The Dark Bones (A Dark Lure, #2)

The Dark Bones (A Dark Lure, #2) PDF Epub The Dark Bones A Dark Lure, 2 Author Loreth Anne White She S Come Back To Solve The Mystery Of Her Father S Death And Confront Her Own Dark Past When Detective Rebecca North Left Her Rural Hometown, She Vowed Never To Return Her Father S Apparent Suicide Has Changed That The Official Report Is That Retired Cop Noah North Shot Himself, Knocked Over A Lantern, And Set His Isolated Cabin Ablaze But Rebecca Cannot Believe He Killed Himself.To Prove It, She Needs The Help Of Ash Haugen, The Man She Left Behind But Rebecca And Ash Share Than Broken Hearts Something Darker Lies Between Them, And The Investigation Is Stirring It Back To Life Clues Lead Them To The Home Of Olivia West And Her Deeply Troubled Twelve Year Old Daughter, Tori The Child Knows About The Murder Than Anyone Can Imagine, But She S Too Terrified To Say A Word.And As A Cold Blooded Killer Resurfaces From The Past, Rebecca And Ash Begin To Fear That Their Own Secrets May Be Even Harder To Survive.

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  • The Dark Bones (A Dark Lure, #2)
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  • 20 September 2017

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    I m a fan of Loreth Ann White s Angie Pallorino series so jumped into this without realising it was already episode two of a new series Although I now want to go back and read book one, this worked well for me as a stand alone dark tale of murder and betrayal in the cold wilderness of British Columbia.Rebecca North escaped the small rural town where she grew up to become a Detective in Ottawa but has recently returned after her father ex Mountie Noah is found dead in his burnt out cabin, from a presumed suicide She discovers that her father has been following up a cold case of two teenagers who disappeared some 20 years ago and weren t heard from again Just before he died he believed he d found important information about the case and Rebecca finds herself drawn in to following Noah s investigations, with the help of Ash Haugen, her former boyfriend before she moved away, as well as two ch...

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    Winston Churchill famously described the Soviet Union as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, The story contained in The Dark Bones can be described as a betrayal, wrapped in a lie, inside a crime On other side of the country from her hometown, RMCP Sgt Rebecca North is notified that her father, former RCMP officer Noah North has died from a self inflicted shotgun wound after setting his rural cabin on fire After a five day battle with weather and airlines Rebecca arrives in her hometown of Clinton Rebecca is immediately overwhelmed with guilt, she had seldom returned to Clinton because of a broken heart Adding to Rebecca s guilt, just five days ago she had basically shut her father down on the phone after he began some of his drunken conspiracy meanderings this time accusing Rebecca of lying about her former boyfriend, Ash Haugen In retirement, Noah spent much of his time looking into his old cold cases This time it is a crime that Noah believes both Ash and Rebecca are involved in Their individual reaction, what crime It doesn t take long before Rebecca encounters Ash at the frozen, burned cabin where Noah died Ash also doesn t believe Noah took his own life Trouble is, if Noah was murdered, Ash is the number one suspect Worse trouble is that Rebecca rediscovers her abiding love for him.Ash and Rebecca quickly find proof that Tori Burton and Ricky Simon, a troubled kid facing a third strike arrest, were raidi...

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    He d always harbored a fear that she still lay there Her dark bones in wait To rise To get them Quote The Dark Bones The Dark Bones is a highly atmospheric, chilling suspense story wrapped in the arms of a young love gone wrong, second chance romance The blistering pace set in the opening pages is driven by a sinister presence a sense of impending doom that continues to swell as the story unfolds one that impelled this reader to burn the midnight oil in a frenzied search for answers A story in which past secrets and betrayals refuse to remain buried, escaping and snowballing out of control like an avalanche destroying everything in its path A story in which one seemingly insignificant moment in time, one fleeting connection between two people, sealed the fate of others Can you pinpoint the exact instant your life starts on a collision course with someone else s Can you trace back to the moment those lives did finally intersect, and from where they spiraled outward again, yet from that point they r...

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    I started reading books by Loreth Anne White a few years ago and fell in love with her Angie Pallorino series Some of you may be familiar with those The Dark Bones is the second book in a new series, A Dark Lure, and I actually didn t realize that until after I finished the book Obviously it didn t matter that I hadn t read the first book since I thought it was a stand alone It is fantastic When Detective Rebecca North left her rural Canadian hometown, she vowed never to return A call from her drunken father made her nervous, a follow up call notifying her of his apparent suicide brought her home However, Becca is not content with the suicide findings Her father may have been a drunk, but he was not suicidal Despite what she believes, the town, including all of the officials, seem hell bent on making sure his death is classified as a murder Becca is determined to find out what her father was doing before he died, who he was with and why the townspeople are behaving so strangely and to give her father the proper RCMP burial he deserves The Dark Bones swept me up in its saga from the very beginning the frantic phone call, the alleged suicide, teens accidently setting fire to cabin there is so much action in the beginning that it was difficult not to get carried away in the drama But this i...

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    RtcThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

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    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Loreth Anne White, and Montclair Romance for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.At a time when the thriller genre is supersaturated by authors who wish to peddle their wares, Loreth Anne White enters with a few unique qualities, one of which being the novel s setting in rural Western Canada Add to that, the slow development and eerie quality of her writing and the reader is in for a treat as they devour this, the second novel in her new series The disappearance of two local teenagers two decades before has always been a cold case that nagged at Noah North, a retired cop When he came upon some new information that may lead to a re opening of the case, he wanted the world to know, including his daughter, Rebecca, who now resides in Ottawa When Rebecca speaks to her father, he tells her, a little less than sober, that he knows she was not telling the truth those twenty years ago about what she and a friend were doing Dismissing it, Rebecca returns to her life, only t...

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    I could not put this book downit s a WOW I m excited to discover a new author for me I knew this story would be intense based on the summary, but it had layers and layers of secrets that needed to be told.Rebecca s father dies from an apparent suicide after she receives a bizarre call from him She rushes home and believes he was murdered She knows he was working on a cold case from 20 years ago and believes new clues surfaced prompting his will to finally solve it She is also reconnected with her first love, Ash, who becomes a person of interest While there is evidence that is pointing to him, she is finding it difficult to believe he could commit a crime, but she knows h...

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    Can you pinpoint the exact instant your life starts on a collision course with someone else s Can you trace back to the moment those lives did finally intersect, and from where they spiraled outward again, yet from that point they remained forever entwined, two lives locked one with another Loreth Anne White is one of my favorite authors I love all of her books Her characters are memorable and the suspense is always outstanding The Dark Bones is the second book in the Dark Lure series The Dark Lure was FANTASTIC The main character is Rebecca North She s a Royal Canadian Mounted Police detective who moved out of her rural hometown of Clinton, Canada as soon as she could after her boyfriend Ash Haugen broke her heart.Rebecca s dad is a retired detective He s an alcoholic and he lives by himself Out of nowhere, he calls Rebecca and tells her that he believes someone is following him and he wants to see her He has been reviewing a cold case and he wants to know why she and Ash lied to him so many years ago Rebecca knows this has to be about Whitney Gagnon who had slept with Ash and had left town with her boyfriend Trevor Beauchamp Rebecca tells her dad she will call him back Next thing she knows, she gets a call Her dad has killed himself Rebecca c...

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    EXCERPT as she took her place in the witness box, a chill trickled down her spine She was barely able to register the court official in front of her, let alone recall how she d gotten to the box Do you, Sergeant Rebecca North, solemnly affirm that the evidence to be given by you shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth He lied.You both lied.ABOUT THIS BOOK When Detective Rebecca North left her rural hometown, she vowed never to return Her father s apparent suicide has changed that The official report is that retired cop Noah North shot himself, knocked over a lantern, and set his isolated cabin ablaze But Rebecca cannot believe he killed himself.To prove it, she needs the help of Ash Haugen, the man she left behind But Rebecca and Ash share than broken hearts Something darker lies between them, and the investigation is stirring it back to life Clues lead them to the home of Olivia West and her deeply troubled twelve year old daughter, Tori The child knows about the murder than anyone can imagine, but she s too terrified to say a word.And as a cold blooded ...

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    An unsolved crime 20 years in the past is still heavily influencing lives in the present in this complex crime mystery I didn t realize when I started the book that it is the second in a series Didn t matter the story stands alone with no knowledge of the first book The story unfolds tying events in the past to events in the future, going back and forth between the two time periods The tension plays out slowly as you are led to the clim...

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