Midsummer's Mayhem

Midsummer's MayhemCan Mimi Undo The Mayhem Caused By Her Baking In This Contemporary Fantasy Retelling Of Shakespeare S A Midsummer Night S Dream Eleven Year Old Mimi Mackson Comes From A Big Indian American Family Dad S A Renowned Food Writer, Mom S A Successful Businesswoman, And Her Three Older Siblings All Have Their Own Respective Accomplishments It S Easy To Feel Invisible In Such An Impressive Family, But Mimi S Dream Of Proving She S Not The Least Talented Member Of Her Family Seems Possible When She Discovers A Contest At The New Bakery In Town Plus, It Ll Start Her On The Path To Becoming A Celebrity Chef Like Her Culinary Idol, Puffy Fay But When Mimi S Dad Returns From A Business Trip, He S Mysteriously Lost His Highly Honed Sense Of Taste Without His Help, Mimi Will Never Be Able To Bake Something Impressive Enough To Propel Her To Gastronomic Fame.Drawn Into The Woods Behind Her House By A Strangely Familiar Song, Mimi Meets Vik, A Boy Who Brings Her To Parts Of The Forest She S Never Seen Who Knew There Were Banyan Trees And Wild Boars In Massachusetts Together They Discover Exotic Ingredients And Bake Them Into Delectable And Enchanting Treats.But As Her Dad Acts Stranger Every Day, And Her Siblings Romantic Entanglements Cause Trouble In Their Town, Mimi Begins To Wonder Whether The Ingredients She And Vik Found Are Somehow The Cause Of It All She Needs To Use Her Skills, Deductive And Epicurean, To Uncover What S Happened In The Process, She Learns That In Life, As In Baking, Not Everything Is Sweet

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Midsummer's Mayhem
  • Rajani LaRocca
  • English
  • 24 August 2019
  • 9781499808889

10 thoughts on “Midsummer's Mayhem

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    Imagine a mashup between Shakespeare s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT S DREAM and kids baking competition shows Throw in a hearty dash of magic, family dynamics, and themes of believing in yourself Absolutely irresistible, this book will have readers hooked from the very first page There is so much to love about this fun, tightly plotted, heartfelt story, but aside from the food descriptions which are seriously mouthwatering my favorite parts were about Mira ...

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    11 year old Mimi is searching for a recipe to help her win the baking contest of a lifetime a chance to bake with her idol Puffy Fay, to prove she belongs in her family of superstars, and to stop being known as Mimi Mouse And when an enchanting song in the woods leads her to intoxicating plants, a mysterious book, and a new friend, she s found all she needs.But when she bakes the creation of her heart, her family and friends start acting strangely Her imagination Coincidence Or have her desserts accidentally enchanted THEM An inventive retelling of A Midsummer Night s Dream, MIDSUMMER S MAYHEM by debut author Rajani LaRocca is a scrumptious read I can t wait for middle grade readers ...

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    I was incredibly lucky to read this book early on and it is absolutely delightful full of heart, magical mischief, a main character you can t help but root for, beautiful truths about family and childhood, and food descriptions that will leave your tummy rumbling The whole family will want to read this one together on summer afternoons, but be warned your children will probably beg to start baking after reading My daughter, age 7, also loved the book ...

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    This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a Book Girl.Midsummer s Mayhem was one of the cutest books I ve ever read I ve started to really enjoy retellings the past few years, and this one was done so well A Midsummer Night s Dream isn t a play I m completely familiar with, but going into this novel I did know the basics of it Since this is a middle grade novel though, I really liked seeing Rajani LaRocca incorporate the play and give a brief synopsis of it in her story You can t make comparisons if you don t know the original story, so the fact that she did this is really going to help readers find the similarities between the two.Overall, this book was really just so much fun I read it in two sittings because when I would pick it up I wouldn t want to put it down The story was fresh and fun and I felt like the pacing was perfect At no point did I feel like things were dragging too slowly, instead everything had the appropriate amount of urgency behind it LaRocca s characters were also wonderful Each one was so full of life and personality and showed great development throughout the novel.The dynamic of the Mackson family was incredible The way Mimi interacted with her sisters and brother felt so authentic They would ...

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    A book by any other name would probably not be as sweet as Rajani LaRocca s MIDSUMMER S MAYHEM The ingredients are absolute perfection Shakespeare Magic Family Friends.After her best friend moves away and seemingly outshined by her busy and talented siblings and parents each one of whom is well developed and endeari...

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    As a lover of both baking and Shakespeare, I knew I would thoroughly enjoy Rajani LaRocca s debut middle grade novel, MIDSUMMER S MAYHEM a delightful retelling of A Midsummer Night s Dream centered around a kids baking competition.The book was just as charming as I d hoped filled with fairy mischief, accidental m...

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    What a fabulous reimagining of Shakespeare s A Midsummer s Night Dream In MIDSUMMER S MAYHEM, Rajani LaRocca introduced Mimi the youngest and so she thought the least talented member of her family However much she might not have seen it in herself at first, throughout the story, Mimi displayed all the ways she s special a caring sister, a kind friend, and an amazing baker LaRocca sprinkled magic throughout the story the way Mimi decorated...

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    I have never been thankful that my mom is able to procure arcs I thought it was amazing I know absolutely nothing about baking But I am a total Shakespeare nerd and the sheer amount of Shakespeare MAGIC kept me theorizing the whole way through For those of you who don t know everything about a Midsummer nights dream it s still a great book about baking, magic, and family But if...

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    If you like Shakespeare or baking or especially both you will love this book With mouth watering descriptions of desserts and three recipes in the back and a fresh, funny take on A MIDSUMMER NIGHT S DREAM, this is one delicious ride Kids...

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    I loved this story of courage, love, and conviction Mimi s adventure leads her to discover the importance of family and to realize the strength she has always had Rajani LaRocca s updated Midsummer Night s Dream is a fun and delicious read I found myself dreaming of the cup...

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