his cousin inheriting, the cousin who ended up marrying Piers fiancee This whole situation is probably what I would have cut out as it too wasn t especially filled out and the vitriol towards the ex fiancee felt a bit much and I m just particularly sensitive towards hate at woman at the moment Bringing Piers in through Francesca would have worked on it s own for me.Francesca wanting to marry Piers is a whole conversation, there is a lot happening in this book, but Byrne does for the vast majority keep it together Besides the red hair and adventurous attitudes, The Red Rogues bond together for support because Cecilia has a very cruel father and Francesca watched her whole family be murdered by men in masks While Francesca is obviously not the star of this story, her murder mystery definitely plays a solid underlining to it This murder mystery, along with the first half mostly taking place in Piers castle help to give this a slight Gothic feel She wondered if the world wold ever recognize that the Terror of Torcliff had never been a terror at all But a man A man possessed of so much wit, skill, charm, intellect, and humor, he was forever surprising her Often delighting her.Enchanting her, even. The second half changes gears and after a little bit of marriage of convenience, the story moves to Normandy for Alexandra and Piers honeymoon As Alexandra has a doctorate of archaeology, Piers takes her to a current excavation of who could be a former Viking ancestor from William the Conqueror time Some might think this comes in a bit oddly but I loved it, this additive was fun and what I look for when I read historical romance It also helped to tie in the other mystery, someone has been blackmailing Alexandra over what happened ten years ago Needing money to keep paying the blackmailer was the reason for Alexandra jumping in to marry Piers Francesca never wanted to marry him, it was a set up to gain info on who was responsible for her family s murder This mystery wasn t quite as intriguing as Francesca s and I thought the ending conclusion was obvious and too Scooby Doo villain drama ish.While the first half was about Alexandra trusting Piers, the second half moves to Piers learning to trust Alexandra when he learns she s not a virgin His issues with how his mother slept around and the betrayal from his ex fiancee cloud his judgment and he says he won t touch her until ten days, when she gets her courses Piers doesn t even want to be around Alexandra but she sets up that they have to be together to learn one another for at least an hour a day This setup is brought up and then kind of abandoned but the building blocks for the couple s relationship were still there so I didn t mind Because this inexhaustible emotion gathering inside of him threatened to completely dismantle him He knew, then and there, that he d walk through hell for her He d slay dragons and face entire armies He d circumnavigate the globe to lay her foes at her feet And the power of whatever suffused him would assure him victory. The story does start to drag a sliver around the sixty percent mark but I m not sure what I would cut out As I said, this is a busy story with Alexandra getting blackmailed, Francesca s murder mystery, someone trying to murder Alexandra or Piers or both, and the whole falling in love, but instead of a clogged incoherent story, Byrne ties everything together soundly and creates one heck of a reading journey The best part is that I saw these two fall in love and all the other tidbits were great bonuses Cecilia and Piers half brother Ramsey are teased as the next couple and I can t wait to read their story and maybe get information on Francesca s compelling story I highly recommend How to Love a Duke in Ten Days, don t miss out on what looks to be shaping up to one amazing series.

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    4 STARS Kissing Piers Gedrick Atherton was like standing at the mouth of the Nile and realizing the scope of it was beyond comprehension That the beauty matched the peril, and in the awe inspiring danger existed its own strange appeal. Who s a reader that will jump on whatever book Kerrigan Byrne writes but was even MORE excited for a brand new series Spoiler alert it was me.I m obsessed with Byrne s historicals and when I saw that she s coming out with a brand new series, I jumped on it so quick I m pretty sure I left a dust trail behind me The premise to this series is definitely delicious with three friends bonded by dark secrets that threaten to ruin them all We are eternally bound, she repeated By secrets, blood, and pain And by trust, passion, and revenge, And while Byrne is a master when it comes to creating tortured and broken heroes, it was a nice change of pace to get that from the female character Lady Alexandra Lane is a heroine that grabs your attention immediately and you can t help but bond with This woman is a survivor in every sense of the word, and I loved that extra zing of fierceness to her I loved how Byrne took a delicate and yet poignant subject and shed all the light on it Alexandra s past is not an easy one, but it s not laced in morbid detail either The author gives the reader just enough of a glimpse to set the tone and boy did it set the tone His entire life, he d never quite had a sense of belonging Had never known what the words home or family meant, or why they meant so much to others Until here Until her. Piers Gedrick Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne, is exactly how he sounds from the blurb intense, brooding, and driven by revenge His potential bride is not exactly thrilled at the idea of marrying the Terror of Torcliff, particularly since it clashes with her own agenda So color him surprised when her friend strikes a bargain to marry him in her stead Alexandra and Piers were everything EVERYTHING I loved watching this brooding man fall harder and harder for her even though he fights it at every turn Alexandra has dark secrets and Piers is full of preconceived ideas due to his past There s a dark undercurrent to their union, paved with deadly secrets and scorching chemistry I was immediately enraptured with this world and these characters I m so excited for the next book in the series If you re looking for a Historical Romance with a dash of grit, suspense, and plenty of action, you need this book in your life ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Loved it This was such a heartfelt, beautiful story Piers and Alexandra are true soulmates I am so glad they found each other and the happiness they so deserve Kerrigan Byrne writes the most touching, beautiful Historical Romances and this book wasn t the exception Its going straight to my faves not only of 2019 but of all time

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    Oh sighhhhh I loved this story Hotttt I have to say I absolutely enjoyed this book thoroughly It definitely is something special that seem to be above and beyond the normal historical romance.I think what the differences is that this one focused on the attraction between the two characters and not endless stiff conversation that slowly built into something by the end of the book.In this story, the two main characters felt their connection quickly and we are treated to all of the hot glances, teasing and tantalizing descriptions, and the build up that got even better the further we get into the story.Piers was from solid Viking stock and full of unexpected pleasures He certainly gave Alexandra unexpected pleasures too Tender and sensual, dominant, and possessive in all of the right ways.Alexandra was brilliant, courageous, and oh, so innocent The best part, she was not afraid to go after what she wanted to hide her secrets, namely Piers This author charmed me with over top creativity, heated descriptions, and tense but passion filled build up Plus, the main events were enough to make your temperature rise a bit too I just really enjoyed the story completely In fact, I don t recall the last time I gave an historical romance five stars But I m certainly not letting that hold me back today.If you are looking for something different and unique, interesting and captivating, that will tickle your fancy while reeling you in completely, this author certainly has nailed it copy received for review considerationfull review

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    I was so worried about HOW TO LOVE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS The opening chapters, in some ways, read a lot like THE HIGHWAYMAN, the first book by this author I loved and unrelated to this series I was side eyeing the story, some familiar elements, until. those similarities dissipated and this story, different and with its own strengths, emerged Loneliness was safer than love.This book is dedicated to survivors, to the metoo movement, and that probably says a lot about some of the content in this book Infact the very first chapter opens up with a sexual assault on our heroine and she spends the rest of the story dealing with the aftermath She learns to disguise her form and navigate life to avoid touch, avoid danger, and basically any men who could be a threat She becomes a traveler, an academic, preferring the company of dead men and their bones to real flesh and blood ones Even though it s a dead man who haunts her. as well as a very real person who is blackmailing her over it Just who were these ladies Where were the tears and histrionics Couldn t they have at least afforded him a modicum of feminine display for his he wasn t too modest to say rather heroic behaviour She and her two best friends from school reunite when one of them announce their engagement to a duke And it s when Alexandra inadvertently runs into said duke, prior to an introduction, that her carefully curated life goes off script I know we re both in a great deal of trouble at the moment, but that is no reason to marry a man When has the addition of anyone of the opposite sex ever improved one of our situations It s no secret that Byrne s specialty is dark, damaged, anti heroes But this time, with Piers, she gives her typical atypical hero a bit of a twist he s dark, he s damaged, but he s also charming Funny Tender Kind He s not an anti hero, just resigned to his fate, for all that he s blessed with riches and a dukedom He d rather tend the horses, travel, and be far from the ton and their two faced ness, as well as any and all wearying social niceties You re like no duke I ve ever met. And you re unlike any lady of my acquaintance I I didn t at all mean that as a slight. And I was paying you the highest compliment Both have secrets Both have their own scars And both somehow discover this incredible connection over the course of you guessed it ten days While I would almost never buy this in a contemporary, and I m sure I ve doubted it in a HR, too, somehow. Byrne makes me believe it The intensity of the events, with multiple near death close calls, the emotional rollercoasters they have to navigate as they get to know each other, plus the heightened connection by way of their attraction and everything they have to navigate in order to be together. it just works In the same way that the secret, hovering over their heads, worked It wasn t something that could just be blurted out and I didn t begrudge it for its existence Every reason for keeping it a secret was valid Somehow everything about this story just. fit Everything that was introduced was handled beautifully, respectfully, and overall this was just so well done Even the outlandish or harder to believe bits All I m asking is for you to have mercy on me, If there is a battle to fight, a villain to face, I beg you to allow me the honour Because the cruelest thing you could do, is sentence me to a world without you in it. This was all the swoon, all of the fun, all of the mystery though I did actually guess right , that I ve come to love from Byrne and I m so relieved considering the last additions to the Victorian Rebels series had me worried They seemed to be missing some of the early spark I had come to love and rely on from this author but the same cannot be said here It might feel a little familiar for those who know, and love, the aforementioned series. but it s in the best kind of way And it definitely stands apart I m very keen to read on in this series, which, additionally, had the next couple cunningly teased not that we couldn t guess. in the epilogue Just to hook you So, consider me hooked I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities.

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