Finding Lady Enderly

Finding Lady Enderly Raina Bretton Is A Rag Woman In London S East End When A Handsome Stranger Appears In A Dank Alley And Offers Her A Glittering Smile And A Chance For Adventure Rothburne Abbey Has A Unique Position For Her, One That Will Take Her Away From Her Hardscrabble Life And Give Her A Chance To Be A Lady Things She Could Only Dream Of Might Be Coming True But Some Dreams Turn Out To Be NightmaresThough Raina Has Traded Squalor For Silk And Satin, Something About The Abbey Is Deeply Unsettling As She Wrestles With Her True Identity, The Ruin, Decay, And Secrets She Finds At The Heart Of The Old Mansion Tear At Her Confidence And Threaten To Reveal Her For Who She Really Is Only One Man Stands Between Her And The Danger That Lurks Within And Only If He Decides To Keep Her Biggest Secret Hidden

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  • Hardcover
  • 402 pages
  • Finding Lady Enderly
  • Joanna Davidson Politano
  • 22 October 2018
  • 9780800736248

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    I read a lot Like, a lot a lot So to come across a story that is new and originalthat doesn t happen often But let me tell you, I have NEVER read a book quite like this one The intrigue will keep you turning pages, and if it doesn t then the hero will Can I just say that communicating through secret messages within the pages of Austen, Bronte, and Dickens is enough to make any bibliophiles heart go putter patter To have someone see you so wholly and love you so deeply and tell you repeatedly exactly who you are even when the world is trying to convince you otherwise phew Romantic And the layers And the depth Man, Joanna Politano is one wise woman The message within these pages is one we all need to be reminded of.Loved it

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    Talented Politano delivers another engaging novel with a creative storyline Readers that enjoy multiple twists and surprises will find Finding Lady Enderly delivers.Raina is presented with an opportunity to escape her life as a rag woman This opportunity is delivered by a gentleman she doesn t know The love of her heart, Sully, was tragically killed at sea She feels there is nothing to lose.As time passes, Raina realizes there were things about her life in the lower class that were positive How many of us long for a better life Would it truly be better What I loved most about the novel is the creative storyline and the way Raina exchanged messages with her friend through novel passages.My gratitude to publisher Revell for a complimentary NetGalley copy of this novel I was not required to post a review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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    Finding Lady Enderly is a delightfully creative story A literal rag to riches story, Raina is a rag woman who is convinced to take part in a charade to become Lady Enderly Why she is not sure, but when it s offered to her, she can t help but grasp this life that once was nothing but a dream for her Of course, the dream life comes with holes that look suspiciously like nightmares, and she soon realizes that danger is around every corner.The setting of Rothbourne Abbey provides a backdrop of crumbling decadence, complete with near ruined walls and a derelict library It s the perfect backdrop for the mysteries and intrigue found in this story There are also a myriad of secondary characters, some beloved and some despised Rains isn t sure who to trust, and what s , she is not sure if she can even trust herself The themes of truth and identity are prevalent, and the question of how you can find the truth when you ve taken part in a lie The twists and turns of the plot make it a book that reads easily and quickly I think my favorite part is how the characters used novels and certain passages within them to pass messages to each other so charming I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher this review is my honest opinion.

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    Everyone knows the story of Cinderella from ashes to riches And, in a way, Finding Lady Enderly is about that But also not.A name is something powerful, and for Raina Bretton, her given name is weak compared to her hallmark name, Ragna And to rags and poverty, she attaches her identity, as well to the kind son of a vicar who stood up from her when she most needed and has saved her from her many perilous situations.Nevertheless, what girl doesn t dream of beauty Though beauty can have many forms, who doesn t identify it to charming places and manicured persona And so, with some hesitation at first, but with also a vulnerable heart severed from its source of light, Raina accepts an exquisite proposal from a cunning benefactor to pose as a Countess.When Raina arrives at Rothburne Abbey, not everything is as glamorous as she expected She actually finds contempt, hostility, and abandonment Threats pull her from one decision to the other and with each passing hour is at stake than she first thought and with each passing hour, her identity as Raina or Ragna or Lady Enderly becomes murkier, unfamiliar Notwithstanding, there is a comfortable spot where she finds space to blossom Her dreams of sparkle might have ended up being a reality full of emptiness at heart and pocket, but at least an empty pocket Raina knows how to deal with.Joanna Politano deals shrewdly with the dark side of life and human personality There are parts when the characters are frustratingly human, and therefore humblingly relatable And so, through their journeys, the author carefully and diligently brings light into their lives and hearts, while also being realistic to the consequences we deal with because of our actions As each page turned, and questions aroused within me who is this Countess the servants seem comfortable to suddenly open up to how are the characters ever going to get themselves out of the hole becoming deeper and deeper will truth be able to set them free I ll let you discover for yourself the answers to these questions and much Though there were parts of the book I found a bit slow and though it took me a while to warm up to the romance, I have to say there is no doubt Joanna Politano can capture our hearts with a character and can deftly pen a mystery novel One thing is for sure I did not have this book figured out In the end, the powerful message that wrapped around my heart and brought that well known sigh of satisfaction was that, though something might have been intended for evil and with discouragement, there s One who cares too much to throw away any opportunity for good I received a complimentary copy from the editor All opinions are my own.

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    Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Politano is truly a work of art, a gift to the historical Christian fiction fan.Captivating from the start, the first chapter was full of romance, intrigue and beautiful words What a wonderful way to entice the reader This book is a gem, my favorite genres of historical and mystery rolled into one extraordinary book I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter from The Diary of a Substitute Countess Many people who go out looking for themselves will become lost, for they look outside themselves or inward, rather than up to the God who we reflect There are many profound truths in each entry Raina, the rag girl, is asked by a solicitor to journey to Rothburne Abbey to take a job that will completely change her life of poverty With next to no information, she takes on the persona of Lady Enderly, harder than Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion Raina goes by many names Ragna, Lady Enderly, Cinderella but will she finally find her true identity in God It is important to remember who you are Names have great significance, and we cannot let the world twist them Ms Politano uses well loved, classical literature in a unique way as a means of communication between two who cannot openly converse I eagerly read each page for new clues to the mystery of Lady Enderly A surprise in every chapter This book has many spiritual truths cloaked in exquisite language waiting to be discovered It is very reminiscent of The Price Of Privilege series by Jessica Dotta or a Wilkie Collins mystery with many threads to unravel I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author I was not required to give a favorable review All opinions are my own.

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    A compelling and accessible Victorian romance with strongly overt spiritual threads Drawing parallels to Jessica Dotta s Price of Privilege series especially in its literal rags to riches flavour and Jennifer Delamere s clean Victorian staples in the genre.Several twists and great pacing add to the suspense with flourish but perhaps the most admirable trait of the book is its non conforming treatment of the central romance The reader might assume that it will play in a linear fashion like other books of its trope and ilk, but Politano prefers to stretch out a thread that mirrors many of the issues of social justice that permeate Raina s My Fair Lady esque tale with thanks to netgalley

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    Special Note I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review This book is a little intriguing Imagine someone plucking you off the streets and carrying you away to some estate where you are being introduced as a lady of the manor You now wear fine gowns instead of rags People treat you as someone worth knowing, rather than turning down their noses at you It s amazing what the right dress and title can do You spend days and weeks pretending to be someone that you re not, just to keep up a ruse But what happened to the real lady of the manor That is where things get mighty interesting It s an interesting tale and I enjoyed reading it This is most suitable for anyone wishing a clean read.

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    FTC Disclosure NetGalley and Revell Reads gave me complimentary copies of this book one electronic, one paperback A positive review was not required These are my honest thoughts.Where do I start What a captivating novel From the first page, the style was engrossing, fascinating, and exquisitely quotable If I had jotted down every line that made me sigh for how beautiful it was, I would have a notebook filled with at least half the lines from this story.The unique usage of novels within the romance thread was beautiful and made me giggle with delight and gasp with elation I truly admired the way each of the classics used were woven in so seamlessly and delectably Every new quote had me holding my breath to see just what sentiment would be shared this time.There were pieces of this story that reminded me of My Fair Lady and Cinderella as well as the gothic flavor of Wuthering Heights, though not necessarily the torrid tragedy that I somehow find enthralling about that particular vintage book It s clear to me that Mrs Politano has a great appreciation for classic stories, for she put them on display very well in her own tale, from transforming a rag woman to the book quotes I previously mentioned to the very essence of the telling of Finding Lady Enderly There was something so completely addicting about the overall classic feel to this story that it truly ought to be an instant classic, if I might be so bold to state.The characters were rich and deep, quite complex, and so secretive that I was kept guessing along the way The twisty plot aided that, definitely Every chapter had me on the edge of my seat, not solely to find out what happened next to the leading lady, but also to see which surprises and twists and turns would pop up next around her Let me tell you, there were an entire universe of them I love how all of that added up to be one of my favorite books of the year, joining Mrs Amanda Dykes s Up From the Sea and Whose Waves These Are as well as Mrs Kim Vogel Sawyer s Ours for a Season.Here are a few of my favorite quotes, because I simply must share a couple of the very quotable lines within this story Conceding a battle didn t mean losing the war, and I always won when it counted Even without meeting a person, we can determine a lot about her by looking at the people she allows into her life Never be ashamed of who you are, your ladyship, for you have something powerful in you Quiet was the best cure for the noise of my thoughts The faith thread was rich and exactly what I love in a novel I want books with this saturation of good, solid faith, please

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    I loved the mystery of Lady Enderly finding out the true reasons that Raina needs to pretend to be her I especially loved that it wasn t straightforward and easy to guess where the story was going Raina is fairly street smart, but she s also impulsive and a bit of dreamer, which gets her into this mess and partly what keeps her from getting out I enjoyed the little ways she finds to defy expectations, though, and the way she uses book quotes as secret communication with Sully.Identity is without a doubt the theme of the story, focusing on the circumstances we let define us versus who we truly are who God says we are There s definitely an allegorical feel to the story, which seems a little heavy at times, but it certainly provides food for thought Thank you Revell for the complimentary book I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

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    4.5 starsI love it when I discover a new author to add to my go to list I have seen many reader recommendations for Ms Politano books, but am embarrassed to say, this is the first book of hers that I have read I was not disappointed She is now on my must read list Fans of Jessica Dotta will enjoy this book.In Finding Lady Enderly, Ms Politano gives the reader a brilliant Gothic romance, filled with mystery and romance With the skill of a masterful storyteller, the underlying theme of finding one s identity and purpose in God is woven seamlessly into the story adding depth to an already brilliant novel I love the fact that Politano switches from first person to third person when she is telling the story from Raina or Sully s points of view In Raina, we have an endearing heroine, flawed but full of heart And to have a hero that never fails to come to the rescue, continuously demonstrating his unfailing love through the avenues of music and books Be still my heart and the message passing system, need I say The secondary characters are also fleshed out in the most marvelous way I adored Bradford Most of all, I loved the pearls of wisdom in the quotes from the Diary of a Substitute Countess at the beginning of each chapter.A couple of my favorite quotes The weakest version of the real you is stronger than the best imitation of someone else One can only ignore rotting insides for so long before the ruin seeps out I never needed a new identity just a better understanding of the one who gave it to me I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book the author publisher I was not required to write a review All opinions expressed are my own.

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