Angel (TV Milestones)

Angel (TV Milestones)Following The Phenomenal Success Of The First Three Seasons Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer On The WB Network, Writers And Producers Joss Whedon And David Greenwalt Moved Their Character Angel To His Own Spin Off Series In 1999 While Angel, Which Followed Its Namesake Vampire With A Soul Who Had Become Buffy S Tragic Love Interest, Never Quite Matched The Popularity Of Buffy, The Spin Off Was Notable For Being Specifically Aimed At Adult Audiences And Acquiring An Intensely Loyal Following In This In Depth Study Of Angel, Stacey Abbott Demonstrates That Producers Of The Show Used The Commercial Convention Of The Spin Off Not Simply To Repeat Buffy S Successful Formula But To Create A Complex Televisual Experience With Its Own Distinct Identity And Creativity.Through Close Textual Analysis Of A Range Of Individual Episodes, This Volume Focuses On The Series Unique Visual Style And The Ways It Experiments With The Conventions And Form Of Television Programming Abbott Clearly Situates Angel Within Traditions Of The Horror Genre On Television And In So Doing Addresses How The Horror Genre Has Evolved To Suit The Changing Landscape Of Contemporary Television She Also Challenges The Tendency To Attribute The Success Of Contemporary Cult Television To A Sole Auteur By Examining The Contribution Of Angel S Writing Team And Addressing How Contemporary Television Is Characterized By A Collective Creativity Finally, While There Has Been A Vast Amount Of Scholarly Interest In Angel S Parent Show In Terms Of Feminist Issues, This Volume Positions Angel As A Key Text Within Gender And Feminist Studies That Offers A Clever Deconstruction Of Contemporary Masculinity.In All, Abbott Argues That Angel Uses Narrative, Genre, Visual Style, And Theme To Create An Ambiguous Moral Landscape In Which Characters Struggle To Negotiate The Correct Path When The Consequences Of Their Actions Are Unknown Fans Of Angel And Students And Scholars Of Film And Television Studies Will Enjoy This Thought Provoking Analysis Of The Series.

Stacey Abbott is Reader in Film and TV at Roehampton University

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    I ve loved the horror genre since I was a late elementary school student who read RL Stine, Christopher Pike, and Fear Street stories I came to the Buffyverse fandom later than some people, when I was a graduate student in my early thirties It fit my emerging research interest of empowered female protagonists in speculative fiction I loved Buffy because of the characters, and because it reminded me of my own teen years, since I was in high school college at the same time as the central characters I loved Angel because I could relate to what they were going through in early adulthood, and still can in some regards Angel, I believe, is underrepresented in scholarshi...

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    Very enjoyable and accessible text I must say it s small size was just perfect for carrying around to read during the lines at this year s Comic Con Of course, it was not it s small size that kept me reading It was Abbott s mastery of understanding Angel and the characters, not to mention her wonderful writing style I felt like I was sitting in the front row of one of Abbott s classes as she gracefully shared insights and responses to the series.Chapter 1 Grrr Aaargh The Collective Vision of Mutant Enemy offers insight and analysis of Faith s expanding arc on Buffy and Angel The Faith that appears on Angel is much darker than what we ever saw before Abbott examines the different writers that worked on this character, leading to a discussion of changes of core writers in season four of Angel Abbott ultimately praises season four, pointing out the clever manner in which it addressed character development and issues brewing from the series start I will admit that I was rather frustrated during the original airing of season four While I do think it would be best to know Cordy s possessed when she s doing insane things like being Jocasta to Connor s Oedipus, I now accept season four as an essential part to the Angelverse I have enjoyed i...

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