Seven nights in a rogue's bed

Seven nights in a rogue's bedI M Your Payment, Mr Merrick When Notorious Jonas Merrick Finds The Wife Of His Greatest Enemy Up To Her Neck In Debt To Him, He Offers Her A Bargain She Can Work Off The Debt In His Bed But Jonas Is Than A Little Surprised When Her Innocent, Naive Sister Arrives In Her Place, Bravely Offering Herself To The Scarred, Brooding Rake Unexpectedly Moved By Young Sidonie S Beauty, Innocence And Wit, The Ruthless Loner Finds Her Seduction A Much Compelling Prospect Instead Of A Martyr In His Bed, He Wants Seven Days To Make Her Come Willingly But When The Week Is Up And The World Intrudes Will Beauty Claim Her Beast

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[Epub] ↠ Seven nights in a rogue's bed Author Anna Campbell –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • Seven nights in a rogue's bed
  • Anna Campbell
  • English
  • 03 August 2017

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    4.5 Stars Holy Shamoly that was hard work Bloody brilliant, but seriously full of feelings that I got to nearly the last page before everything was settled.Seven Nights in a Rogue s Bed is the story of Sidonie and Jonas Sidonie is the twenty four year old virgin spinster sent as sacrifice to pay the debt of her beloved bitch sister Roberta to Jonas Merrick, bastard by name and bastard by action I m not going to go over the full details of this story, but I will say that everything is not as it seems.This story was brilliantly written with a talent and professionalism that is not always found in modern writing It was clear and precise and the only time I stumbled was trying to understand the accent of Mrs Bevans, Merrick s housekeeper The writing flowed and I was never in doubt in regards to the sentiment and feelings of the characters.I took away half a star because at times I was overwhelmed by the sadness and injustice this couple have faced in their lives Merrick has been treated badly not just because of his bastardry but also because of a scar across his face that nearly cost him his life when he was young I just felt that there was little happiness and for a long time, no hope that things will get better or resolved.There was never a question of cheating or other women or men, but Jonas does talk about how he treated or was treated by women before Sidonie entered his life All ang...

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    4 Estrellitas He acabado muy satisfecha con ste libro, antes de empezarlo no ten a ni idea de qu iba m s all de lo que pon a en la sinopsis, que no revelaba demasiado s lo sab a que estaba en mi lista de pendientes, y por algo era Resulta que ten a en mis manos uno de esos libros que tanto suelen gustarme, y por los que siento debilidad, una historia tipo Bella y Bestia, un romance hist rico regencil con tintes bastante picantorros ste es el primer libro que leo de Anna Campbell, y no creo que sea el nico, su prosa y su historia me ha convencido lo suficiente como para darle la oportunidad a otras obras suyas.Pero Qu tenemos en Siete noches juntos Una historia de sas dif ciles Dif cil por lo que son los protagonistas Sidonie es una joven de buena familia que no desea casarse debido a los infortunios que han tenido las mujeres de su familia por culpa de sus c nyuges Sidonie quiere una vida tranquila y pac fica, cobrar su peque a herencia cuando cumpla la edad estipulada y retirarse para abrir una escuela para ni as.El caso de Jonas Merrick es m s complicado Jonas es un hombre que no conoci el amor, y siempre que tuvo un resquicio lo perd a, as que s lo est interesado en satisfacer sus placeres espor dicos y se acab Traicionado por quienes m s debieron apoyarlo, ahora es solitario y hura o, sobre l pesa el estigma de la ilegitimida...

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    3.5 Stars.The second half of the book really picked up for me Halfway through, I just wanted to skim It was all starting to be a tad repetitive.

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    When Sidonie Forsythe s sister, Roberta cannot pay the gaming debts owing to Jonas Merrick, Sidonie comes up with a plan She offers herself in payment Jonas Merrick is a bastard, and rich There is no love lost between him and his cousin William, Sidonie s brother in law But Jonas proposes a new bargain If Sidonie spends another six nights at the Castle with him, Jonas will write off her sister s debts.The opening scene as the heroine arrives at the forbidding Castle Craven on the South Devon Coast is fantastic, evocative After that wonderful, initial scene the gothic atmosphere loses some of its momentum, swallowed up in the romance and love scenes for the longest time However, it was the second half of the book that the story really came alive for me and I enjoyed immensely There was way happening with the focus no longer on just Jonas and Sidonie.I had thought Jonas was going to be a dark, sinister lord of the gothic manor type He s a bit of a loner in an out of the way mansion He is reputedly ruthless and has a scarred, unattractive face But I thought he was a nice guy and not particularly scary or mean He was sensitive, kind and understanding Though I enjoyed this novel, there were a few things that didn t quite make sense to me view spoiler Sidonie seems to easily forget the horrible reason she s ther...

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    MADRE DEL AMOR HERMOSO Este libro me ha ENCANTADO Este es un retelling de la bella y la bestia y es un romance hist rico de regencia OH YEAH Me gustaron mucho todos los gui os que tiene esta historia con el cuento de la bella y la bestia tooodos, empezando con el protagonista.Esta historia tenemos a Sidonie una chica de buena familia que va a pagar la deuda de su hermana que tiene con el famoso y desfigurado libertino Jonas Merrick, pasando siete noches en su cama Jonas quiere vengarse de su primo el Vizconde de Hillbrook, por lo cual se aprovecha de la esposa de este que es adicta al juego prest ndole dinero endeud ndola y para saldar su deuda la quiere en su cama, pero Oh surprise que la que llega en su lugar es la virginal hermana de sta.Sidonie es una protagonista fuerte decidida, valiente que no se deja intimidar por este oscuro hombre, no se queda callada y siempre le hace frente Tiene sus miedos e inseguridades como toda persona, ella est decidida a no casarse porque no quiere que ning n hombre la controle como lo han hecho los hombres que le han t...

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    Pues he disfrutado bastante de la lectura.Es una novela con el protagonista complejo Hura o, bruto, pero con un coraz n inmenso y cuyo agrio car cter solo esconde una muy mala concepci n de s mismo.Sidonie ir destapando uno a uno todos sus secretos Ambos me han resultado muy cre bles y creo que evolucionan de una forma muy coherente.La mayor parte es muy minimalista, apenas ellos dos en un castillo Conversaciones, lucha, seducci n Despu s desemboca en una novela mucho m s al uso, sin que Jonas pierda su atractivo Hacia la mitad del libro me ha entrado un poco el miedo porque la historia se estancara, pero la autora le da un nuevo giro a la trama que ha superado mi temor.Es una novela que se aleja de las lecturas convencionales No voy a decir que sea nica, porque me ha recordado bastante a Los riesgos de perseguir a un pr ncipe de Julia London.La trama es un alusi n completa a la Bella y la bestia, algo que la autora no creo que intente esconder.Mi nica pega es que todo...

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    3.5 Stars Whatever she saw in his smile, it discomfited her enough to make her try to shift away He didn t let her go He began to suffer the alarming fantasy that he d never let her go This was officially my first Anna Campbell book I have to admit, the first half was a bit slow for me In Historical romance books, I don t like for the scene to remain in the same house for too long I want movement, action, less introspection and intimate dialogue I like my character development to come after I get to know everyone involved a little So it s just personal preference I know a lot of HR follows this type of gothic, dark and dreary, old crumbling castle trope, and that the scenery always stagnates for me after awhile.The second half picked up the pace quite a bit and gave me the excitement I was looking for Not only did the sexuality start to become romantic, but Anna Campbell can really make it emotional I love when the act of making love comes across as a profoundly moving thing Yes, it s great to get that animalistic side...

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    Seven Nights in a Rogue s Bed is the first book in Anna Campbell s Sons of Sin series It s a gothic esque romance with a Beauty and the Beast feel, and is a very passionate, very sexy story From the Cover Will a week of seductionDesperate to save her sister s life, Sidonie Forsythe has agreed to submit herself to a terrible fate Beyond the foreboding walls of Castle Craven, a notorious, hideously scarred scoundrel will take her virtue over the course of seven sinful nights Yet instead of a monster, she encounters a man like no other And during this week, she comes to care for Jonas Merrick in ways that defy all logic even as a dark secret she carries threatens them both.Spark a lifetime of passionate surrender Ruthless loner Jonas knows exactly who he is Should he forget, even for a moment, the curse he bears, a mere glance in the mirror serves as an agonizing reminder So when the lovely Sidonie turns up on his doorstep, her seduction is an even delicious prospec...

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    Pues me encanta el principio porque los protagonistas tienen una quimicaza enorme Los d as es que a n no ha habido sexo me han encantado Sobre todo por los di logos entre ellos atr vete.Y la segunda parte, tampoco me ha decepcionado Me ha sorprendido que ...

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    This is a joint review with my review partner May.May When Mandi told me she heard of a book coming out that just screamed This is a May kind of book I was intrigued and picked it up as soon as I could Seven Nights in a Rogue s Bed plays on the Beauty and the Beast trope, but is at the same time its own unique and memorable story.Merrick wants revenge upon his cousin than anything else Luckily, revenge is easy for him to find not only by being incredibly wealthy and successful while his cousin is struggling , but now he also holds his cousin s wife in a great amount of gambling debt Indeed, the lady owes him a great debt which she can t afford or a week in his bed He finds the prospect of bedding his cousin s wife and cuckolding him to be a great revenge.So Merrick is surprised when instead of the lady in question appears in his home one stormy night, her sister comes in her place Indeed, the virgin spinster sister is quite literally sacrificing her body to this unknown man As her sister has two children and a hideously abusive husband, she can think of no alternatives but to offer herself and hope that she can survive the week.I thank Mandi for bringing this book to my...

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