Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)

Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3) The Thrilling Conclusion To The Internationally Bestselling Evelyn Maynard TrilogyEvelyn S Secrets Have All Been Revealed, Even Questions She Never Thought To Ask Despite The Turmoil Surrounding Her Childhood And True Identity, She Knows One Thing For Sure She Belongs With Her Devoted Bonded Variants Ethan, Josh, Tyler And AlecBut The Truth Hasn T Set Evelyn FreeThe Division Between Variants And Humans Continues To Widen Nowhere Is Safe Behind All The Chaos Is One Man Davis Damari He S The Truth She S Been Chasing Her Entire Life, And The Only One Capable Of Destroying The Life She Fought To Build In Bradford HillsDavis Will Stop At Nothing To Get Evelyn Her Bond Will Stop At Nothing To Protect HerEvelyn Must Find A Way To Embrace Her Immense Power, Or Risk Losing It All

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Kaydence Snow author readers around the world.

[Epub] ↠ Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)  Author Kaydence Snow –
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  • Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)
  • Kaydence Snow
  • English
  • 20 December 2017

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    1 Variant Lost 2 Vital Found The final book in the Evelyn Maynard trilogy Evelyn and her guys are working as a team and settled into their Bond I just really loved this reverse harem series It ticked all the boxes for me Tyler, Ethan, Josh, and Alec are so swoon worthy.We find out why Evelyn glows and what she is Her evil father is dealt with Everything is resolved and wrapped up in a satisfying way Plenty of sexy times It just all worked for me Sigh.

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    Guys, I am REALLY struggling with this book The chief reason Alec Bloody Alec As another reviewer has said, he seems to be the author s favourite because he gets the most emotional scenes This is a problem because he is not my favourite In fact, I consider him utterly superfluous to the story It makes no sense that the author, after doing her best to ensure that we all hate Alec, would lavish the most time and attention on him It s a wasted effort now The book begins with yet another Alec issue he s refusing to have sex with Evelyn Evelyn apparently considers this a bad thing Why, I don t know, since he reacted like a huge arsehole the first and only time they did have sex But she does, so we have to read excruciating pages of Evelyn s attempts to tease Alec and seduce him into a relationship She also tries to befriend Dana Yeah Dana, the OW with whom Alec cheated on her I consider it cheating since he knew they were destined to be in a relationship and it happened after Evelyn had actually entered his life, not just before it I also couldn t stand it every time Alec is called the Master of Pain That name just reminds me of Coen from Curse of the Gods, which is a horrible comparison because Coen is 24392481249 times a better hero So that irritated me all over again.When I realised that reading about Alec kissing Evelyn was making me feel physically ill and wanting to throw my device across the room, I decided it was time to call it a day A shame for one of the better written RH books to have to end this way, but hopefully next time Snow will be discerning in writing her characters Blog Bookstagram

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    Oh my gosh, somebody hold me I m sitting here stunned as I try to process that this was the final book in one of my favorite trilogies It was AMAZING, to say the least It had literally everything I ever could have wanted and Can I give it ten stars Davis is power hungry than ever and he ll do anything he can to retrieve the missing puzzle piece to his master plan, Eve But her guys won t go down without a fight And what a fight they put on I loved watching all of them grow closer and closer in this book I seriously can t get enough of their bond I love every single one of them equally, how could I possibly choose I will say that Alec does hold a very special place in my heart though I do love a bad boy with a soft spot for his girl.There is not one slow minute in this book, every page is interesting and it s a complete page turner The different abilities that would be used throughout the book fascinated me and were so interesting and they really added to the storyline As sad as I was to see this trilogy come to an end, I ll say that Kaydence Snow ended it perfectly I read the last words with a smile on my face and that s the sign of a job well done I m so happy with where everyone is at, with the outcome of the Davis situation, and with Eve and her guys I seriously am dying for books with them because I m not even kidding when I say this quickly became one of my all time favorite book series, ever Pretty please can I have This is definitely a series I will want to reread over, and over again I mean how could you not Especially with that steam room scene Hot Freakin Damn So long for now to this amazing trilogy I will be rereading you hopefully very, very soon

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    10% lame biscuit, 90% nonsensical filling 40% annoying, 60% boring.

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    There are a lot of fiction books out there now with a lot of emphasis on LGBT themes and characters While this isn t the focus here the authors portrayal of such relationships in this series is so natural that I think it deserved a mention It wasn t dramatised or hyped to make a statement and I felt it was a much better representation of reality what reality should be The lack of a dramatic highlight makes the highlight, if you know what I mean Just like the books before, this is so well written that it didn t take me long to get sucked back into the excellently built world of Vitals and Variants It also didn t take me long at all to get hit with all the feels Right in the gut I wanted to cry at all the Joshy sweetness and at fire fiend Ethan.and Ty and Alec oh who am I kidding I love all these boys The romance is so brilliantly executed that it s amazing how good the actual plot is as well I hate pointless romances but you can really see how important this one is to the plot I have a feeling Alec may be Kaydence s favourite cos he gets the most heart wrenching scenes Gosh I wouldn t blame her, I love him too I need to stop falling in love with fictional characters tbh like whatever, they re real in my heart OK What I especially loved was the build up and escalation of events You know that feeling when the bad guys are piling the stuff on and on and you re just waiting for the good guys to do something so you can internally scream FINALLY Discrimination is a very common theme is multiple genres, but for some reason reading about it in this book was just far jarring for me I was almost horrified at how people were acting because I could picture some of these scenes happening so clearly in my head Kaydence Snow painted an excellent picture throughout the book that really sparked my imagination After finishing this I just want to go back to the beginning and start again However, at certain points I did feel like the sex did begin to overpower the plot as I found myself distracted For this reason I m m rating it a solid 4 stars Recommended for any RH fans that also love the X Men vibes

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    I really loved the eindig of this trilogy I ll write a full review soon

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    Action, steamy scenes, and lot of tears This book was a roller coaster.Simply an amazing end to a fantastic trilogy

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    Wow This book is action packed, full of hot sexy moments NEVER has a steam room been so appealing, full of loving moments, full of action, terror, drama, heartache and laughter I couldn t put it down That epilogue was so mean but also the cutest thing in the world, kaydence you tease It was the perfect third addition to this series and for these characters that I absolutely adore If I had a harem of men I would hope they would consist of men just like ethan, josh, Alec and Ty I also want Dot as a best friend Perfect conclusion to Evies story A must read for any reverse harem fan who loves an epic story to coincide with all the hotness.

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    I found with this one that the plot took a backseat to having sex scenes I know it s RH, but it didn t start out centred around their relationships so I found it a little disappointing Plus the whole we can t say anything conflict didn t make sense.

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    Pages 460My rating stars 4Read other books from this author in the future yesThe final book in this series came out on 1 08 2019 I really like this series and I was looking forward to this release On the one hand I am happy to know the conclusion on the other hand I really got attached to Eve, Alec, Tylor, Josh and Ethan as well as other characters, so I am a little sad that it is over now.So I will state my likes and dislike in spoiler Tags view spoiler I liked Eve, Alec, Tylor, Josh and Ethan Dot, Jamie, Marcus, Kyo, Charlie, Ed, Olivia, Harry, Uncle Luce, Dana, Nina Everything that was revealed about the Lighthunters Some of the steamy scenes It was never boringI did not like Zara, even if she tried to redeem herself and did some great stuff at the end Davis and his guys To many sex scenes That Nina, Jamie and Ed brother die That it s over now and that is actually a compliment to the author, because I normally like it when an author can finish a story in three books hide spoiler

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