The Duchess in His Bed (Sins for All Seasons, #4)

The Duchess in His Bed (Sins for All Seasons, #4) For A Duchess With Practical Desires, Falling In Love Is An Inconceivable Part Of Her Plan As Owner Of The Elysium Club Which Caters To Women S Fantasies, Aiden Trewlove Is Accustomed To Introducing Adventurous Ladies To Sin And Vice But He Is Uncharacteristically Intrigued By The Mysterious Beauty Who Visits His Club One Night, Yearning To Indulge In The Forbidden With Him Drawn To Her Indomitable Spirit, He Breaks His Rule Of Never Becoming Personally Involved With His Clientele And Is Determined To Fully Awaken Her DesiresA Recent Widow, Selena Sheffield, Duchess Of Lushing, Has Never Known Passion, Not Until Aiden S Slow, Sensual Seduction Leads Her On A Journey Of Discovery And Incredible Pleasure But Her Reasons For Visiting The Notorious Club Are Not All That They SeemAs Selena S Motives Become Complicated By Love, She Finds Herself With A Most Unexpected Choice Forge Ahead With A Secret Plan That Could Secure Her Future Or Follow Her Heart Which Could Prove Ruinous

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  • The Duchess in His Bed (Sins for All Seasons, #4)
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    SPOILERS AHEAD TITLE THE DUCHESS IN HIS BEDAUTHOR Lorraine HeathSERIES Sins for All Season 4RELEASE DATE August 20 2019GENRE Historical RomaneRATING 4 StarsCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGLorraine Heath is certainly one of the authors who writes with romantic and poetic flourish She just has this way that will make you swoon just for the prose alone I was looking forward to THE DUCHESS IN HIS BED because I ve had a soft spot for Aiden since Finn s book THE SCOUNDREL IN HER BED.Did this installment live up to expectations In one way it did I fell even deeper in love with Aiden Trewlove who had such an inate goodness, a sweet decency that just pulled at my heartstrings At the same time he was sexy and very physical which provided some really hot scenes throughout this story I loved his protective sense and the love he had for his family was heart warming He slammed his eyes closed as those five words fall in love with you words no other woman had ever bestowed on him washed over him, through him, around him How powerful they were How humbling How breathtaking The story fell a little short for me because of Selena, who I didn t care about for two thirds of the book, which was rooted in her selfish behavior And that was, put mildly, problematic at best Look, I know this is Historical Romance but consent goes both ways and this is where Selena really threw me off If this were the other way around and the heroine said No, get off me and the hero didn t follow through we would call it rape regardless that he d stop after a bit So in a way that s actually what Selena did with Aiden view spoiler Selena was so set on getting pregnant to keep her family in good standing with the ton that she selfishly ignored Aiden s wishes hide spoiler

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    Series Sins For All Seasons 4Publication Date 8 20 19Number of Pages 320I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the Sins for All Seasons series Of the six Trewlove children, I was most interested in reading Aiden s story and Beast s story Aiden has intrigued me from the beginning, so I was happy to see his story Next up is Fancy s and maybe finally I ll get to read Beast s story Aiden is everything I thought he d be hard on the outside and soft in the center He protects what is his and assures that there is no way he ever produces a bastard like himself He d never cause any child to have that sort of fate I had a harder time warming up to Selena Lena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing The reason I m giving a 4 star review rather than a 5 star review is because of my problems with the duchess Yes, I understood her dilemma, but rather than telling her brother to man up and telling her sisters the true status of their finances, she chose to ask a man like Aiden to do the unthinkable She wanted it even after she learned his story and his strong objections She even intended to trick him, and just the fact that she fully intended to do that said a lot about her whether she carried through or not.Selena s father wasn t a very good manager of his earldom nor of his funds So, when both of her parents were killed and her brother Winslow inherited the earldom, their financial circumstances were dire For the good of her brother and her three sisters, she married the Duke of Lushing She loved him but wasn t in love with him Their marriage was a passionless one and his only reason for the marriage was to produce an heir since he was the last of his line anywhere and his titles and estates would forfeit to the crown when he died After seven years and no children, the duke died Without him, there would be no dowry for her sisters and no way to financially help her brother So, Winslow came up with a solution Selena would quickly get pregnant and pass the child off as the dukes Just as an additional comment I REALLY disliked Winslow Aiden Trewlove is one of six bastard children raised by Hettie Trewlove Hettie was a remarkable woman who raised six remarkable children five of whom weren t even hers She taught them respect, love, caring for others and how to be successful Aiden owns two very successful clubs The Cerberus Club, a gaming hell for men and the Elysium Club, recently given to him by his brother Finn, which caters to women I saw one reviewer refer to it as a brothel for women, but I didn t get that Yes, there were a few of the men who worked there who would provide that service if the women wanted it, but the focus of the club was pampering and caring for the women, giving them a place where they can feel beautiful, respected, and cared about.Aiden was immediately drawn to the woman who entered his Elysium club He couldn t even see her face, but he felt the invisible thread pulling him in After showing her around the club, she told him she wanted to be bedded and he told here that the servers with the red dots on their uniforms would accommodate her Then, she told him that she wanted him only All it required of him was a few nights of being lost in mad, passionate lovemaking not a hardship at all And then walking away, never, ever, to look back I absolutely LOVED that the villain got his just desserts It was the absolute perfect punishment for him I also loved the Countess of Elverton although you see little of her until toward the end of the book I think she might be one of my favorite people in the entire series just for her one small role.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This was written by amazing author extraordinaire Lorraine Heath That should tell you right there how scrumptious and delightful this story will be before turning the first page Seriously she is and has been one of my very favorite authors and her witty humor, strong emotiions and engaging characters always make for a memorable read The Prologue alone made me want to strangle a despicable Earl, but then the story picks up 32 years later with our heroine, Widow, Selena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing love it , visiting the Elysium Club, a place for women to find pleasure and vice She was masked and totally focused on the owner, Aiden Trewlove, the one she sought All I have to say is he was so charming, but had his background as the bastard son of an Earl, along with many in the same situation, half brothers and sisters A very intersting family As he saw Selena, he was intrigued with her hanging in the shadows masked and he engaged her to come out and explore His rule though was not to personally get involved with the customers, but as he showed her around, it seemed he noticed everything about her and wanted to know who she was and why she was really at his club He definitely was not acting like himself.But why was Selena there and would she be able to capture his interest Why did she want to A scrumptious, engaging story, filled with suspense, sensual emotions, secrets and two engaging characters, each with their pasts the hold sway over them Once you pick this up, trust me, you will not be able to put it down This author has mastered the gift of prose and creating a world that pulls you in and keeps you there until the end

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    This book was so good I loved Aiden just as much as I knew I would and Lorraine Heath delivered another fantastic historical romance from beginning to end When I first met Selena, I didn t think I d like her that much because she was a bit of a snob and her whole plan didn t endear her all that much, considering it was Aiden that she chose for her plan Still, she does a lot of growing over the course of this book and I ended up liking her for Aiden Lorraine Heath is the bomb, one of my favorites

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    3.5 stars rounded upSelena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing is in a bind, her husband of seven years has passed away with no heir, leaving his title and entailed properties in danger of reverting back to the crown With her family depending on her to support them, her brother Winslow, the Earl of Camberley devises a plan, Selena will get pregnant and place the child off as Lushing s, if the child is a boy, he will be the duke, if the child is a girl, she will inherit the entailed properties either way, it ensures their place in society and keeps them financial solvent Selena only agrees because she has three younger sisters and worries about their futures if the crown takes Lushing s assets Set on this course, a masked Selena visits the Elysium Club hoping to catch the notice of the owner, Aiden Trewlove, a man she saw at her friend s wedding and who captured her attention like no man ever has.Aiden spots Selena almost immediately and is drawn to her, but Aiden doesn t fall into bed with her as she hoped, he does spend time with her and invites her back the next night Selena knows she doesn t have much time and should pick another man, but she can t seem to walk away from Aiden And for his part, he doesn t trust the nobility, but there is something about her that stirs something primal in him and even knowing he should not encourage her, he just can t seem to let her go.When they finally make love, Selena has a crisis of conscience and leaves Aiden in an awkward situation without explanation But he tracks her down and demands answers, when he learns the truth, he has a big decision to make and one that may break the heart he has tried so hard to keep to himself.I thought this was a well written story, but the story seemed to drag for the first half and the plot felt used to death The second half was definitely interesting and incorporated some new story lines involving his biological parents and siblings, but I was disappointed that Selena waited so long to do the right thing and I thought her brother Winslow was a complete jerk who needed to man up and yet never did I did like the book and enjoyed the cameos with the other Trewlove siblings, but after reading the first three books in this series and being completely blown away, this book felt like a bit of letdown I am voluntarily leaving a review for an uncorrected e arc that was provided to me by Edelweiss and the publisher.

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    Aiden Trewlove understands women it s part of his business of introducing them to vice at his club, The Elysium But he never personally interacts with his guests Until one masked woman catches his attention She asks for forbidden moments with him and soon has him breaking all his own rules.Selena Sheffield, the newly widowed Duchess of Lushing, is desperate Her husband s untimely death without issue, though he left her well provided for, means the crown will receive all his estates and Selena will lose all the power and influence of her position, influence she needs to ensure her three younger sisters are well married She just needs Aiden to unwittingly provide her with a child She never counted on his determination to be nothing like his disreputable father, therefore ensuring he fathers no children out of wedlock As Selena s feelings for Aiden develop into something serious, she is torn between using him to achieve her goals and following her heart to truly be with him out in the open.I just had a difficult time getting into this book Sure I could sympathize with Selena, but her snobbery, as well as that of her sisters, made her very unlikable for me Poor Aiden has striven his entire life to overcome his illegitimacy and when he finally encounters a woman who stirs his feelings, she makes it clear that he s not good enough to have a public future with her and that any interactions between them must be clandestine I thought Aiden deserved better That said, I do understand her reasoning to a point, to protect the child they may have together, but even then, she still held and voiced awful prejudices and judgments against Aiden s family for being illegitimate Selena never seemed to truly grasp the depth of what she was asking of Aiden.All that said, Selena and Aiden both did a lot of growing and ultimately chose each other over everything else, which I always think is beautiful, and this became a lovely love story I ll be after the rest of the series now.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I have read and enjoyed the previous books in this series and I think I ve been most eager for Aiden s story, so I was excited to start it I loved Selena and Aiden She s in a crap situation and doesn t have a lot of options He s always got a mask on and maybe pushes people away They re both loyal to their families and instantly attracted to the other Oh, and I forgot to mention he s a complete marshmallow who legit gives her whatever she needs, regardless of what it is It was great to see the other couples and get flashes of their lives as well Plot wise, it was good, but there was a lot inner monologue than I would have liked Selena and Aiden really talk and get to know each other and I was so happy to see open communication especially when it came to The Secret Plan which didn t stay secret for too long I wanted of them together, but perhaps that s just me being greedy because I loved them together.Overall, it was a book I couldn t put down with a grand gesture from her that I think I read 4 times before I could continue I can t wait for the next book in the series Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge

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    I did a live review of this book while I was reading it You can check it out here please note, my site is under construction.Here is a quick review I love Lorraine Heath but I had a really difficult time getting through this book It took me 2 weeks to struggle through 300 pages and then I put it down and never picked it back up again It wasn t exactly a conscious decision to stop reading it at that point, I just wasn t compelled to finish it I felt like the insta lust was laid on a little thick There was an air of possessiveness about the hero that seemed rather preposterous since it was happening in the first few minutes of their first meeting He s having thoughts like the tug he felt to protect this lady was far greater than anything he d ever experienced before I generally like insta lust and they get all hot and bothered for each other But possessiveness, in my opinion, should come later with some level of developed feelings So it seemed a bit out of place The biggest issue I had with this book is that the feelings Aiden had towards Lena simply made no sense He just feels different with her than any other women before for no particular reason except it s different He s possessivefor no reason He wants for no reason He s dreaming about herfor no reason They ve not had enough happen between them for him to feel that way and I don t think simply saying well, this is different is enough to get my heart involved with a book If there d been build up in the beginning I d probably be buying into it big time As it is, it read a bit like a novella That rushed feeling But it s a full length novel, so I m not sure why it s rushed I felt like I accidentally missed a few chapters where they got to know each other better Like they were lopped off in the beginning for some reason and now a bunch of context is missing.I found the parts of the book very boring The relationship picked up a bit around page 200 and that was better but everything else I was still pretty bored Even though I don t think I will recommend this book to anyone, I am glad I kept reading as far as I did, because I think I might have been scared off of Lorraine Heath otherwise At least for a while It s improved enough to remind me of the great butterflies I got from When the Duke Was Wicked, so I m sure I ll read her again.

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    When deception is in the balance, can feelings stray true The heart did as it wanted, loved who it would love And seemed to have a penchant for choosing those who provided the most difficult of challenges This was one unexpected ARC I was granted by the publisher Avon, and Mrs Lorraine Heath is part of the many authors I wanted to discover works So once I finished my already due reads, I jumped in this new release.I confess I am not fond of betraying scheming characters, whatever the circumstances are And early reviews left me with some doubts about this read.But Mrs Heath s talent erased my worries, I fell in love with all the main characters.Sure Selena, The now widow of a duke, is at fault, following her brother s silly scheme She appears as very selfish, and in some way she is as with her lies she will provide her family but also herself a better future Her marriage was one of convenience , an other choice she was robbed when she had to think about her family welfare, and even if she has not loved her husband with passion, she has cared for him.Aiden Trewlove like all his sibling raised himself from the gutters, he has built a business of his own but the woman whom reared him made sure he has all the right cards in his hands.He is such a caring, respectful and worthy man, always with due regards for not only the women surrounding him but also all the women and the weakest.So was it Selena s sadness and the mystery of her presence that drew him to her So soon their main problem was their two different agendas, he to introduce her to the pleasure of the flesh and she to get pregnant.Hopefully the ruse was discovered at half mark.It is a tale with aplenty of musings, each reflecting on each of their encounters, what to expect next or what transpired genuinely.The author plays with her characters introspection as each has to rethink its past expectancies and decides what she he wants for her his future.I should have be angry at Selena s deceit, but I liked her and then loved her when she couldn t abuse his trust any and going too far to have no way to turn around, even if she was close to carry out the unthinkable.Their romance was quite doomed from its beginning, I wondered how the author would stitch everything together, but she did it with a harrowing scene close to the end of the book.The side characters added to the story even if it was a huis clos or closed door narrative than a boulevard play While I had no doubt about Aiden s mother, I adored the way the vilain of the story received his right due by the person he lest expected it So exquisite.In all, I loved this book and I am very curious about the other Trewlowes siblings Now I long for Fancy s tale.I was granted through Edelweiss an advance copy by the publisher Avon I so loved this book I purchased my own copy.Here is my true and unbiased opinion.https story.php stor

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    I received a free copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 5 Stars Lorraine Heath is a new to me author, so I can attest that The Duchess in His Bed can be read independently of the series as a standalone with little to no confusion, even with it being the 4th installment in the Sins for All Seasons series With that being said, I was definitely intrigued by the entire premise and the characterizations, enough so that I am thoroughly looking forward to reading from the beginning, rereading this particular novel, before the release of the next in the series To be honest, I did struggle with this novel, simply because I was stressed for a good 60% The premise, which is why I didn t put Spoiler Free at the top of my review, it rubbed me morally and ethically wrong the entire time Selena was a mature heroine, not necessarily in chronological age, but in life experience Recently widowed, as in a day prior to the start of the novel, Selena is willing to do anything to keep her family intact, even if that means giving up parts of herself in the process While I said I had moral and ethical issues with Selena s actions, that didn t mean that I didn t empathize or sympathize with her plight, nor understand why she would go to such lengths to protect her siblings futures A recent widow, a dukedom on the line due to no heirs and no distant relatives to take up the mantel, the dukedom would fall back to the government All that rich history being sold off to the highest bidder Not only that, Selena wouldn t be in a position to help support her younger brother, the earl of a failing lineage, along with their three little sisters on the cusp of their first seasons Selena had to get with child as quickly as possible, to then pass the child off as her dead husband s, all to secure their futures With the opener far in the past, it was easy to feel a plethora of emotions for Aiden the instant the broody club owner came onto the page That was one of the reasons I struggled with Selena s selfishness under the guise of being selfless Aiden deserved better than to be played This is where the not a spoiler free review comes into play, because my stress level would have diminished considerably had I been privy to the fact that Selena does tell Aiden her plans, because that betrayal was too hard for me to swallow as I watched their interactions Connecting, tension filled, lusty interactions at Aiden s club, where Selena forgot she had a plan because she was falling for him as hard as he was falling for her Yet this crawl of a slow burn to their relationship was tainted by the reality of Selena s deception While this is the angst I generally adore, it was too much for me to find enjoyable at the time It tainted these long, drawn out, slow paced scenes where it was just the two of them on the pages This isn t a negative, how the bulk of the novel took place, secreted in a room, where just the two of them forged a bond But when stressed, the crawling pacing, filled with the potential of destructive betrayal, it made me even nervous, made me pity Aiden for Selena s deception, made me not totally buy into the romance Once the ploy was out in the open, between the pair of them, I could relax and enjoy the story, enjoy the other characters, especially the large stable of siblings on both sides They brought the levity, the camaraderie, and the support that created a well rounded story I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions, the unexpected laughs, and the heartwarming moments Through conversations and inner musings, the reader even gets to know the deceased Lushing, which was also an unexpected joy Selena was attempting to find her footing in a society that wanted dependent women, only to discover being a widow and a woman meant there were ways to find independence if only she weren t too terrified to disregard her narrow minded upbringing and selfish males to take those unbeaten paths Aiden struggled with the concept of love, of anyone finding him worthy To be born in sin, he felt he was sinful The sins of the father are visited upon the son With Selena s help, Aiden had to learn that those concepts weren t factual His adoptive mother and siblings had attempted to make Aiden see his true value, but it took Selena s love to get it through his formidable emotional armor I highly recommend to fans of the author and historical romance, especially those who are looking for something different, not the usual balls and forced marriages.

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