Obsidian Puma (The Aztec Chronicles #1)

Obsidian Puma (The Aztec Chronicles #1) Little Did Miztli S Father Know When He Decided To Send His Promising Youngest Son To The Great Capital Of The Aztecs In Hopes Of A Better Future A Miner From A Small Village, He Believed That, In The Big City, The Boy Might Have A Chance At Developing His Talents, Becoming A Metalworker And Not Just A Simple Miner Or A Peasant Like The Rest Of The Family A Glorious Future For A Simple Villager, As Shiny As The Golden Copper Jewelry His Son Would Be Producing After Learning The Intricate Trade However, The Great Island Capital With Its Towering Pyramids And Gushing Industrial Life Was Busy With Its Internal Politics, Disdainful Of Foreigners, Especially Barefoot Villagers Among Those, Indifferent To Their Small Aspirations A Civil War Was Brewing, Preying On Everyone S Minds, And When The Actual Trouble Erupted Miztli Found Himself In The Heart Of It, Swept By The Powerful Surge That Cared Nothing For His Private Frustrations With The Big City, Thrown In With The Most Unexpected Company From Pretty Chantli, The Workshop Owner S Daughter, To A Pair Of Adventure Seeking Noble School Pupils Necalli And Axolin, To The Wildest Kid Of Them All, Ahuitzotl, The Youngest Brother Of None Other Than The Emperor Himself A Fun Escapade Of Sneaking Into The Underground Tunnel Full Of Hidden Weaponry And Other Anticipated Treasures Turned Out To Be Not As Harmless As They Expected, Pitting Them Against Ruthless Smugglers And Worse, Unleashing A Series Of Events None Of Them Could Have Foreseen Or Foretold

Zoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre Columbian Americas From the architects of the Aztec Empire to the founders of the Iroquois Great League, from the towering pyramids of the Mexican Valley to the longhouses of the Great Lakes, her novels bring long forgotten history, cultures and people to life, tracing pivotal events that brought about the greatness of North and Mesoamerica.Having

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  • Obsidian Puma (The Aztec Chronicles #1)
  • Zoe Saadia
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  • 06 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Obsidian Puma (The Aztec Chronicles #1)

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    Highly enjoyable Loved the Aztec teens antics From nobility to barefoot commoners teens will always be teens, curious, mischievous, bored at school, up to no good if they can help it The political aspect added to the story, made it into proper historical fiction and not just periodical piece Hope the next book comes out soon

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    Fascinating, fast paced, can t wait to read the sequel can t decide if it s a cliff hanger ending or not

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    I enjoyed this yet another dive into the Aztec world, long forgotten and inaccessible but through those stories Compelling, well plotted, and yet again full of characters you care about Terrific adventures for teens, and not only

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    Artfully BlendedZoe Saadia does a wonderful job blending interesting fiction with historical facts I get an enjoyable experience as I gain a good sense of this historical period I m looking forward to growing closer to the characters in this series as I have with other characters in some of her other series.

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    OBSIDIAN PUMA The Aztec Chronicles Book 1 Zoe SaadiaReviewed by Author Roy MurryYoung people become of age differently During the time of the growth of the Aztec nations, a young woman of fourteen summers depending on which layer of the caste system, he or she would be in school or working in a shop learning a trade.In Ms Saadia s novel, each child is representative of the royalty, middle, and working class and a female child of the working class bring the adventure together The boys go out to looking for hidden caves, putting themselves in grave danger returning home with different types of wounds One is missing through the night into the next day.During the second sojourn, Chanti, the young lady takes charge of the group looking for the lost boy, who is man than the others We get to know the character of each member s strengths and weakness.The Aztec class system is at issue within the interaction of the members confronting the common enemy of their city state A lesson they learn is that a civilization needs complementary abilities to survive.One member rises from a near death occasion, bringing about an ending that leads into new horizons for all the young people involved The adventure binds them and the future of their country.Ms Saadia s storytelling brings out the time and place of the Aztec Nation without being historically boring Contrary, the lives of these adventurers is enjoyable and endearingly well done Great lead in of a series.

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    Good read for teens but good enough to keep that old reader enjoying

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    Being an apprentice in Tenochtitlan is only slightly better than being a slave, even if the master is your uncle, but ItzMiztli wanted to do the best he could to make his father proud and to learn the copper trade All those good intentions are suddenly gone when he is offered to join some other young people in exploring some hidden parts of the town This adventure seems to spiral out of control as they encounter far than expected In this well written story we see bravery, cowardice, treachery, and politics It is interesting to see who displays leadership, intelligence and bravery and who does not After reading this book I am ready for adventures with these characters

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    Venture into the Aztec Empire just before an outbreak of war The Obsidian Puma, 1 in the Aztec Chronicles, is a joy to read, a fresh and engaging journey into a world of myth and unfamiliar legend The oncoming civil war worries everyone Young Miztli becomes embroiled with thrown in with the pretty Chantli, the workshop owner s daughter, young nobles seeking adventure And they do find it, swept up in the trials of Ahuitzotl, the youngest brother of the emperor .Great fun from an estimable you talent If you read one of Zoe Saadia s Aztec books, you ll want .

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    Obsidian Puma is an epic tale full of interesting characters The hero is an Aztec boy named Miztli His father sends him to the Great Capital of the Aztecs in the hope he will have a better future than in the village But war is coming and the boy gets involved in dangerous situations The book is full of politics and adventure The culture and customs are well described If you like historical fiction, you will enjoy this one.

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    Great Beginning to a New SeriesThis is a well crafted historical novel set in the pre Columbian era Miztli leaves his small village and goes to the Great Capital, hoping for a better future The city isn t that welcoming and a civil war is brewing When trouble does emerge, he finds himself in strange company He goes with them on a fun exploit that leads to some unsavory characters and danger This is a spellbinding tale full of twists and turns A real page turner Good read

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