The Shore of Women

The Shore of WomenPopular Book, The Shore Of Women By Pamela Sargent This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Shore Of Women, Essay By Pamela Sargent Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Pamela Sargent has won the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, and has been a finalist for the Hugo Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award for alternate history In 2012, she was honored with the Pilgrim Award by the Science Fiction Research Association for lifetime achievement in science fiction scholarship She is the author of the novels Cloned Lives, The Sudden Star, Wa

[[ Ebook ]] ➨ The Shore of Women Author Pamela Sargent –
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  • 469 pages
  • The Shore of Women
  • Pamela Sargent
  • English
  • 11 August 2018

10 thoughts on “The Shore of Women

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    I really enjoyed this book s exploration of daring feminist themes like Wouldn t it be awful if the world was controlled by domineering man hating lesbian separatists who forced all the men to live in primitive squalor I bet they d ostracize any woman who even wondered if men should be treated like than sperm factories and Know...

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    A man writes a dystopian piece of literature where the government is consisted of men and women are oppressed it s just a work of fiction A woman writes a dystopian piece of literature where the totalitarian government is consisted of women and oppresses men it is immediately labeled feminist.

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    Warning This review is full of expletives.This book was terrible It wasn t just the story, or the huge boring info dumps The ebook was full of odd discrepancies Like, the main male character was Arvil in the text and Avril in the headings Lol Capital C s were rendered as G s That type of thing.The first section focused on a female character inside the city who doesn t know what to do with her life She s bad at math FUCK YOU, feminist author and besides, science and stuff hadn t progressed in hundreds of years because men are forced to live in hunter gatherer bands, and everyone knows that innovation and science are propelled by war and the need to dominate, which women don t have Oh, FUCK YOU The next section is about an exiled woman who is scared of everything, and embodies every gender essentialist cliche ever and her male protector They look for a refuge where she can live without fear of men, but really don t find it Through most of the book, her protector whines about his blue balls It takes the form of fantasy dialogue Your spell is powerful over me and I long for your blessings Like, STFU, dude If you d only murdered her like the Goddess told you to, we d both be s...

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    This book is often given a spot on lists of classic feminist sci fi The post apocolyptic setting tells a story of women living in high tech enclaves cities while men are banished to the wilderness to live in hunter gatherer bands The men are encouraged to worship the female Goddess and are called to the enclaves to provide sperm Boy children are sent out to live with the men while daughters remain in the enclaves.The book had two major problems for me 1 The overarching hetero normative tone Basically, the men and women have same sex relationships in their communities, but the ultimate plotline is that a male female relationship is superior and ideal if it can be obtained without too much power disparity The male hero no longer has interest in other men once he has true love with a banished woman 2 The passages actually describing the sex were out of place and strange They ran overlong and seem...

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    I have now read at least three books that are about a world without men Or rather, if not a world without men, a world where women are the safekeepers of civilization, and men are exiled to short brutish lives in the wilderness There s a distinct women urban centers civilization vs men wilderness savagery vibe to most of them The third, to be precise, is about a world where a plague killed off all the me...

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    This dystopian story deals with the reversal of roles between men and women, and who holds the power The investigation of what might be different if women were in charge was a fascinating premise, heightened by the meticulous physical descriptions of people, places and survival tactics on both sides of the wall.I was very impressed with Pamela Sargent s storytelling in this book Her use of an involved character to tell the story was especially interesting to me I was unaware who, exactly, the narrator was until the very last chapter This made the story much engaging to me The characters are easy to relate to, and don t seem all that different from the people I know today This is a story that has a level of realism that, if considered without prejudice, is extremely plausable.I listened to the audiobook version, and was impressed with the use of two different voices, one male and one female, to sh...

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    I feel like some of the reviewers didn t really get the book It s a think piece, not a mindless read, so if you take the story at face value you aren t going to get the whole point.To clarify the book challenges social norms If you take those challenges at their face value as the characters in the novel do you re not going to get the same critical look at society that you would if you view them as criticism of the norm This happens in multiple places in the book the female led society, the sexual segregation, homosexuality as a norm, women in science and tech as a norm, etc The book also isn t feminist in the idea that women are better than men But it is feminist in that it shows women in power Moreover, the point of the book is that both men and women are equally capable of committing the same and different horrors and subju...

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    Magical storytelling I am retired now and catching up on my classic science fiction reading I wish I had read this 20 years ago Told from multiple perspectives, paced beautifully and with a little plot twist at the end, The Shore of Women is at its core a love story But there is no fairy tale ending, no Cinderella, no Snow White, in this tale It is the story of a man and a woman trying to su...

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    It feels very weird to give this book 4 stars Because there was so much that I did not like about it, so much that was flawed, and yet I found the story really interesting nonetheless and I expect I ll keep thinking about it long after having finished it light spoilers ahead To start off with what s not likeable oh sweet gasping goodness, the gender essentialism The world, where females live apart from men in technologically advanced enclaves and men live on the outside in caveman like bands, is going to be hard for any modern reader to accept Somehow, women have completely forgotten what it s like to live with and have sex with men Because I guess men f ed up civilization, and the women kicked them out of the enclaves once they started to go out into the recovering world I can t even begin to list all the questions I have about how and why this world would come about and be sustainable and actually, am sort of interested in THAT story , and I suspect many readers won t be able to suspend their disbelief at all.Also the storytelling style itself It s a lot of tell, don t show going on This book has a lot of Big Ideas it wants to convey, and the narrative style is heavy on exposition because of it Despite the shifting narrators, from Laissa to Arvil to Birana, the voices all sound kinda samey.And as far as characterization goes, I feel like there was an incredible amount of backstory between Laissa and Birana that it would have be...

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    This novel left me very contemplative for some time after reading the final words In a bold undertaking as a storyteller, Ms Sargent tells of a distant future where war weary women have exiled men to live as savages outside the walls of women only futuristic cities, taking reproductive material only as needed to keep the species alive The story follows an exiled woman, Birana, who forms what is considered an impossible and disgusting bond with a man named Arvil one of love.The story is slow in places, but thos...

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