Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4)

Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4) The Year Is 2034 And Britain Is A Drowning Isle, After A Cataclysmic Wave Destroyed Her Cities, Killing Millions, Raising The Sea Level By 60 Metres And Changing The Landscape Forever The Flood Has Brought Albion To Her Knees And Now The Devils, A Race Of Malevolent Sea Creatures, Haunt Her Coasts As The Survivors Retreat Inland, Struggling For Their Very Existence Mankind Learns To Fear The Sea And Avoid The Water When A Mysterious Island Surfaces Off The Coast Of Wales, A Small Team Of British Militia Under The Command Of The War Weary Veteran, Sergeant Emma Stokes, Is Dispatched To Investigate This New Threat But A Chance Meeting With The Mysterious Major Seraph Takes Them On A Dangerous Odyssey Through This Drowned World, To The Hidden Fortress City Of Gwaelod, Which Seems To Offer New Hope In The Battle Against The Creatures Yet As Humanity Clutches On By Its Fingertips, Who Are The Real Enemies In This Deadly Flooded World

John Houlihan has been a writer, journalist and broadcaster for over twenty five years, working in news, sport and especially videogames He has been employed by The Times, Sunday Times and Cricinfo, was PC editor at GameSpot and is a former Editor in Chief of Computer and Video jollybigpublishing AT gmail DOT COMHis first novel was Tom or The Peepers and Voyeurs Handbook and

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  • Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4)
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  • 12 October 2017

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    So, it s been a while since I marched out on another Seraph adventure I read the other threeabout a year ago And just happened to think about them the other day Is there , I wondered And after a quick search confirmed that not only was there anotherbut it wasn t a novella It was pretty much a full fledged novel I took this as a nice surprise, and hoped it lasted me a bit longer.It didn t slow me down very long though, I think I read this over the course of two evenings, because Houlihan really excels at writing action that keeps you reading I fell asleep too tired to read , but really wanting to know what happened, and immediately picked it back up and read through to the endthen realized I have to wait for the next onemaybe for another yeardarn.As a fun, pulpy, action adventure romp fighting Lovecraftian monstrosities, this succeeds It fulfilled what I was looking for, a post apocalyptic jaunt with some unfortunate souls and crazy Seraph shenanigans I found Emma, Challis and Haines likeable, despite their lack of dep...

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    Another day, another post apocalyptic horror novel with a Lovecraftian tinge It s a genre that continues to expand at a rapid rate, so what makes this the fourth tale in John Houlihan s Seraph Chronicles series, and the first full length novel set in the universe stand apart from the ever maddening crowd Well, firstly it s set in a post apocalyptic Britain, which is still a relatively unique setting, and nice for a UK based reader to see Even better it s not set in or around London Pick up a virtual fistful of post apocalyptic novels set in the UK, and I can guarantee a huge percentage will have its characters hiding, running and shooting in, around and under London and the surrounding areas While I won t deny that London is an impressive metropolitan area, well suited to many stories and genres, it does become a bit wearisome when for the umpteenth time it becomes the sole focus of action.By comparison, it s a breath of fresh air to see that Before The Flood doesn t take a single step into the UK capital, and indeed it s only referenced...

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    Surprisingly great readA writer to watch, it s got pace, action, some good characters and fascinating world building I would recommend this to almost anyone.

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    Another rattling good read from Houlihan Top notch Good place to start if you re unfamiliar with his work to date.

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    I liked the story, but I feel that the Seraph himself doesn t make for good story telling He seems too powerful, and functions as sort of a Deus ex Machina This spoils tension and disrupts the whole Cthulhu feel.

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