This Was Our Pact

This Was Our Pact Ryan Andrews S This Was Our Pact Is An Astonishing, Magical Realist Adventure Story For Middle Grade Readers.It S The Night Of The Annual Autumn Equinox Festival, When The Town Gathers To Float Paper Lanterns Down The River Legend Has It That After Drifting Out Of Sight, They Ll Soar Off To The Milky Way And Turn Into Brilliant Stars, But Could That Actually Be True This Year, Ben And His Classmates Are Determined To Find Out Where Those Lanterns Really Go, And To Ensure Success In Their Mission, They Ve Made A Pact With Two Simple Rules No One Turns For Home No One Looks Back.The Plan Is To Follow The River On Their Bikes For As Long As It Takes To Learn The Truth, But It Isn T Long Before The Pact Is Broken By All Except For Ben And Much To Ben S Disappointment Nathaniel, The One Kid Who Just Doesn T Seem To Fit In.Together, Nathaniel And Ben Will Travel Farther Than Anyone Has Ever Gone, Down A Winding Road Full Of Magic, Wonder, And Unexpected Friendship And A Talking Bear.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the This Was Our Pact book, this is one of the most wanted Ryan Andrews author readers around the world.

!!> PDF ✬ This Was Our Pact  ✪ Author Ryan  Andrews –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • This Was Our Pact
  • Ryan Andrews
  • 18 December 2019
  • 9781626720534

10 thoughts on “This Was Our Pact

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    This is a fairly lovely graphic novel with a sweet, interesting story, but it s way longer than I feel like it ought to be, and I actually put it down at the halfway mark when I realized I hadn t cared about anything that had happened in a while It...

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    Ohwowohwowohwowohwowohwow Studio Ghibli REALLY needs to obtain the rights to this fantastical and beautiful tale of friendship and adventure I have a feeling those particular writers and animators would have what it takes to truly capture the magic of this story forget Disney or Dreamworks too mainstream I d watch itand probably buy my own copy as soon as the dvd was available So I could get lost in the journey to find the lantern s final destination among the stars I want to encounter fisherbears and map drawing cro...

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    This book knocked my socks off The starting scene, of a group of kids on bikes setting off down a dark road might suggest Stranger Things but a closer emotional match is probably Spirited Away Ben is one of five boys from his school who decide that this year, after the autumn festival, they will follow the paper lanterns released into the river below their town to see where they go An old folk song says they turn into stars and rise into the sky, but that can t be true, can it Tagging after the group is Nathaniel, a nerd and an outsider Ben s friends tease him and Ben is too uncomfortable to speak up in his defense But one by one the others drop out until only Ben and Nathaniel are left on the mission to follow the river and the lights The things they discover are weirder, scarier, beautiful and wonderful than either could have imagined or what I, as the reader, had imagined This book really went places I wasn t expecting and I loved that The ar...

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    SO pleased to finally, FINALLY own this It surpassed every expectation I had of it, every single page was gorgeously and lovingly illustrated, the characters were compelling and interesting, and the world Ryan painted was whimsical a...

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    The must read graphic novel of the summer starts off like with a realistic premise of a group of boys out to see whether a fantastical story they ve heard all their lives is true or not and then veers off into Miyazaki Studio Ghibli territory What I also li...

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    In this delightful graphic novel a group of young boys set off into the night to follow the lanterns that their town releases into the river during the Autumn Equinox Festival with the goal of finding out what happens to them Before too long only two boys remain, all the others breaking the pact they all made, No one turns for home No one looks back What follows is a whimsical adventure full of magical realism, humor, and fantastic art The story re...

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    Another excellent middle grade coming of age comic about friendship I had no idea there was a fantasy element involved in this book, because I didn t bother to read the blurb I really love when modern day books have a splash of magic in them it makes me think that maybe someday I ll meet a talking bear or come upon a barge full of magical creatures or a friendly troll living under a bridge The themes o...

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    Holy absolute cats For a title and cover that look like a teen angst novel, this is anything but This might be my favorite thing I ve read this year.

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    I was a bit confused by the magical realism aspects and the converging of worlds All of the different characters they they stumbled on were not fully explained Beautiful use of blue color variation to immerse the reader into night time, but the story fell short for me.

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    The pact had two rules no one turns for home no one looks back Every year after the Autumn Equinox Festival Ben his friends would follow the lanterns Usually they went to the weathered rock face and then everyone went home This year would be different this time, they would go all the way to the end Exceptnot everyone honors the pact First Mikey, then Elliot, then Adam Sammy turn back Just Nathaniel tags along None of Ben s friends like Nathaniel and Ben is too much of a coward to stick up for him Soon, the two find themselves on a strange new adventure that tests their courage and challenges their understanding of friendship They meet a talking fisher bear who enlightens them with information about where the lanterns might go The two boys get a little lost, stumble upon a mad scientist, giant dog, mammoth crows, a dark cave, star farm and raging sea before they eventually find some answers The story starts out a little Stand By Me, with Ben narrating in the past tense like he s looking back on the journey with nostalgia perspective As the story progresses, it feels a little Phantom Tollbooth, Wizard of Oz and Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy The illustrations along the blue red spectrum are captivating and whimsical Some of the dialogue feels too odd contrived which pulled me out of the story Sometimes, characters feel unpred...

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