Ex Machina (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Ex Machina (Star Trek: The Original Series)Reading Ex Machina Star Trek The Original Series Author Christopher L Bennett Chardonneret.eu THE HUMAN ADVENTURE CONTINUES In The Aftermath Of The Astonishing Events Of Star Trek The Motion Picture, The Captain And Officers Of The U.S.S Enterprise Remain Haunted By Their Encounter With The Vast Artificial Intelligence Of V Gerand By The Sacrifice And Ascension Of Their Friend And Shipmate, Willard Decker As James T Kirk, Spock, And Leonard McCoy Attempt To Cope With The Personal Fallout Of That Ordeal, A Chapter From Their Mutual Past Is Reopened, Raising Troubling New Questions About The Relationship Among God, Man, And AI On The Recently Settled World Of Daran IV, The Former Refugees Of The Fabrini Worldship Yonada Are Being Divided By Conflicting Ideologies, As Those Clinging To Their Theocratic Past Vie With Visionaries Of A Future Governed By Reason Alone Now, Echoes Of The V Ger Encounter Reverberate Among The Enterprise Officers Who Years Ago Overthrew The Oracle, The Machine God That Controlled Yonada Confronting The Consequences Of Those Actions, Kirk, Spock, And McCoy Also Face Choices That Will Decide The Fate Of A Civilization, And Which May Change Them Forever.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Ex Machina (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Christopher L. Bennett
  • English
  • 27 October 2017

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    One of the sad tales of Ex Machina is that it didn t sell as well as it should have Chalk this up to an unfortunate aversion that many fans have to the post TMP period, or poor timing of release I don t know I do know that Ex Machina is extremely well written, and after reading most of Chistopher L Bennett s Star Trek work, I have become a huge fan of his His Star Trek bibliopgraphy is extensive and impressive, and his first original novel, Only Superhuman, hits bookshelves this October 2012 I intend to check it out, and I urge you to as well As for this novel, I highly recommend Ex Machina to any fan of Star Trek The Motion Picture and the status quo es...

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    WOW This novel has everything I want in a Star Trek book A great story which works so well as a sequel to For The World Is Hollow and TMP, not only amazing characterisation of the Enterprise crew, but actual character arcs and growth that s totally in keeping with the characters There are nice continuity flourishes, action and excitement, hard science and times of great introspection Themes of science and religion, society trying to move forward stumbling then ultimately succeed...

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    Well done Takes most of the original cast through legitimate and believable character arcs, giving it a greater feel of importance than most tie in novels Recommended.

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    Star Trek and religion have an interesting relationship Gene Rodenberry was proudly an atheist and believed that the future would result in people outgrowing silly superstitions Others in the franchise, like Ron Moore, made Deep Space Nine one long rebuttal to anti religious science fiction Some authors have come in one one side or the other but few have tried to deal with the issue from a secular point of view How does religion impact the lives of people who don t have miracles from the Bajoran prophets to justify their faith What is the importance, if any, of religion when the deities they worship are confirmed as false Shockingly, this isn t just what Ex Machina tackles It also discusses, in a somewhat off hand manner, the nature of the Singularity The Singularity, much like the Tao, cannot be described because both are entities which are indescribable by their very nature The Singularity is when we reach a point technologically or socially we cease to be able to be understood by normal humans Christopher Bennett tackles the Singularity like event of Star Tre...

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    Ugh Read this to get the bad taste of Spock Messiah out of my brain and it s as bad or worse Set immediately after ST TMP it starts with a good premise, a return to Yonada, but buries it with soul numbingly boring writing Endless pages of internal dialogue from literally every character, including several NPC s who are added for no apparent reason The completely un fascinating sociological mission is ...

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    Until reading his Star Trek novel Ex Machina, I d only known author Christopher L Bennett as a commenter on the Tor.com website, primarily on the various Star Trek re watches to be found there Bennett s comments on Tor are regularly insightful and thoughtful Sometimes, too, those comments can be overly long and pedantic, as is Ex Machina Using two Star Trek productions as its source material, the mediocre and muddled third season episode For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky, and the tedious and overblown first movie, I guess the odds were stacked against Ex Machina being a novel I was going to like very much Ex Machina has long, too long, didactic passages about history, about philosophy, about religion Bennett s insights into the psychologies of Star Trek s main characters are deeply thought out, but the long passages of psychological insight are frequently placed to interrupt the flow of the infrequent action sequences On the plus side, Bennett writes science well and is very good at inventing alien species that are truly alien and not just humanoids with forehead ridges most notably, the Megarite named Spring Rain Upon Still Water has a refreshingly non human way of communicating and of viewing and interpreting her surroundings Overall, Bennett does write very well And he is apparently a thoughtful and insightful writer But Ex Machina reads very much like a series of disse...

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    A radical atheist, a religious zealot, and people who just want to practice their faith in peace The people of Yonada from the episode For the world is hollow. have finally arrived at their destination Tensions are running high as the government cracks down on religious freedoms, trying to extinguish it altogether The leader, Natira calls starfleet for help in putting down terrorists In comes the Enterprise hot off their mission to stop V Ger With V Ger s evolution being seen as a religious event in some circles of the Federation, and Kirk s reputation as a God Killer the Enterprise is sent to help the situation What could possibly go wrong This book is definitely worth the read It is a very Star Trek style book exploring science, religion and history, and can this society continue on the path it is currently on The book also explores Kirk, Spock and McCoy dealing with the ramifications of the events as seen in Star Trek The Motion Picture The crew is stil...

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    This just didn t do it for me While it did add some depth to Decker and Spock, it felt like a sequel to the TOS episode For the World is Hollow than a bridge between TMP Khan I haven t seen that episode so it was a little hard to care about the characters or follow all of the ref...

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    No star trek romantic happy endings for me.

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    Star Trek The Motion Picture is a rough movie to connect with for a bunch of reasons I won t go into here There are great character moments, or at least opportunities, in the film but there s not enough This book does a fantastic job of giving a much needed emotional core to the events of TMP and actually deals with the aftermath of the book You have Kirk s guilt, Spock s uncertainty, McCoy s loss of footing, a crew s confusion as to what has happened and how to deal with this captain who shoe horned his way into command Also the diversity of the crew in opinion and in species It s a veritable cornucopia of potential conflict that matches the actual conflict here.We revisit Natira, the Fabrini, and the world they have settled after the events of the episode For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky This of course makes things quite awkward for McCoy and makes Kirk have to deal with the consequences of leaving a world once he has enlightened them In this case there is a deep chasm between the old ways and the new and Natira isn t the most understanding of the other side.It s really fabulous There s conflict, awesomness, everyone s issues being dealt with or at least confronted, and everyone finding as much of a next step as possible I...

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