Of Fire and Ash

Of Fire and AshOne Promise Can Change Everything.The Fairies Must Never Know Of Nelay S Sight, For The Attention Of Such Dark And Terrible Creatures Brings Things Dark And Terrible.But When Nelay S Father Is Near Death, The Fairies Are The Only Ones Who Can Save Him All They Require Is A Simple Promise That She Ll Return The Favor One Day.Sometimes Promises Are Deadly.

Bestselling author Amber Argyle writes young adult fantasies where the main characters save the world with varying degrees of success and fall in love with the enemy Her award winning books have been translated into numerous languages and praised by such authors as NYT bestsellers David Farland and Jennifer A Nielsen.Amber grew up on a cattle ranch and spent her formative years in the rodeo

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  • ebook
  • 64 pages
  • Of Fire and Ash
  • Amber Argyle
  • English
  • 18 April 2017

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    From the first page The blistering wind blowing in from the desert was so hot even the flies had disappeared The only creatures still visible were the fairies Nelay had followed to the dry riverbed fairies she was careful to never look at directly.Sheep bleated impatiently around her as she pushed her handmade wooden shovel into the damp silt and dragged it back She dug deeper and deeper The sheep sniffed at the ground and crowded her Her family s hobbled donkey even stepped on her foot Asat Move She rammed him with her shoulder and shouted at the sheep They scattered like oil in water, but it wasn t long before they turned to slowly circle Nelay, a circle that tightened with every turn.Eventually, the dampness turned into mud, which gave way to puddles, the edges of which began to connect ever so slowly Using her shovel, Nelay tossed clods of mud at the sheep Bossy Patc...

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    Thanks to Amber Argyle for giving me this book to review.For all of Nelay life she has seen fairies but her mother has told her that she must not let the fairies know she can see them or Nelay will pay a high price However, when her father is bitten by a snake, Nelay s only choice to save him is to turn to the fairies, but they require in that one day she must repay the favour As all deals with the fairies come with a price, will this change Nelay s life forever Of Fire and Ash is a very good YA fantasy novella, with an interesting look at the back story for Summer Queen Although it is not a long book, it is enjoyable and a well rounded story.I liked Nelay as she was a nice and resistant little girl who was really caring I did not like her brother, Panar as he was horrible and really jealous, and I thin...

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    Of Fire and Ash is the prequel novella to Summer Queen, the second installment in the Fairy Queens series Even though it s only a novella, there is so much going on and you get a good impression of the main character Nelay, the setting and the upcoming story.Nelay is only nine years old in this novella and you get to know her as she s making her way through the desert, alongside her father and brother While struggling to survive she s forced to go against everything she s been taught and make decisions that will change her life forever I love Nelay she s so brave and strong, and I can t wait to see of her in Summer Queen She s most definitely a new favorite I really do like the setting of this novel and how well Argyle describes everything, from the fairies to the landscape Everything feels so vivid, like you re walking there, alongside Nelay in the desert I also really like Argyles take on fairies I ve ne...

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    An enjoyable read We get to read the prologue of Nelay before the main story in Summer Queen Either I was emotional during the time I read this or that her story was kind of sad The hardships her family faces and the only two choices she has to live out her life Won t spoil it but it is pretty obvious Nelay has a strong character despite her young age literally very young She is mature than her older brother Panar She is also very caring and loving I really hate Panar The way he treats Nelay and his abhorrent personality Also, Nelay s price in order to save her father might just be too high I find that kind of sad but I guess I too in a way believe that the difficult your wishes deals are the higher the price Of equal value must be paid But she still owes that someone.I hope that Nelay gets to see her parents or is seeing her parents It would just be too cruel if the last time she saw them was at 9 years o...

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    If she was to be a priestess, by the goddess, she would be the best priestess ever born This prequel novella introduces, and follows the story of Nelay, the next protagonist in the Fairy Queen series She view spoiler reveals her abilities to see fairies, and hide spoiler

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    Thank you to Amber Argyle for allowing me the opportunity to read an electronic copy of this book Honestly, it left me wanting to read a true sign of a great read I love how the author was able to breathe so much life into her characters in ...

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    I loved Winter Queen and when I learned that there were going to be other books in the series, I couldn t wait to read them The wait for them has been longer than I thought it would be Of Fire and Ash is a novella and it introduces us to the woman who will turn into the Summer Queen in the next novel Reading novellas is a little dissatisfying because they give you a taste of what s to come but they end far too soon This novella was no different.In Of Fire and Ash we meet Nelay, she lives in the dessert with her family her father, mother and an elder brother They are going through a tough time because of the on going drought There is hardly anything to eat and everyday, Nelay, her father and brother have to venture a little farther in order to look for water Though her family doesn t know, Nelay possesses the Sight, which allows her to see the fairies When her father doesn t return after going in search for one of their missing sheep, she and her brother go looking for him and find that he s been bitten by a snake In order to save her father s life, she makes a deal with a fairy and this marks a turning point in her life.I love Argyle s writing, her books immediately suck me in and the world comes alive Even in this novella, I couldn t stop reading and found myself comple...

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    3.5 5 starsI really enjoyed Amber s Winter Queen, so I was really glad I received this novella for review It is the prequel to Summer Queen, another book in the Fairy Queens series This short novella follows a young girl Nelay Nelay has the gift of sight and can see fairies However, she has been instructed never to let them know she can see them for bad things come to those who do At only 9 years old, Nelay lives a life of hardship in the desert She uses her sight of the fairies to help her in times of need, but is careful never to let them know She is resented by her older brother, as she is the one to earn praise from her family for finding water I hated the way her brother treated her He was a cruel boy but they are still family, which is why his hatred of her still hurts After their father goes missing, it is up to them to try and find him Nelay attracts the attention of a fairy and in a moment of desperate need, begs for help Help is not free though and Nelay will make a promise that will defi...

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    This is the prequel of Summer Queen and tells the story of Nelay and how she came to be a priestess Nelay has the sight, but her mother has drilled it into her to make sure and never let it be found out because a deal with the fairies always turns out bad But when she, her brother and father are out tending the sheep, her father gets bit by a black mamba and being days from home, Nelay has no choice but to make a bargain with the fairies Finding the price of this bargain is too much for her and her life takes a different path than what she wanted Nelay was such a plucky little 9 year old and I really liked her My heart broke for her on finding the price the balance will take from her bargain I have to say that I really didn t like Panar and his jealous and nasty behaviour, but you just know he will play a part in Summer queen Anyway, I reall...

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    It feels cliche to say it, but I m going to do anyway Amber Argyle has done it again I seriously love everything she writes, and there s a reason for that She s an amazing author who breathes life into stories.Of Fire and Ash is a novella It doesn t take long to devour And that s exactly what I did I devoured it It s unlike anything I ve read.We meet nine year old Nelay, battling the harsh and unforgiving dessert, struggling to survive not only the land, but also her twisted relationship with her jealous and brutal older brother.Nelay is gifted She sees fairies, but she must never let them know she sees them Because if they know she has the sight, they will come for her But what happens when the life of a loved one and her family s very future is threatened Does the Rule still apply And what happens if she breaks it I loved the imagery, I loved the edgy, dark fairies, I loved Nelay, I loved it all This was a great bridge story, and I cannot wait to keep reading I received ...

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