Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)

Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1) Finally, A Realistic MC Romance Series With NO Cheating, NO Sex Outside The Relationship, And NO OM OW Drama This Series Will Change Your Mind About MC Romances For Sure Browse The Than 2,000 5 Star Reviews SELECTED SINNERS Making The Cut Taking The Heat Otis Winner Of Kindle All Star Award HUNG Winner Of Kindle All Star Award Money Shot Hard Corps And, As A Bonus HARD Book I Of The FFMC Romance NOTE All Books Can Be Enjoyed As True Stand Alones, And No Other Story Is Required To Enjoy Each Book Although They Can Be Enjoyed Individually, Reading The Series As A Set Will Provide The Best Entertainment Value. ScottDHildreth Facebook Author Page currently at 5,000 friend limit, but Scott invites you to come enjoy his contests, giveaways, and playful book banter

[[ BOOKS ]] ✭ Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)  Author Scott Hildreth –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)
  • Scott Hildreth
  • English
  • 08 October 2018

10 thoughts on “Selected Sinners Box Set / Hard (Selected Sinners MC, #1-7; Biker MC Romance, #1)

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    I already have each of these books but if you are looking for a hot sexy MC series, then snatch this up I can t wait to reread them on audio

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    Pricing has nothing to do with my rating, but first things first EIGHT Best Selling books for 99 cents Holy shit These eight books redefine the MC Romance genre for me No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no club whores, and a HEA in every one Wow And, they re biker books written by a man who is a biker, and has ridden in two MCs himself So, realistic biker books Now, that s a change for sure These books touched my soul in one way or another All different, all fabulous, and all HOT as absolute fuck HARD, the only book outside the Selected Sinners set, is a stand alone, and a true must read Dedicated to the woman who was raped in California by the Stanford Student, only to be raped again by th...

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    these books are absolutely amazing, and throw in the fact that they are on sale for pennies they are a must by for anyone who loves romance and MC stories

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    I really enjoyed this series

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    LMAO this might be the easiest review I have ever written, BUY THIS BOOK Or I should say BOOKS these EIGHT, yes I said eight, books that make up this pack of MUST READS I have never read an MC series before this one and was unsure what I would find in the pages of these novels What I discovered was page turning EXCELLENCE Each of these stories is very different, but share the common thread...

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    This series is my favorite MC series out there It was this series that turned me onto the MC genre It was this series that turned me onto Scott Hildreth and his amazing stories Reviews for each book Making the Cut 4 Crazy Stars I really enjoyed reading this book I did have an issue with one part of the book but it didn t take away from my enjoyment over all I did like the dynamic between Axton and Avery I didn t like Sloan s character I wanted to slap the bitch I m eager to read from the series.Taking the Heat 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars I loved this book This is my fave of the series so far The books I read by Scott, the higher he moves up on my faves list There s just something about his writing that draws you into the story and keeps you turning pages for .Otis This is my favorite book of the Selected Sinners MC series I absolutely loved Otis Sam s story It had some moments where I busted out laughing and had me laughing so hard I was crying I m still chuckling over the transgender scene I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath waiting for the verdict of the entrapment case Of course, those hot scenes had me all kinds of revved up and it s not easy to do Ok, ok It s so hard not to leave spoilers but this was such a great read that...

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    He s Her Ride BOOK 1 Making The Cut Avery, tall, skinny college student , works part time at a bar in Wichita, KS.Axton , aka Slice, is President of the Selected Sinners, MC club from Winfield, KS, about 20 miles south of Wichita They stay out of the federal eye by not crossing state lines or committing federal crimes Axton also helps out local law enforcement in the small town when needed.He s a committed single man, about 35 years old No time for women , women cause trouble, women get in the way Women cause confusion and are needy He will never get involved He has a long history of one night stands He s devastatingly handsome , tall, well built, muscular and hung He knows the effect he has on women.Until the whole MC rides to the bar where Avery and her friend are bartenders Avery has been branded a firecracker by a friend of Axtons Axton doesn t drink because his father was an alcoholic, but he pays for the two cases of beer his members drink He s kind of a funny guy, he s a rubber band snapper on his wrist when he gets nervous or upset.Avery wants Axton to take her for a ride on his Harley.Axton just wants to take her for a ride YEHAW Ride em Bareback , Cow...

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    Magnificent 7All I can think to say right now is appreciate ya to this author, because I m still in a bookgasm head space I need some after care cuddling Talented writer I will never look at Saran Wrap or half moon ice cubes the same way again I now want to go for a ride on a real motorcycle not the crotch rocket kind I don t want to ask some random dude tho Lol I love when an author writes what he knows and researches what he doesn t I was totally transported into this book community and swore I could feel the breeze in my face when they rode Amazing doesn t even cover it My favorite thing about this very descriptive writer is his lack of using the C word referring to female anatomy It s an ...

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    All of the books I love Scott Hildreth s books Saw the box set and thought let s read them again In one of the books In my opinion, if an author of a book didn t know the difference between two, to, too, four, fore, for, or their, they re and there, they had no business publishing a book without the assistance of a professional editor This is so true I go I sane reading books like this Thank goodness my fav writer Scott Hildreth does.Another great saying The book is full of them Show, don t tell , is good advice to all authors Scott does just that His descriptions come to life on my kindle Okay okay I didn t want to point this out bu...

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    For the most part, I really liked this series It did get a little frustrating reading some of the same events over and over from different view points If I had read these books at different times, I don t think this would have been too big of an issue, but since I read them back to back, it got irritating Also, the last book, Hard Corp, was a little pointless and felt like a filler book The author did warn that this was not a typical MC Romance read and he was correct It didn t focus so much on the romance between the characters as is did the growth of the characters as individuals and as a couple Each book...

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