Younger The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Hormone Cure And The Hormone Reset Diet Shows Every Woman How To Create A Lifestyle That Will Help Her Look Great, Feel Energized, And Slow Down The Effects Of Aging.Feel Destined For Cellulite, Saddle Bags, And Belly Fat Does Your Family Come From A Long Line Of Alzheimer S, Cancer, Or Heart Disease Will Nothing Help Your Aging Skin Or Declining Libido Or Flagging Energy This Book Is For You.The Body Is Magnificent But It Doesn T Come With A Lifetime Warranty, Or An Operating Manual You Re The Result Of Millions Of Years Of Evolution, But Many Of The Adaptations That Helped Your Ancestors Survive Are Now Working Overtime To Accelerate The Aging Process The Assumption Here Is That We Are Our Genes And Therefore Trapped By The Past The Good News Is That Your Genetic Code The DNA Sequence That Is The Biochemical Basis Of Heredity Can Play A Minor Role In The Way You Age.The Scientific Reality Is That 90 Percent Of The Signs Of Aging And Disease Are Caused By Lifestyle Choices, Not Your Genes In Other Words, You Have The Capability To Overcome And Transform Your Genetic History And Tendencies Harvard MIT Trained Physician Sara Gottfried, M.D Has Created A Revolutionary 7 Week Program That Empowers Us To Make The Critical Choices Necessary To Not Just Look Young, But Also Feel Young.Dr Gottfried Identifies And Builds This Book Around The Five Key Factors That Lead To Accelerated Aging The Muscle Factor, The Brain Factor, The Hormone Factor, The Gut Factor, And The Toxic Fat Factor The 7 Week Program Addresses These Factors And Treats Them In An Accessible And Highly Practical Protocol And Is As Follows Feed Week 1Sleep Week 2Move Week 3Release Week 4Expose Week 5Soothe Week 6Think Week 7Younger Increases Not Only Your Lifespan, But Also Your Healthspan Dr Gottfried S Program Makes It Possible To Change The Way You Age, Stay Younger Longer, And Remain Healthy And Vibrant For All Of Your Days.

Sara Gottfried, MD is the New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure Simon Schuster, 2013 and The Hormone Reset Diet HarperOne, 2015 After graduating from Harvard Medical School and MIT, Dr Gottfried completed her residency at the University of California at San Francisco She is a board certified gynecologist who teaches natural hormone balancing in her novel online p

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10 thoughts on “Younger

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    This should be mandatory reading for all women 40 and older It s not a book about looking younger It s the science behind making yourself younger from the inside like strengthening your cells and your telomeres and stretching your healthspan t...

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    Practical advice and tips, backed up with research evidence Great book

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    I loved this book Despite being about genes and how they can have an effect or not on aging, Dr Sara added a lot humour and personal anecdotes I bought this book to help me with my health at age 38 I came down with an undiagnosed illness, and now at 41, I am thirty pounds overweight Previously, I was always in good shape I have a small frame 5 3 , 110lbs, 12% body fat Now, for the first time in my life, I am battling with my weight and incapable of exercising because my illness prevents it Although I m unable to follow some of Dr Sara s recommendations, there are some I can follow In just this past week, I ve started to feel a bit better and have seen a slight improvement in my sleep I m an awful insomniac I average three hours every few days The plan outlined in this book is seven weeks, and I m excited to see how the next six go, especially since this first w...

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    I read a lot of health and wellness books I especially like ones about anti aging and weight loss fasting I thought this book encompassed than just a do this lifestyle to lose weight Dr Gottfried painstakingly fleshed out protocols for various aging systems Sometimes I disagree with some things the author says, but I couldn t find anything t...

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    I thought this was an excellent resource for reclaiming one s health I predict many people will find it off putting, especially the suggestion for eating 1 2 pounds of vegetables daily However, I personally found this book both inspiring and informative and highly recommend it.

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    It s very rare I ll give a negative review, so I ll say that perhaps my expectations were too high I m not a fan of health and fitness books, generally because they use a lot of scare tactics and make people feel like if they don t follow the specific program mentioned in the book, they re sure to get cancer, dementia, diabetes, cognitive decline, etc. After seeing Sara in an online interview Goodlife project I thought Sara s book may be different I could tell she was a beautiful, authentic person and was genuinely invested in women s health and wellbeing Yet, her book still followed the same formula I wonder if perhaps she s had too much involvement in the writing of her book by others e.g marketing experts , because even though it contained a good deal of scientifically backed information and that s the main thing I guess it didn t really feel authentic to who she presents as when you see listen to her speak The protocol has basic and advanced levels, but even the basic is also very hard for working people to follow I leave for work at 8 30am and get home at 6pm if I m lucky According to her protocol I should be havi...

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    Excellent book Unlike Sara Gottfried s other books, this one offers tons of small lifestyle changes that can be implemented as desired, rather than on a strict, set schedule She offers a 7 week protocol for those who want to overhaul their lives and really work to implement many changes at once But that...

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    She did it again Dr Sara Gottfried, M.D never disappoints Her latest book, Younger A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes and Reverse Aging, is no exception In this work she explains why epigenetics no longer validates the it runs in the family excuse She breaks down the effects of various genes and how methylation alters the expression of those genes She gives a detailed week by week plan on how to reverse aging starting with the food you put in your mouth because she understands it is our environment, inside and out, that determines everything from obesity to disease and mood Th...

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    dr gottfried is awesome its like having a very cool MD telling you all the secrets to stay younger, slow down aging and reset your genes i m very into the element that she highlights by naming all the codes in your body and how to turn them on off and she breaks it down so that Anyone can understand i ve followed most of the protocols in this book, and had the pleasure of hearing her speak at Beth Israel in SF a few months back, ...

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    The book is very inspiring and motivating to take care of ourselves I really liked that the author proposes basic and advanced projects I started to implement a few ideas and I will certainly reread it and add ideas she proposes I also learned a lot I had read the book by Ben Lynch, ent...

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