Vanity Dies Hard

Vanity Dies HardWealthy Alice Whittaker Now Alice Fielding Is Known For Her Generosity, And When Her Friend Nesta Vanishes Alice Is Determined To Find Her And Help Her If That Means Money, Well, Alice Has Plenty Of It.Then Alice Starts To Feel Sick A Virus Perhaps, Something She Just Can T Shake Her Handsome Husband, Who Is Ten Years Younger Than She Is, Seems Determined To Keep Her At Home Does He Just Want Her To Feel Better Or Is He Trying To Keep Her From Finding Nesta Ill Though She Is, Alice Can T Help Asking Questions And The She Learns About Nesta S Disappearance, The Certain She Becomes That Her Own Life Is In Peril.


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  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Vanity Dies Hard
  • Ruth Rendell
  • English
  • 06 June 2018
  • 9780345292865

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    I listened to the e book it was narrated verbatim by Eva Haddon, and quite competently, I thought.I was immediately intrigued by the opening chapter, in which Alice, the rather dowdy protagonist, travels to a small country town to visit a former neighbour, glamorous Nesta, only to find that the address via which they have been corresponding does not exist.Alice is a wealthy heiress her family owns and runs the firm for which her husband, ten years her junior, now works As Alice begins to search for Nesta she appears to become progressively unwell Tensions develop amongst her circle of male acquaintances, guardians and advisors.Alice begins to imagine that Nesta has met with some sinister fate, and that the perpetrator might be behind her own illness but in whom can she confide There is evidence to suggest that ...

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    A man may smile and murder while he smiles A clever concept, and if you can get past the 1960s sexism, a well executed mystery Quite different from Rendell s usual who dunnit.But seriously, view spoiler a woman is allowed to marry a younger man, even when sh...

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    Tre stelle, se paragonata a se stessa Cinque, se confrontata con il giallo al femminile di questi ultimi anni, che da questa vera Maestra ha solo che da imparare e pure tantoQuattro di media, per una lettura sempre godibile e avvincente

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    A very good gothic novel Alice s friend Nesta has seemed to have disappeared Alice is trying to find her after she moved away, first going to the address she had for her and finding it did not exist then tracking her to boarding place in London In the meantime, Alice is beginning to feel ill frequently with nausea and begins to suspect someone is poisoning her Although the...

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    Originally published on my blog here in July 1999.In general, Ruth Rendell s Wexford novels are better than the others Vanity Dies Hard is an exception to this It is perhaps rather over extended, a problem that frequently seems to afflict Rendell it is too much a one idea piece of work to be a top class novel However, it is gripping, and the idea is very interesting, an unusual variation on the woman s fears that something strange is going on are dismissed as hysterical theme.Alice Whittaker is rich and beautiful, recently married to a younger man, but still terribly insecure Her close friend Nesta Drage has recently moved away, but the letters received from her are strange and type written a skill Nesta does not possess Sensing something wrong, Alice goes in search of Nesta, only to discover that her letters have been going to a non existent address This makes the fact that she received replies to them seem really strange, and prompts further investigation When Alice begins to be sick after every meal, she becomes convinced that Nesta was poisoned, and that her murderer is now poisoning Alice s ...

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    Careful, there will be spoilers to the whole tone of the book Better to read it cold Readers build expectations of plot development based on things like genre of publication, how many pages are left to the ending, even book cover and of course blurb Ruth Rendell, in her earlier books broke a lot of these rules of what a mystery or thriller is The best example is the justly famous A Judgment in Stone, where we are told on the very first sentence who did what to whom, when and why, breaking what is probably the ultimate rule of the mystery genre This is much quietly revolutionary, but it seemed revolutionary to me, and also satirical of genre expectactions She fooled me completely by having me project the stereotype...

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    Ruth Rendell died a few months ago, but I still have a number of her books on my to read list, including Dark Corners, set to come out next month Vanity Dies Hard is one of her early thrillers, and it s a good one Alice, recently married to a younger man, is worried about her friend, Nesta, who seems to have vanished At first, it seems to be just a case of mixed up addresses, but as Alice asks questions of her friends, she finds out that Nesta had...

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    Early Rendell Classic suspense I love the early Rendells because they so crystallize how the world has changed in so little time The twist ending wouldn t be feasible today, but it s perfect for her setting and I totally guessed the outcome.

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    i really loved how this story surprised me at the end an intrigue of the best kind i would recommend it to everyone

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    Maybe read it before Saw the video on this story Think the video s ending is different As always, enjoyed it.

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