Dance of Thieves

Dance of ThievesA Trilogia Cr Nicas De Amor Dio, Iniciada Com The Kiss Of Deception, Caiu Nas Gra As Dos Leitores Mais Apaixonados O Universo Criado Pela Premiada Escritora Mary E Pearson Encantou Os Brasileiros Com Suas Disputas Pol Ticas E Rom Nticas, E As Reviravoltas Vividas Por Seus Personagens Tiraram O F Lego De Muita Gente Os Milh Es De Leitores Pelo Mundo Que Se Sentiram Rf Os Ao Fecharem As P Ginas Do Ltimo Livro Da Trilogia Agora T M Um Motivo Para Comemorar Mary E Pearson Est De Volta, Pronta Para Roubar O Cora O Dos Leitores Com Dance Of Thieves, O Primeiro Volume De Dinastia De Ladr Es, A Nova S Rie Ambientada No Mesmo Universo Das Cr Nicas, Alguns Anos Depois De Seu Desfecho Quando O Patriarca Do Imp Rio Ballenger Morre, Seu Filho, Jase, Torna Se Seu Novo L Der At Mesmo Os Reinos Mais Pr Ximos Se Curvam For A Dessa Fam Lia Fora Da Lei, Que Sempre Governou Por Suas Pr Prias Regras Mas Uma Nova Era Surge No Horizonte, Movimentada Por Uma Jovem Rainha, Que Logo Se Torna Alvo De Ressentimentos E Ira Da Dinastia Kazi, Uma Ladra Reformada Que Cresceu Nas Ruas De Venda E Sobreviveu Por Sua Intelig Ncia E Agilidade, Agora Faz Parte Dos Rahtans, A Guarda Da Rainha, E Enviada Por Ela Para Investigar Transgress Es E Viola Es De Tratados Vigentes Junto A Synov E Wren, Outras Duas Soldadas Da Guarda Real Quando Chega Terra Proibida Dos Ballenger, Um Incidente A Deixa Acorrentada A Jase, Trazendo Empecilhos Ao Seu Trabalho A Competi O De Sagacidade Com O Jovem L Der Faz Com Que Eventos Inesperados Saiam De Controle, E O La O Entre Ambos Se Estreita Conforme Eles Utilizam Falsos Argumentos Para Cumprir Suas Pr Prias Miss Es E Promessas A Batalha De Poder Entre Kazi E Jase Pode Lhes Custar A Vida E Seus Cora Es Os Leitores Das Cr Nicas De Amor Dio V O Reconhecer Alguns Nomes E Acontecimentos Neste Primeiro Volume Da Dinastia De Ladr Es, Ao Mesmo Tempo Em Que Se Conectam Aos Sentimentos E Decis Es Dos Novos Personagens Em Dance Of Thieves, Mary E Pearson Mostra, Mais Uma Vez, Todo O Poder De Sua For A Narrativa Ao Nos Presentear Com Uma Hist Ria Encantadora Que Arranca Suspiros De Deslumbre E Tens O Na Mesma Medida, E Uma Dupla Inesquec Vel Que Desenvolve Seu Elo Proibido De Uma Forma Divertida E Afiada Ao Longo Das P Ginas Neste Livro, Somos Todos Testemunhas De Um Dos Maiores Talentos De Nossa Rainha Dar Vida A Protagonistas Empoderadas Kazi Uma Guerreira Imbat Vel E Determinada Que Marca Presen A Por Onde Passa, Seguindo Os Passos De Lia, A Hero Na Das Cr Nicas De Amor Dio, Ao Inspirar Mulheres A Serem Donas De Seu Pr Prio Destino A Voz De Mary E Pearson J Ecoou No Cora O De Milhares De Brasileiros E Ela Fez Sua Casa Na Linha DarkLove, A Linha Editorial Da DarkSide Books Que Revela Novos Talentos Femininos Da Literatura Chegou A Hora De Revisitar O Nosso Amado Reino.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 522 pages
  • Dance of Thieves
  • Mary E. Pearson
  • 09 June 2018

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    I absolutely love Mary s writing Just like with the Kiss of Deception, Dance of Thieves sucked me right in from the get go Also if you read the last trilogy, there is a glimpse of a few of the people from it So I was fangirling about that My favorite aspect of this book was the bond between Kazi and Jase they were a bucket full of cuteness Or course being on opposite sides of things caused disagreement and secrets, but it made the story addicting Kazi made me frustrated at times, but I understood how she worked because of the way she grew up However, I also loved her for how she was Although, Jase ...

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    I can t even begin to explain how much I ve missed this world and our old characters I think it might be time for a reread soon Although The Remnant Chronicles has a special place in my heart and will probably never be replaced as my favorite Mary Pearson series, Dance of Thieves did not disappoint It was great to see of this world beyond just Morrighan, Dalbreck, and Venda.Every character in this spin off has already captured my heart Kazi, Wren, and Synov BAD ASS FEMALE CHARACTERS Period I want to be them That is all Jase and the Ballengers PRECIOUS All of them Protect them at all costs.And the romance Mary Pearson knows how to write good romance, no doubt about it, and I ship literally everyone in this book I really enjoyed the cat and mouse game between Kazi and Jase to a certain extent I did get annoyed at some points where I just wish they d stop lying to each other But I m used to it by now since lack of communication always seems to be an issue with the characters of the Remnant Chronicles universe considering how I ve had this same problem before with Lia, Rafe, and the rest of the gang There were some parts where I did feel the story drag on and I had to put the book aside for a bit but I don t think I was ever bored There was alwa...

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    I have a soft spot for Mary E Pearson s books She s a master at worldbuilding and angst, and her other series sent me over the roof with feels Naturally, I was eager to get my hands on this new series set in the same world In short, I loved it, but I will say it was long and took me a while to get my bearing Since it s been a while since I ve read her other books, I had a hard time figuring out where I was in the world To be honest, I m still not entirely sure where the new country land is but I imagine the final book will have a map I also had a hard time remembering the ending of the series who ended up ruling where so I suggest doing a quick once over of the finale if you re coming from the other books While this book starts off with an entirely new cast, I was delighted to see old characters on the side As far as the new main characters this is told in a dual POV The first is Kazi, a member of the queen s Rhatan, and Jase, a leader struggling for power in a new land we ve never seen before The beginning felt mostly like backstory on the two main characters, so it lagged a bit for me personally, but when Kazi and Jase collide, things really take off As always, Pearson writes characters with depth and heart, and you ll find yourself falling for both Jase and Kazi When they meet, they hate each other...

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    The cover is a work of art.

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    This was than an unexpected turn It was an unchecked slide into hell 4.5 stars As always, I think that it s important to point out that Mary E Pearson is the most underrated author in YA fantasy And for the life of me, I can t understand why that is Her world building, character development, and plot progression abilities are superb This was supposed to be a buddy read with Diana, but she went POOF, so _ _ I d also like to make note that although this is technically a separate series from the Remnant Chronicles, as is the case with the Grisha trilogy and the Six of Crows duology, it would be beneficial to read the Remnant Chronicles first hence, why I m glad that I re read the Kiss of Deception and finally finished the remainder of the trilogy beforehand Thus, you shan t be spoiled about the past events that are referenced in this book Also, you ll have a connection to the familiar faces Lia, Rafe, etc that pop up all over this book much to my sheer delight It s very strange seeing Lia aka one of the absolute best YA protagonists referred to as the Queen and Her Majesty

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    Kazi, a legendary former street thief.I think this reminds us all of a certain someone

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    We were alone, we had each other, and we had a whole wilderness ahead of us Dance of Thieves was a wish come true I absolutely loved The Remnant Chronicles, so I was than happy to read a novel set in the same universe You can call it capitalism, but I ll read anything that has something to do with my beloved Lia and Rafe Their special cameo was so satisfying that it almost made me forget about the one and only problem that I had with this book instalove.Fellow fans of Mary E Pearson were probably surprised, too After all, the romantic relationships in The Remnant Chronicles didn t have any trace of frivolity or impossibility In other words, Kazi and Jase s love story was a far cry Lia and Rafe s I knew that I had to avoid making comparisons, but I couldn t help it since the characters came from the same human brain and lived in the same fictional world The author set the bar so high, so how could I settle for less xDTo be fair, Kazi and Jase s interactions were outstanding in that t...

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    I received a copy from the publishing house in exchange for an honest review 4.5And the award for most underrated ya writer goes to Mary E Pearson, again If there s one thing I don t get about Goodreads and the Book community in general is why everyone is sitting on this amazing author and her series Seriously, pick these books up The plot Get him and get out That was our task, and that was it I told them that we also had the bad timing of being plummeted into the middle of a power war spawned by Karsen Ballenger s death Our protagonist, Kazi, has been sent by the one and only queen of Venda, Lia still one of the best ya protagonists out there to find General Illarium, who we already know he s the one who betrayed Lia s family and caused the death of her father and brother Rumor has it he s in Hell s mouth, a city that s supposed to be under Venda s jurisdiction, but that s actually under the control of the Ballenger family.The Ballengers have been fighting for eyes to be recognised as the first kingdom because they actually are but they ve never been able to and now is a particularly bad time because the last Patrei the ruler has just died Jase, our second protagonist, has just become the new Patrei.A few chapters in, Kazi and Jase find themselves shackled literally at the ankles, lol.The protagonists I like you, Jase Ballenger I think if you weren t a thief, we might be friends And if you didn t whisk out knives and thr...

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    This is everything I love in a fantasy stellar world building, flawed characters who leap from the page, and high stakes treachery Also steamy romance Highly recommended.

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    Set in the universe of Pearson s Remnant Chronicles

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