Drop Dead Daughters (The Chronicles of Staffordshire #4)

Drop Dead Daughters (The Chronicles of Staffordshire #4) Book 4 Of 4 In The Chronicles Of Staffordshire The Master And His New Mistress Are About To Wed And The Young Maid Of Dishonor Is None Too Happy But That S Okay Shyla Will Have Her Revenge Soon Enough Shyla Throws A Graduation Party For The Ages And The Mistress Throws It Right Back The Billionaire S Barbies Go To College And Move Into Historic Stilson Hall They Ll Burn Out A Wet Vac Or Two With Their Weekly Games Of SplashOpoly Shyla Unveils Her Grandest Revenge Scheme Yet And The Barbies Storm Club Mayhem But When Things Go Awry, Mary Could Pay Dearly When Shyla S Plot Hits The Press, The Mistress Is Left To Clean Up The PR Mess Mary S Mommy And Daddy Pay A Visit To The Big House And Find Out Just How Much Of An Apology They Can Handle The Elder Paulson Sisters Show Their Dykey Daughters The Joy Of Cooking With Staffordshire S Handsome French Chef Hmmm We Really Must Have Someone Check Out The Sauna The Lock On The Door Seems To Be Malfunctioning Again And Shyla Gets Her Comeuppance At The Hand Of The Mistress As She Snoops Around The Castle, Unwittingly Embarking Upon Post Graduate Studies Earlier Than She Had Planned But Be Careful, Shyla Stern Discipline Awaits You In The Dark Recesses Of Your Home Will Mistress Lenore S Curse Be Broken Or Is The St Cloud Clan Doomed To Live With The Fallout Of Her Youthful Indiscretion For Generations Yet To Come You Ll Just Have To Read It For Yourself

It s always dangerous to become an author of erotica You live this nice, normal, sane life and your friends and co workers think you re one person Then you disappear into your dungeon and become someone completely different.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 418 pages
  • Drop Dead Daughters (The Chronicles of Staffordshire #4)
  • N.C. Simmons
  • English
  • 23 August 2019

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    As before, leave your hang ups and blush at the door, when you enter N C Simmons s world, leather is optional Has a new generation of Staffordshire women come of age Has the battle between Lena and Shyla taken a sizzlingly fascinating turn Will we see the battle of the sirens Will Shyla out shock Lena or will the Mistress bare her fangs and everything else in an attempt to win her stepdaughter over Will Staffordshire have a new Mistress Will Shyla s schooling dredge up the heat Lena and Lenore shared so many questions, so much emotion, so much to learnShyla has declared all out war on Lena and her method of attack is a long and well planned display of erotic heat Is history repeating itself Has Shyla inherited the Freaky gene, has she found that her best friend is her soulmate in ways than one Can Lena tame the wild beast in Shyla Like a mother bear, Lena will protect Shyla to the end, in her own twisted way, but will she go too far in exposing the secrets of Staffordshire and the truths of Lenore s secret life Once again, forget all you know of how ladies and gentlemen interact When behind closed doors there are no holds barred, no words softened, no actions off limits and even a voyeur or two N.C Simmon...

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    Disclosure I know the author s husband but I purchased this book for this review I love this book I love these characters This series just keeps getting better with each book I love this author s writing style and I love the way she finally tied everything together in this book Even though there is not as much sex in the third book the fourth book is LOADED with sex that builds on the heartbreak in the third.There are four new characters in this book and it s really focused on the next generation of the Paulson College Sisterhood They are the daughter of Mistress Lenore Shyla , two of the servant daughters at the estate Iona and Luisa , and Shyla s best friend Mary The book follows the girls as they go to Paulson college and the fight between the daughter and her stepmother escalates.I LOVE the pace, the tone, and the style of this book I really feel like N.C Simmons has found her voice in this book It reads quickly than the other three books even though it is longer There is a seduction scene in this book that is both funny and...

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