Coming Home (Dicky's Story)

Coming Home (Dicky's Story)They Say When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Window, So What Do You Do When The Ceiling Comes Crashing Down On You This Inspirational Story Of A Secular Man S Faith Walk Is Improved By The Fact It S Wrapped Around A Heart Warmingly Sweet, Side Splittingly Funny Love Story The Romantic Comedy Outshines The Faith Walk At Times, But Isn T Our Love For Each Other A Gift From The Almighty Dicky S A Godless Soul And He Likes It That Way He Scrapes Out A Living In His Undergound World Of The Colony By Stealing Scraps And Cheating The Automated Systems But Even A Thief Has A Conscience, So When Dicky Sees A Kid In Trouble, Instincts Propel Him Into Action The Kid Introduces Dicky To A World He Never Knew Existed And A Woman He Could Only Imagine In His Wildest Dreams.Leah Hasn T Got Much Of A Life In The Colony Because Conformance To The Rules Has Never Been Her Forte As Her Family Has Pointed Out At Every Turn Her Only Escape Has Been Helping To Care For Itzick, The Sole Surviving Son Of An Important Elderly Couple Itzick Is Far Than Just The End Of A Family Line, Though, And Leah Is One Of The Few Who Knows The Truth About The Kid.When Another Cave In Brings The Walls Crashing Down, Leah S Own Brother Disowns Her As Dead Weight And She Finally Decides She S Had Enough, To But She Can T Leave Without Itzick The Kid S Been Taken In By A Thief, So Leah Must Enter A World She D Only Seen From A Distance And Come Out Again Without Losing Her Heart To A Lost Soul Named Dicky.

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[Ebook] ↠ Coming Home (Dicky's Story) Author Sarah R. Yoffa –
  • Coming Home (Dicky's Story)
  • Sarah R. Yoffa
  • 10 October 2019

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    Before reading Coming Home Dicky s Story , I noticed it had already garnered several five star reviews What s with that I wondered Then I started reading it and stopped wondering.This is a stellar work of fiction Former rocket scientist Sarah R Yoffa has launched a moonprobe of a masterwork, with a sparkling array of characters and a storyline that rolled me along in its variegated vapor trail.After a little hesitating at the start after all, I don t read rom coms or faithwalk stories , I found myself increasingly excited by what the book was telling me about myself and my fellow earth dwellers.What really turned me on and had me WOWing all the way to bedtime no, not the sizzling sex scenes between Leah and Dicky, scrumptious though they are, nor the origin of Dicky s name cute , was the skill with which character, plot and theme are so seamlessly woven together.It s one thing to honor Balzac s dictum for the novel that it reflect the human condition, but to portray so vividly how we could be and should be, as the author had done, is nothing short of breathtaking.Does the book have any flaws other than minor editing ones Is the Pope a Catholic No, don t answer that The inclusion of Hebrew in the dialog is not only germane to the story, but shakes us readers out of our comf...

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    Awesome read I couldn t put this book down ended up staying up most of the night on a work night to finish it This is a religious, inspirational book, yet I believe a great book for even the non religious reader It opened my eyes to some of the Jewish traditions and why they are observed Dicky was adopted as a child at 3 years Parents taught him to be a thief, by necessity They live in the underground colony, and Dicky has only seen the outside on rare low rad days There are also the hated blackcoats or Jewish evangelists that live in the upper levels of the colony definitely the upper economic class During the latest collapse in the colony, Dicky meets Itzick, a young 6 year old Blackcoat convinced that Dicky is his long, lost uncle and Leah, a proper Jewish girl, scorned by her family The average reader those that don t know Hebrew gets to experience Dicky s confusion as Leah, Itzick, and the other Blackcoats speak in Hebrew Important information is translated for Dicky and the reader I am glad I read this first wi...

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    With light hearted humour throughout, the book opens in a post apocalyptic society, where everyone seems to live underground in a colony Opening with the main character Dicky it almost immediately shows someone who has no idea who or where his real parents were The only link he has to his true identity is an old book which he was found with around the age of 3 In some small way similar to Oliver, Dicky is taken in by thieves who teach him their craft, and it enables him to survive Unable to read or write he believes that this book protects him somehow, as long as he looks after it His parents who took him in and their friends throw a surprise birthday party, but little does Dicky know this day is to change his life forever.The Black Coats are introduced as being generally hated by everyone in the lower colonies They preach of knowing God and have funny ways, but a night s thieving left Dicky hungry and he went to steal food from one of the houses of the Black Coats That night was the first night he saw her from his hiding place The colonies were far from perfect, and from time to time sections would cave in and have to be r...

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    This book is an amazing read It is as entertaining as it is inspirational Although it is very much a Jewish faith walk, you cannot help but be inspired.If you have ever had any question about your faith, you cannot help but identify with Dicky to some extent and be inspired.Dicky is every man or woman he has struggles but has found a place for himself in life or so he thought but ...

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    An excellent book Sarah has written real characters people you get to know and okay in some cases maybe not love but certainly care about VBG The characters are believable the situation is quirky there s humour and seriousness pain and pleasure love and well, no hate, but deep displeasure Set in a post apocalyptic world, boy meets girl and everything in his life changes If you like paranormal romances this one s for you If you like faith walks it doesn t matter which faith, ...

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    When I was offered this book for review what first struck me was the description of genre as Jewish Inspiration Fiction Romantic Comedy set in a post apocalyptic world It sounded like a really novel mix and I wanted to see how it would work.Dicky is a Thief living in a post apocalyptic underground colony He has barely been above ground, only when the gamma levels are low enough to assist his thieving He s most definitely a ladies man and surrounded by laid back family and friends He s been brought up with a dislike of the Black Coats, similar to Chassidic Jews, who preach to the unconverted However on his 32nd birthday he meets 6 year old Itzick and his family friend and companion Leah, Black Coats Itzick seems to have a special connection with Dicky and when they are forced to spend some time together Dicky finds his pre conceptions challenged and his lust needing to be controlled.This book is an amazing mixture The author uses, and where necessary translates, Hebrew and Leah and Itzick expose Dicky to a lot of their religious practices A lot of the Hebrew is not translated but this serves to let the reader get a sense of Dicky s exclusion from their conversations Inevitably I feel that I have learnt something from the book, but without be pre...

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    This was a very enjoyable and inspirational love story It is told from the point of view of Dicky, who was found as a three year old and raised in a family of thieves Being good at stealing, picking locks and having lots of casual sex are all feats that raised Dicky s status in his community The cultural clash between Dicky and Leah, the Heroine, a religiously observant woman, is hilarious.Th...

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    What a fascinating insight into a religion I have to admit to knowing little about The genre isn t one I d usually pick up, but the story kept me entertained the whole way through I like learning something when I read and C...

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    This book is a great read by a new author Highly recommended

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    COMING HOME DICKY S STORY The main character is Dicky, a thief of necessity who lives in an underground colony with his parents who adopted him after they found him wandering around at age 3 During a cave in within the colonies Dicky encounters a young boy, Itzick, who seems to know who Dicky s and seems to be searching for him Itzick has come with a group of his kind Jewish Blackcoats looking for the Lost One who he believes is Dicky Despite his belief that the boy is wrong, Dicky feels a connection of sorts with him and does what he can to keep him safe after the cave in and this is how he ends up with Itzick and his caregiver, Leah, in his and his adopted family s cave in shelter while waiting for the repairs to be done to make the colonies safe again He quickly learns that the boy has some special talents that are a bit unnerving to Dicky If they are touching, they can communicate without speaking out loud Itzick tells Dicky that this is something that only the men in his family can do and this is another thing confirming that Dicky is indeed Itzick s uncle and the Lost One During their time in the shelter Leah and Dicky continue to build on an attraction that has b...

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