Insecure Delusions

Insecure Delusions Fear Is Just An Illusion Forget Everything You Ve Been Taught, Forget Everything You Think You Are And Step Into A Place Where Hate Becomes Love, And Love Turns Into Obsession The Parade Of Happiness Turns Into A Flaming Funeral Pyre As You Let Go Of All Sense Of Self Experience Tales From A Dark, Disturbed Mind Here Dreams Become Nightmares, The Exit Signs Have All Been Removed And The Doors Have Been Padlocked Shut Read If You Dare And Experience Michael Noe S Insecure Delusions

Hello there Nice to see you, and I thank you for dropping in I am an author from Barberton Ohio, and have written four books, and have been featured in a variety of anthologies I m also the co host of The Cellar Podcast, and love horror.

➽ Insecure Delusions  Free ➳ Author Michael Noe –
  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Insecure Delusions
  • Michael Noe
  • 16 May 2017
  • 9781945987137

6 thoughts on “Insecure Delusions

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    Oh what a glorious mind fuck Mr Noe takes us on in Insecure Delusions So many times as I went through these short stories I said to myself Are you kidding me I will admit mine had expletives in it Michael Noe has this unique way of putting an enormous amount of information in everything he writes, no matter if it is 10 lines or 10,000 lines From the beginning until the last...

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    A dark and disturbing collection of tales These were an interesting read and the author has a way of pulling you in to the story A good read for horror fans

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    Amazingly twisted stories to horrify and warp readers YES

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