Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #5)

Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #5) Growl He D Never Had Something To Himself, Never Even Dared To Dream About Owning Something So Precious He Was The Unwanted Bastard Son Who D Always Had To Content Himself With The Leftovers Of Others And Now They D Given Him What Only A Few Weeks Ago Had Been Out Of His Reach, Someone He Wasn T Even Allowed To Admire From Afar, One Of Their Most Prized Possessions Thrown At His Feet Because He Was Who He Was, Because They Were Certain He Would Break Her He Was Her Punishment, A Fate Worse Than Death, A Way To Deliver The Ultimate Punishment To Her Father Who Had Displeased Them So Greatly Cara She Had Always Been The Good Girl It Didn T Protect Her She Didn T Know His Real Name People Called Him Growl To His Face, And The Bastard Behind His Back Both Were Names He Couldn T Possibly Have Chosen For Himself His Eyes Were Empty, A Mirror To Throw Back Her Own Fear At Her He Was A Brutal Hand Of The Las Vegas Camorra And Now She Was At His Mercy.

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[ Reading ] ➶ Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #5)  Author Cora Reilly –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 207 pages
  • Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #5)
  • Cora Reilly
  • English
  • 21 March 2017

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    Bound By Vengeance is available for

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    There s a new version out so I ll be reading it soon

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    Okay so after waiting for over a year we finally got the book I read it the day it came out slept on it and then decided to write this review, after a lot of thinking Ive decided to rate this book only on the basis of the story and story alone There were a lot grammatical errors in this book I groaned and whined few times when i had to re reread a sentence to try to understand it or when words were missing or misplaced I m normally not very nice with my ratings on books with errors but I ve decided to let Cora off the hook for that But, im probably not going to be very nice reviewing the story lets get to my RANT review. Potential spoilers ahead 3 Stars The book starts of in a typical Cora fashion Heroine living in a palace with everything she desires a fingertip away, getting ready to attend the Capo s party because shes of age now.The heroine s innocent but not as naive as Aria was Cara was a cross between Aria n Gianna She was sweet but a spitfire when needed to be She was very materialistic though We meet the Hero at this party Hes standing in the corner looking very out of place Everyone trying very hard not to look his way but failing i mean how can anyone ignore the infamous monster of the Capo Before...

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    3 STARS

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    Actually 3,75 A princess and a monster stars We were waiting for this book for such a long time and finally, it s here I have loved all the previous books in this series and i really enjoyed this one also, but damn it, there is a thing that we call it editing and there was none of this thingThere were too many errors in here and that was a little bit of disturbingAnd what the hell happened with the POV s Why Cara had a first person POV and Growl a third person And some times, the author was getting confused too while she was writing it But, i won t stand in that unfortunate situation I enjoyed the story very much and i would like to tell you about it I SHALL BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES AND FEAST ON THEIR FEAR Growl was the most deadly assassin of the Las Vegas s Camorra Everyone was afraid of him Everyone despised him Nobody knew his real name and nobody cared about him He was just a monster who could do his job well, but noone wanted something to do with himCara was a good and full of grace girl Her father was a serious part of the Las Vegas s mafia and his daughter means much for him She is about to make ...

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    I have a bit of hate love relationship with all these books I don t want to read them because they usually make me very angry but at the same time, I sort of like them However, even I have limits I started reading this and then I realised that I don t want to read this one.I m not interested in Grow...

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    2.75 avenge me starsi ll stand by that comment above This was so not what hoped it would be I can t say i was totally bummed but it was awkwardand the general impact was off So, the protected mafia princess is given by the Camorra mafia boss as a gift to his best enforcer Growl a cruel feared monster, killer and what not meaning to be a punishment cause her father betrayed the boss Betrayal is punished by death.She is to be dealt by Growl in any way he wants she s his to own, to take in any way, to claimShe slowly sees there s a hidden tortured soul under the monsterous features and conductNow, in this awkward beauty and the beast mafia spin off, i found it incredibly misplaced in pacing of the storytelling It was slow for a mafia book, therefore at times boring and annoying The story was painfully predictable and the characters were, well, in one word disappointing...

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    4 A man of the shadows STARS Don t judge things by their looks It s deceiving

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    5 I waited long enough StarsWhen I first discovered Cora Reilly, I read her whole series in a few days Yup, I binged read like a mad woman, so you can see that I was devastated that Bound by Vengeance took over a year to write I m not saying I can t wait a year to read a book, I ve done it lots of times, but it was really sad when the author dropped the face of the earth kind of went MIA.I wasn t mad, just highly disappointed, but I understand stuff happens in life.Moving on to the reviews I ve read the reviews, I was REALLY surprised when I saw so many low rating reviews I will say this I m not a grammar teacher, I don t even think my reviews are written grammatically correct BUT when it kind of distracts you from reading, it s a bit annoying As you can see I didn t take off any stars for this I am assuming the author is going to correct this, because the grammar is kind of bad I mean, she goes from third POV to first POV A LOT in the book Sometimes the Hero and Heroine is switched back and forth If this book was written maybe a few months after the previous book, I wouldn t have said anything.BUT WHEN YOU HAVE WAITED OVER A YEAR FOR THIS BOOK, THEN IT SHOULD BE edited properly Just my two cents.N...

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