Maximillian Fly

Maximillian Fly Globally Bestselling Author Of The Septimus Heap Series, Angie Sage, Brings Forth A Gripping And Darkly Humorous Tale Of Maximillian Fly A Human With Cockroach Features Whose Quiet Life Is Upended When He Aids Two Human Children In Their Escape From An Oppressive Governing Power Perfect For Fans Of Lemony Snicket And Adam Gidwitz.Maximillian Fly Wants No Trouble Yet Because He Stands At Six Feet Two, With Beautiful Indigo Wings, Long Antennae, And Arms Than You Or Me, Many Are Frightened Of Him He Is A Gentle Creature That Looks Like A Giant Cockroach This Extraordinary Human Wants To Prove His Goodness, So He Opens His Door To Two SilverSeed Children In Search Of A Place To Hide Instantly, Maximillian S Quiet, Solitary Life Changes There Are Dangerous Powers After Them And They Have Eyes Everywhere But In This Gray City Of Hope Trapped Under The Orb, Is Escape Even Possible

Angie Sage born 1952 is the author of the Septimus Heap series which includes Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, Darke and Fyre She also wrote the Todhunter Moon series, and the Magykal Papers, an additional book with extra information about Septimus world She is also the illustrator and or writer of many children s books, and is the new writer of the Araminta Spookie series.Angie Sage grew

[Epub] ↠ Maximillian Fly  Author Angie Sage –
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Maximillian Fly
  • Angie Sage
  • 10 July 2017
  • 9780062571168

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    If you are going to make up a world, be it good or be it bad, I sincerely hope you commit to the bit Think things through Work out the details Plan out the plumbing so to speak A poorly realized fictional world can either be painful or a bore or painfully boring, I suppose Most are middling They ll sport perfectly serviceable locations but not the kinds of places that inextricably suck you in Now consider the case of Angie Sage The book Maximillian Fly isn t her first time at the rodeo, not by a long shot Librarians like myself probably associate her primarily with the Septimus Heap series or, to a lesser extent, Araminta Spookie I really haven t read either of those, so the allure of this book was probably very much a case of A knowing the author was a proven writer and B there was a gigantic cockroach man standing on the cover, clearly constructed by the artist Red Nose Studio That cover was basically tailor made for people like me And the book, spoiler alert, is remarkable, often because the world building is sublime Would you want to live in the city of Hope No But it breathes off the page It smells It pulsates In Maximillian Fly Sage has built a remarkable story that will land hard with the right kind of audience The kid that wants desperately to be challenged, is willing to walk with heroes through dark and terrible dangers, but who needs that happy ending to round it all out when all is said and done This is for them...

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    The wonderful image created by Red Nose Studios for this book s cover convinced me to pick this up.Despite the 1 coincidence laden story, 2 evil with no nuance baddie and 3 too pat story resolution, there were so many things I liked in this story A delightfully kind and gentle main character, Maximillian Fly The friendship between Parminter and Maximillian Parminter s strength and kindness, and her relationship with her mother Kaitlin s resourcefulness The baddie who gets properly though a little too easily defeated Max s decision to return the teapot to his mother The author s treatment of weighty subjects that she doesn t sugar coat for her readers The tiered society and the consequent racism, thanks to the genetic mods that are expressed in some individuals within the population Child abuse Bullying behaviour Betrayals and murder The torture and murder of individuals who don t comply The murder of childrenI was pleasantly surprised by how ...

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    Young readers are sure to enjoy Maximillian Fly s story This is a very different flavor of tale from those of you accustomed to Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie Imagine a world where people are so desperate to escape the Contagion, that they inject a bit of cockroach DNA into themselves After all, cockroaches can survive anything, right As I read deeper and deeper, I couldn t help but wonder if this is a political cautionary taleWhat happens when a totalitarian government decides who lives and dies for population control, and who is a traitor who must be Astroed What is happening on the Out...

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    Unique and engrossing dark and hopeful Otherwise it would be unbearable Sage tackles a lot here Pyscho level evil, dystopic stuff galore DNA tampering, climate, fake news, and , and brave and wonderful children Made me think at times of Collins Gregor and DuPrau s The City of Ember series.

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    I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest This was a great book Maximillian is a hybrid human cockroach.He has not being treated kindly because of what he is.Still, he is kind and good.When he see 2 children in need of saving, he does n...

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    I received this book free from Harper Childrens through Goodreads Being over 50 this book isn t really age appropriate for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it Would love to see this made into a movie, my grandchildren would love it It is a ...

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    Another wonderful book by Angie Sage I m a big fan of her Septimus Heap series, so I was overjoyed to win an ARC of this book courtesy of HarperChildrens and Katharine Tegen Books.The world building is excellent, and you are immediately immersed in the gray dystopia of the city of Hope Despite being a six foot human cockroach, Maximilian Fly, the main character, is a gentle, shy individual who justs wants to live his life in peace But on the night the story opens, Maximilian sees two young wingless humans humans whose DNA lacks the cockroach mutation that affects a portion of Hope s population fleeing from the Enforcers, and he decides to help them This act of kindness turns his life inside out.Maximilian s way of speaking takes a little bit of getting used to, as it is somewhat stilted and oddly formal But as odd as he is, and despite being a large sentient cockroach, he is a character of great pathos You will be rooting for him soon enough And while the book is written for pre teens, older children and adults will like it, too although they may pick up on the clues that get dropped sooner than the younger ones will Clues to what, you say Nope, I m not tellingThe novel is all first person narration, with Maximilian and four other charact...

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    Maximillian is a very large Roach, very large as in huge His parents were human, and he was born human, but during his infancy he cocooned and became a Roach He lives in Hope, a city encased in a huge orb that protects it from the Contagion infecting the rest of the world The city is run by the cruel Guardian and the merciless Enforcers who follow her One night Maximillian dares to help two young children who are being pursued by a squad of Enforcers.An action adventure story that middle graders will absolutely love Maximillian Fly is an adorable character, who struggles with prejudice against his kind and has a hard time believing in himself He grew up with only his cold, demeaning mother, but is slowly coming into his own The story is told from multiple points of view and every now and then the characters talk directly to the reader The author has done a superb job of world building She paints such a gloomy, grim picture of Hope an...

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    This is a hard book to categorize Is it Fantasy Sci Fi Maximillian is a human sized Roach who lives among humans and other roaches in a city within a dome The citizens have been told that they are being protected from a contamination and they are also ruled by a Guardian and her soldiers, who sound a little like Stormtroopers When Maximillian sees a girl and her little brother fleeing some soldiers, he decides to help them, kicking off a series of events that will show that all of the city inhabitants have a lot in common than anyone realized The story has a lot of potential, but it ends up b...

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    Maximillian Fly is a human with cockroach features Kaitlin and Jonno two human children are trying to escape the Enforcers who mean to kill them Maximillian decides to help them and that begins the story They live in a town called Hope, which really doesn t have any hope It is surrounded by an Orb which is like a force field and no one comes in or leaves Kaitlin and Jonno s parents are dead, their brother joined the...

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