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Zack's ChoiceZack S Choice Is A Crime Heist Mystery Novel Zackery Gresham Has His Life All Planned His Mother Is A Lawyer His Father Is A Federal Judge And He Is Pre Law At Yale, With Harvard Law School To Follow Before He Joins His Mother S Prestigious Law Firm He Plans To Marry His High School And Yale Girlfriend Once He Graduates From Law School During A School Break Zack Takes A Once In A Lifetime Motorcycle Trip Through The Southern States In New Mexico He Has A Chance Encounter With A Strange Hitchhiker The Resulting Chaos Will Bring Zack Face To Face With A Choice That Could Alter His Life Forever.

Harry Edward Gilleland, Jr is passionate about writing His poetry has appeared on numerous Internet poetry forums, in several poetry e zines, in three multi author print anthologies of poems and short stories, and now in four of his own published books Harry has also published five works of prose a novella and four novels Harry is retired from a career as Professor of Microbiology at LSU He

[PDF / Epub] ✎ Zack's Choice ☂ Harry E. Gilleland Jr. –
  • Paperback
  • 182 pages
  • Zack's Choice
  • Harry E. Gilleland Jr.
  • English
  • 09 July 2017
  • 9781495983290

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    You, a highly intelligent student at Yale University and the son of two well respected attorneys, one of whom is a federal judge, claim you were persuaded to commit a criminal act of this magnitude within a few days of meeting this young woman Do you really expect me to buy that Just how dumb do you think I am Not as dumb as the author expects us to be, it seems The plot repeatedly stretches credulity well beyond breaking point, without offering even the flimsiest of lifelines to readers willing to suspect disbelief At least three times the central character, when pressed on how he could possibly have done something quite so stupid, replies with a I guess you had to be there But we were there, and it didn t help The author s job is to show us how it happened what caused Zack to make his fateful decisions But instead all we get is a bland I ve thought it over As crazy as it sounds, I m going to help you , that would have made me throw the book across the room had I not been reading an electronic copy on my laptop.The book is ful...

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    I won this book in a goodreads Firstreads drawing.A shallow book that doesn t really live up to its potential.A college boy, on a motorcycle ride across America picks up a hitch hiker He thinks the hitcher is a young boy, but it turns out to be a girl, who convinces him she is the Chosen One by God to steal a religious artifact from a museum and save the world.From there the college boy finds himsel...

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.The first few chapters actually annoyed me as they were so totally unbelievable that I nearly gave up but I persevered.It did get better as the story moved on but remained unbelievable and, at times, laughable by it being so unrealistic but I did like the style and pace of writing and although it took me a while to get to like Zack, I did eventually although his n...

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    I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.Ideally, I would have given this book 3.5 stars It was an entertaining read, but I did feel that there was a bit too much telling rather than showing.I did like Zack as a character, despite the fact he was a bit too innocent He did come across as one of the nice guys and there were times I did feel a bit sorry for him.The title could have applied to a lot of what happened in the book, which I did think was quite a clever thing to do.I did also like Zack s relationships with the other characters I felt that some of the interactions could have been extended to have the writing showing the development of said relationships, rather than just summarising how conversations went and the feelings developed.I have to say, there wa...

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    This review was published on Bookkaholic on March 31 You can see the article at Harry Gilleland, Jr., is the author of several collections of poetry and five books of prose, including A Wandering Warrior which was released in 2013 In early March of this year, Gilleland published a new book titled Zack s Choice A short novel at only 175 pages, the book is a fast paced study of the consequences of choices.The forces of evil are threatening to destroy the world, but God s Chosen One has emerged to defeat them At least, that is the story Zackary Gresham hears from the young hitchhiker he picks up during a cross country motorcycle trip Instead of running for safety, Zack believes Bobby Smith s story that God has sent Bobby on a mission to steal the Sword of Damascus, a holy relic valued at 300 million Bobby must secure the sword before the Devil s minion Escabar can use it to open a portal between earth and hell Zack agrees to help Bobby steal the sword, but before long, he learns Bobby is actually Robbie, a girl whose family...

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    Zack s Choice is a fun read because the author had me completely discombobulated for the first few chapters I am just as soundly conned as the main character, and that hooked me quickly into finding out what really happened With a concise, one event after another style, Mr Gilleland accommodates my need to know in spades and I pretty much inhaled the tale in short order Zackery Gresham is living a planned yet perfect life Pre Law at Yale, with a beautiful girlfriend whom he has known since high school, this perfect son of a lawyer and federal judge will finish at Yale then move on to Harvard before joining his mom at her law firm But right now, Zack s just taking it easy, riding his Harley across the southern states, heading leisurely back to his parents in Oregon Everything was perfect as usual, until he runs into Bobby Smith, a teenage boy who turns out to be Robbie, a teenage girl and the Chosen One Tasked by God to take a holy relic off the Vatican s hands in order keep an army of demons from gaining access to this world, Robbie s parents have already been spirited away by the demon s human agent Escabar, and she really needs Zack s help Zack chose to help, and when he got arrested by FBI agents and found out the Chosen One is really named Darby Fitzgerald, his perfect life pretty much went to Hell Zack has one choice left, and that choice will determine whether he can still get a good life despite already losing the planned and perfect one Mr ...

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    The best laid plans is an often used expression that describes the plot in Harry Gilleland s book, Zack s Choice perfectly Zack plans to marry his high school sweetheart and follow in his parents footsteps in the legal world First, though, he decides to take a motorcycle trip through the south In New Mexico his trip turns into a not to be believed adventure He meets a young hitchhiker who convinces him to help save the world Zack s Harley headed into the late afternoon sun as he glided across the highway, engulfed by the vastness of the desert southwest when he first saw the hitchhiker Zack slowed and eased to a stop a few yards from him Zack removed his helmet, and the two slowly eyed one another, assessing each other s potential threat What Bobby, the hitchhiker tells him is unbelievable, but Zack believes it anyway Following Bobby s directions, Zack s journey takes him to California and then to Europe where he has to flee to stay out of jail Don t pass up a chance to read this incredulous story The twists and turns and the subtly humorou...

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    Zack s Choice is a brilliantly written book about a young man named Zack who is going home for the holidays from Yale Driving his motorcycle across America to see the sights has always been something he wanted to do Picking up a hitchhiker, he decides to help the boy, with a bed in his hotel and a hot meal only to discover he has been stolen from in the morning when he runs into the boy later he hears an apocalyptic tale and a dire need of help in saving the world that literally changes his whole life.This book was a real page turner It s incredibly well written and very fast paced Zack s character is developed so well, you can really understand the reasons why he makes the choices he does There were a few twists that I didn t expect and some great action at the end that literally ...

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    Zack s Choice by Harry E Gilleland, Jr was an amazing action, drama, growing up read I truly enjoyed this novel and could not put the book down Young Zack just wants to live his life and have a little cross country adventure before buckling down and going to law school at Yale He never expected to meet and get mixed up with the likes of Robbie Gilleland gives you the adventures of Zack and Robbie, what starts out as as weird mission turns into way than Zack can hope or dream about Gilleland creates a vision of youthful bad decisions on for Zack that puts t...

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    Zack s Choice has received its first review 5 stars, Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteExcerpt Harry E Gilleland s contemporary fiction novel, Zack s Choice, is a first rate adventure tale The plot is fast paced and very entertaining There s a lot of humor Zack s Choice is literate, fun, and entirely unpredictable, and I enjoyed it immensely for full reviewAnother Review The Feathered Quill, Kristi Benedict This book will keep you guessing at all the twists and turns right up until the very end See complete review at Third Review from Palmetto Review The total package has cinematic appeal especially when you throw a sexy romance into the mix.Zack s Choice is sure to appeal to anyone who likes a well told tale about clever, risk t...

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