Phantoms & Monsters

Phantoms & Monsters A Collection Of Bizarre Encounter Reports Submitted To Me By Regular People Who Felt Compelled To Find Answers About Their Unexplained Experience I Keep An Open Mind When Reading, Assessing And Discussing Witness Accounts Since I Truly Understand How They Feel I Have Not Been A Stranger To Bizarre Situations Cases For Which I Offered My Abilities And Help Are Also Included In This Edition.

Lon Strickler is a fortean researcher, author and intuitive who writes and mentors on a variety of subjects.Lon is a resident of Hanover, Pennsylvania At an early age, Lon realized that he had the ability to sense spiritual energy and found this useful in the field when conducting investigations Most of his early field work concentrated on spiritual activity at historical locations, in particula

[Reading] ➺ Phantoms & Monsters  By Lon Strickler –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 183 pages
  • Phantoms & Monsters
  • Lon Strickler
  • English
  • 07 January 2018

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    Never mind.

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    Enjoyable and informative I subscribe to the Phantoms and Monsters newsletter I enjoy reading it each night The stories in this book are detailed and really makes you think I recommend this book to anyone interested in the paranormal A really great read.

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    Entertaining and hair raising I got this book free from a Reddit posting I read this a few times at night and it creeped me out The accounts are short enough that you can read a couple at a time There are a few typos there and there but not many.

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    Creepy Collection of Strange TalesThis is the third book of story collections that I have read by Lon Strickler It is definitely the best of the three There is a large number of encounter stories of various types, Cryptids, paranormal and UFO from the author s website There is a bit of something for everyone and these are all true tales sent in by people around the world Some are bizarre, some touching, some strange and weird While a few are slightly edited for clarity, all are told fr...

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    A mixture of occurrences from many different people.Many different stories of ufo abductions, big foots, mothman and People have written in to Lon expressing their own experiences and I found them quite interesting A good book that can be read a few minutes at a time when wa...

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    Decent collection of short stories Could do with better editing Entertaining for downtime at work.

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