Hotel Dare

Hotel Dare It S Not Your Typical Family Vacation When Olive, And Her Adopted Siblings Darwin And Charlotte Find Themselves Falling Into Other Worlds As They Explore Grandma Lup S Strange Hotel.OPEN THE DOOR ADVENTURE AWAITS Olive And Her Adopted Siblings Charlotte And Darwin Are Spending The Summer With Their Estranged Grandma At Her Creepy Hotel And It S All Work And No Play They Re Stuck Inside Doing Boring Chores But They Soon Stumble Upon An Incredible Secret Behind Each Room Door Of The Hotel Lies A Portal To A Different Strange And Mysterious Place The Simple Turn Of A Knob Transports Them To A Distant Magical World Filled With Space Pirates Behind The Next Door Are Bearded Wizards Down The Hall Is A Doorway To A Cotton Candied Kingdom But Once The Doors Are Opened, Worlds Start Colliding, And Only One Family Can Save Them Before They Tear Themselves Apart Written By Terry Blas The Amazing World Of Gumball And Illustrated By The Talented Claudia Aguirre Kim Kim , This World Hopping Fantasy Tale Breaks Down The Door To Imagination And Dares You To Embrace The Idea That Family Is Everything.

TERRY BLAS is an illustrator and writer based in Portland, Oregon He is the writer behind the auto bio comics Ghetto Swirl and You Say Latino featured on NPR, OPB, and Terry s work has appeared in comics Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty.His first graphic novel, Dead Weight Murder at Camp Bloom, is a murder myster

[PDF] ✑ Hotel Dare  Author Terry Blas –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Hotel Dare
  • Terry Blas
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781684152056

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    Portals Space pirates Wizards Woohoo After my initial read I gave this graphic novel I enjoyed it when I reread it yesterday and got even out of the story during today s third read It has mystery, adventure and heart, plus there s a badass granny Charlotte is the newest member of the Dare family She goes with Darwin, who has a female rat called Donut, and Olive, who identifies as queer and loves organising, to Mam Lupe s hotel in Mexico for the summer Mam Lupe has warned them to stay out of her office but these are three kids spending their summer cleaning rooms in a hotel naturally the allure of the forbidden is too interesting to ignore Soon they learn that this isn t an ordinary hotel and Mam Lupe is not your typical granny There are hidden worlds to explore and between them, these adopted siblings meet wizards, space pirates and cuddlemuffins I adored Sunny the Cuddlemuffin Along the way Charlotte learns about belonging and family, and what home really means I loved how Claudia Aguirre brought Terry Blas story to life, with plenty of detail and vibrant colours The Land of the Dead was always going to be my favourite portal destination but I enjoyed them all I did Google some Spanish to figure out some small sections of dialogue but I woul...

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    I want to thank NetGalley for sending me an advanced digital copy of this bookOlive has two adopted siblings, Darwin and Charlotte All together, they are sent to their abuela to help her with managing her old hotel What they don t know, is that the building hides much than old furniture and dust it might be that Hotel Dare is actually a very magical place.I am sorry to admit I didn t like this graphic novel very much I was not into the story at all and, to be honest, I found it rather boring I appreciate the desire to tell a story about love in an adoptive family in which the siblings have different ethnic backgrounds, but that wasn t enough to keep we wanting to go on The character design was actually really good, and it was probably my favourite thing in the volume As for the...

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    5 5 stars HUGE thanks to Netgalley and BOOM Studios for granting my wish and allowing me to read this work of art early Hotel Dare, written by Terry Blas, and illustrated by Claudia Aguirre, is the story of Olive and her adopted siblings Darwin and Charlotte who find themselves being thrust into worlds unlike their own while exploring their grandma s hotel What I liked most about this was the fact that it talks about the importance of family biological and chosen The artwork was stunning, and I had an incredible time exploring the different worlds that popped up I don t read nearly enough graphic novels comics for my liking, but this one was a win for me, and I couldn t recommend it enough The expected publication for Hotel Dare is the 11t...

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    A great fantastical story about a blended family who discover a hotel that transports them to different worlds I really enjoyed the message of your family is who you choose it to be The different mystical and sci fi worlds were fun The art was solid as well R...

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    This was really lovely The art was fun, the characters were likable, and I thought the world was remarkably well developed for such a short story I especially loved how effortlessly diverse the cast was, with the Dares being Latinx, the oldest sibling being a queer girl, and the awesome themes revolving around adoption and recognizing that family is what you make of it Oh, and Sunny I need a Sunny in my life Thank you so much to the publishe...

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    2,5 5 Hotel Dare is a well illustrated comic book that mixed various elements trying to build an epic storyline Unfortunately, for me, that didn t work The story is okay, not the most original, adapting playing with elements seen many time the old house hotel, the magical doors, other world plan of existence, etc. and some part of it remind me a Lock and Key actually but that was the characters that failed this one I didn t like them, didn t feel anything for them, and fina...

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    Loved the art, the story was fulfilling and fleshed out A great fantasy The illustrations conveyed just as much story as the writing which can be something hard to come by sometimes There might be a sequel

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    I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyThis was a really fun read The art is great and I liked all the different designs for the characters and scenery There are a ton of great characters in this story and I liked the focus on family...

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    This graphic novel is fantastic I don t even know where to begin, honestly The story is about adopted siblings, Olive, Darwin, and Charlotte They are spending the summer with their grandma at her hotel They think the summer is going to be cleaning all day and being bored but it soon turns into something While at the hotel the discover that there are portals to other worlds inside the hotel They each explore a new amazing world behind one of the doors of the hotel rooms Thus begins their journey to right wrongs and reunite family members.I really liked the fact that this book focuses on family Not just biological family but found family as well The characters are all nicely fleshed out and all have their own distinct personalities There are a few different story lines going on throughout the book but I had no problems keeping track of who was who The artwork...

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    Well, this is one of BOOM s agitated LGBT comics, where you can guess the author is queer LGBT proactive person from first few pages Well, that kind of spoils it for me because it s annoying when comics are like I take a fine story and make it so much LGBT hate free as I can imagine Which is quite sad, because the story and the universe are very nice nothing creative, but well composed It s very similar to Lumberjanes, but at least for a first few books, Lumberjanes wasn t so pushy in this topics But hey, it s me who dislike when author spoils a good story with pushing his agenda without any finesse On the other hand, kids could actually enjoy this adventurous story, which is actually not bad Simple, but good The art is again Luberjane ish, kind of KaBoom Boom Box generic artist style If you like Lumberjanes in ar or and style of adventure, where kids with attitude stick their noses where they do not belong and wreak havoc to eventually make everything right...

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