The Crime of Complicity

The Crime of Complicity If You Are A Bystander And Witness A Crime, Should Intervention To Prevent That Crime Be A Legal Obligation Or Is Moral Responsibility Enough Amos Guiora Addresses These Profoundly Important Questions And The Bystander Victim Relationship From A Deeply Personal And Legal Perspective, Focusing On The Holocaust And Then Exploring Cases In Contemporary Society.Sharing The Experiences Of His Parents, Who Were Holocaust Survivors, And His Grandparents, Who Did Not Survive, And Drawing On A Wide Range Of Historical Material And Interviews, Guiora Examines The Bystander During Three Distinct Events Death Marches, The German Occupation Of Holland, And The German Occupation Of Hungary He Explains That While The Third Reich Created Policy, Its Implementation Was Dependent On Bystander Non Intervention.Bringing The Issue Of Intervention Into Current Perspective, He Examines Sexual Assault Cases At Vanderbilt And Stanford Universities, As Well As Other Crimes Where Bystanders Chose Whether Or Not To Intervene, And The Resulting Consequences.After Examining The Intensely Personal Example Of His Own Parents Survival Of The Holocaust, Guiora Asserts That A Society Cannot Rely On Morals And Compassion Alone In Determining Our Obligation To Help Another In Danger It Is Ultimately, He Concludes, A Legal Issue According To Guiora, We Must Make The Obligation To Intervene The Law, And Thus Non Intervention A Crime.

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[EPUB] ✸ The Crime of Complicity  By Amos N. Guiora –
  • Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • The Crime of Complicity
  • Amos N. Guiora
  • 09 October 2017
  • 9781634257312

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    Bij het zien van de foto op de cover van Medeplichtig van Amos N Guiora weet je meteen waar het boek over zal gaan De titel in de combinatie met de bloedrode kleur van de cover zegt genoeg Het geeft aan dat ook de omstanders bloed aan hun handen hebben De vraag is of dat ook zo is Je wordt heel erg nieuwsgierig naar de mening van de auteur Het is in ieder geval een heel interessant onderwerp die je aan het denken zet en misschien heb je jezelf al wel eens deze vraag afgevraagd als je weer eens een boek over de Tweede Wereldoorlog las Het is een boek met gewetensvragen die pijnlijk kunnen zijn, omdat je zelf misschien ook niet altijd iemand te hulp bent geschoten om wat voor reden dan ook Het boek houdt je hoe dan ook bezig, ook als je er niet in aan het lezen bent.In de inleiding van Medeplichtig vertelt Amos N Guiora hoe hij erop kwam om dit boek te schrijven, hoe hij dit boek heeft ge...

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    In this book, law professor Amos Guiora provides a persuasive argument for the creation of a new law one that compels bystanders to intervene or face criminal punishment There are, of course, factors of the new law that ...

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    Poet Edward Yashinsky Fear only the indifferent who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth Interestingly, Amos Guiora, is a Professor of Law at the University of Utah He s also a Lieutenant Colonel Ret in the Israel Defense Forces His parents survived the Holocaust his grandparents did not In this book he discusses how the Holocaust happened and explores current crimes when the victim was harmed because a bystander did nothing to intervene or call 911 for help He believes that legislation is needed to compel bystanders to do the right thing and intervene when witnessing a crime I admit, in the beginning, this did seem a bit excessive However, I found his argument compelling and the proposed legislation very reasonable Any person at the scene of an emergency who knows that another person is exposed to or has suffered grave physical harm, shall, to the extent that the person can do so without danger or peril to self or others, give reasonable assistance to the exposed person Reasonable assistance may include obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from law enforcement or medical personnel A person who violates this section shall be fined not that 500 I believe most of us will choose to intervene, to help, to offer assistance, to call 911 instead of looking the other way or ignoring the situation However, there are some who need a law ...

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    This was frustrating to read I am intrigued by the example of the bystander in the Holocaust how does the bystander who is not directly victimized act morally in opposition to the immoral acts of the state This question is difficult and relevant, and the answer necessarily exists outside the legal system of that state.However, that question is not addressed in this book Somehow, this author reflects on the Holocaust and concludes that there is a legal solution to the bystander problem the bystander must call the police This thesis makes his extremely justified criticism of the Holocaust bystanders sound and ridiculous Don t be a bystander Call theSS I m mad at this book for making a criticism of bystanders in the Holocaust sound ridiculous There is no reflection on the limitations of the criminal justice system, on th...

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    The author is a lawyer, and can t seem to escape a lawyerly approach to his book on the role of bystanders in the holocaust He also can t stay on topic, as he brings in other examples of bystanders failing to aid victims during crimes I think this book was cathartic for the author, as his parents and grandparents were survivors and victims, respectively, of the holocaust, and he seems haunted by the circumstances of their persecution That issue is why I was interested in the book and picked it up Other than passing laws to require providing aid, the author has no solutions to offer to the problem Sadly, there are too many echos of the situation America today I m thinking of ICE deportations, and situations like Charlottesville The current political climate promotes the us versus them and outsider mentality that emboldens people to victimize others e.g numerous reports of go back to where you came from The B...

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    Thought provoking Compelling.

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    The author needed a good editor to make this book readable and reduce the redundancy.

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    Good theory and ideas Not well written Redundant an scattered.

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    Extremely thought provoking.

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    As a U Alum, I receive their periodical magazines, and saw a blurb about this book I had to read it This was essentially a 200 page persuasive essay and I found it thought provoking, engrossing, and compelling Mr Guiora is careful to consider what naysayers would say about his proposal criminalizing bystande...

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