Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2)

Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2) Bestselling Author Katherine Arden Returns With Another Creepy, Spine Tingling Adventure In This Follow Up To The Critically Acclaimed Small SpacesHaving Survived Sinister Scarecrows And The Malevolent Smiling Man In Small Spaces, Newly Minted Best Friends Ollie, Coco, And Brian Are Ready To Spend A Relaxing Winter Break Skiing Together With Their Parents At Mount Hemlock Resort But When A Snowstorm Sets In, Causing The Power To Flicker Out And The Cold To Creep Closer And Closer, The Three Are Forced To Settle For Hot Chocolate And Board Games By The FireOllie, Coco, And Brian Are Determined To Make The Best Of Being Snowed In, But Odd Things Keep Happening Coco Is Convinced She Has Seen A Ghost, And Ollie Is Having Nightmares About Frostbitten Girls Pleading For Help Then Mr Voland, A Mysterious Ghost Hunter, Arrives In The Midst Of The Storm To Investigate The Hauntings At Hemlock Lodge Ollie, Coco, And Brian Want To Trust Him, But Ollie S Watch, Which Once Saved Them From The Smiling Man, Has A New Cautionary Message BEWAREWith Mr Voland S Help, Ollie, Coco, And Brian Reach Out To The Dead Voices At Mount Hemlock Maybe The Ghosts Need Their Help Or Maybe Not All Ghosts Can Or Should Be TrustedDead Voices Is A Terrifying Follow Up To Small Spaces With Thrills And Chills Galore And The Captive Foreboding Of A Classic Ghost Story

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➩ Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2)  Ebook ➯ Author Katherine Arden –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2)
  • Katherine Arden
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9780593106495

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    Well hello, I m delightfully creeped out right now.DEAD VOICES reunites us with the trio from SMALL SPACES, Arden s first in this middle grade fantasy and paranormal horror mystery series They survived the creepy scarecrows and fall themed maze, they survived the Smiling Man, and now they are off to vacation at a ski resort during the holidays But the vacation ends up being less hot chocolates and fun in the snow and snowstorms and failing heat, hauntings and danger Since October, none of them had liked being alone in the dark It wasn t that they were afraid, exactly But they had learned that bad things could happen to you At night Alone In the dark.Arden is no stranger to weaving magic with her words and creating a biting, brutal, and unforgiving atmosphere The Winternight Trilogy still makes me cold to think of it amongst other things and she brings that same talent to this instalment What I think is actually the coolest hah part of this series is each book is set during a season fall for SMALL SPACES and now winter for DEAD VOICES It s wonderfully creative But onto this story itself The Ouija board was like the worst text messenger ever, Coco thought in annoyance.If your imagination is overactive during the night, seeing shapes move in shadow and darkness, if you hear voices in the whisper of the wind, feel someone move behind you as your skin breaks into goosebumps, but there s no one there. you ll probably hate this story In the best way Because this book really was eerie, really was creepy, and the ghoulish fear of spirits and the unforgiving violence of the cold is right in your face Sometimes literally.Beyond the characters and the seasons, there is connection between book one and two and I was not totally expecting it But we also see some non fantastical growth, too, and it was lovely to be back with this trio and Ollie s dad, too Shoutout to awesome parents in fiction I am definitely hoping that Brian will be getting some time front and centre with the upcoming instalment and, based on how this one went, giving Coco some of the focus in addition to Ollie, I would be surprised if that wasn t the plan anyway Can t wait for from this world and this author I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities.

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    9 out of 10 That was even better than the first book Creepy as hell Didn t like a certain twist, cause I expected this installment to be independent and self developed, but this detail didn t spoil my fun after all Love Arden s writing style, btw.

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    God, I love this series RTC.

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    This paled in comparison to its brilliant predecessor, Small Spaces, but it s still a cute and entertaining story I had very high expectations for Dead Voices because I LOVED Small Spaces, but where that was richly atmospheric and unique, this felt thin and typical of its genre Atmosphere is what Katherine Arden does best, and while there s of that here than in your typical middle grade book, the spooky, hauntingly magical feel of Small Spaces and The Bear and the Nightengale trilogy is absent here Some of this is just personal preference on setting give me small town Halloween any day over a ski lodge , but this premise could have worked better than it did had the tone been similar to the first book Additionally, the villains came off as VERY stilted and cartoonish in this one, despite having a common thread with the well drawn, menacing scarecrows from Small Spaces I m always happy to try anything Arden writes, but I hope to see a return to form in the third book in this series I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thank you to Penguin Random House for the always welcome opportunity to read and review this ARC and for the chance to be a part of the spooky Blog Tour for Dead Voices That being said, Please go check out my Blog Tour post for this spooky book on 8 28 You can find the post on the blog , thanks in advance to all those who check it out _____________________________I have been a fan of Katherine Arden ever since I read The Bear and the Nightingale and fell in love with her magical way of writing I actually hadn t heard of this amazingly creepy middle grade horror series until I was asked to join in on the blog tour I of course said yes as soon as I saw that it was written by Arden, and promptly bought the first book on Kindle only to devour it in one day s time because it was so addinctly and scarily good that I couldn t put it down Small Spaces was exactly as it says on the front, terrifying and fun This being said by our beloved Goosebumps author, R.L Stine had me convinced right away that I would love these books And sure enough I couldn t get enough, and then on top of that having the opportunity to jump right into Dead Voices as soon as I finished book one was like the cherry on top I was so excited to get back into this spooky world and see where the adventures of these wonderful characters would take me next.These books are amazing and highly addicting I can see these being perfect for fans of Goosebumps by R.L Stine, City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab, and even a little bit of The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett They have all the feels of the spooky and macabre, as well as a great group of characters who stick together at all odds to overcome their fears and get safely out of the danger that they always tend to find themselves in Hope you all love this as much as I did, I can t wait for book three

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    Favourite author, favourite middle grade series, favourite misfit kids battling v spooky things I am READY ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really loved this one In this second installment I believe there will be 4 , Olivia, Coco and Brian have to escape from the clutches of no spoilers some evil people, but this time, they are stranded in a haunted ski lodge in the middle of a snow storm with very little power weak generators In some ways, it wasn t quite as creepy as the first one, but I think that s partly because I knew what to expect Although the thought of all the dead animals was pretty creepy for me WHY do people insist on having taxidermy animals around the house What I liked about this book was that the perspective switched between Coco and Olivia, and you were able to find out about what they were thinking I also liked that we got a little bit of Olivia s dad and Coco s mom I m hoping the next book will feature of Brian.Special thanks to Katherine Arden, NetGalley, and the publishers for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    What a great follow up to Small Spaces I loved it just as much as I did the first I m so excited to see where book 3 will take us This story was about Coco It still had Brian and Ollie It wouldn t been as good if it didn t This was about her stepping out of the shadows and becoming stronger and believing in herself It showed that she would do anything for her friends and nothing was going to be on her way I read this book straight through It took me a little over an hour to finish and instead of being sad I was happy and pleased and so proud I love this trio and I m so happy that my daughter will read these books I can t wait to discuss them with her and see if she feels the same Katherine Arden knows how to spin a tale One of malice Spookiness Thrills Twist and Turns Friendship Trust Love There are so many words I could use to describe this book I really can t wait to see what new adventure awaits Ollie, Coco and Brian I know it ll be just as great as this book.

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