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Ramadan Sky A Contemporary Twist On A Classic Story Of Forbidden Love, Set In Jakarta, Capital City Of Indonesia.When Vic Accepts A Teaching Position In Jakarta, She Has Already Been Working And Travelling In Asia For Many Years She Thinks She Knows What To Expect However, Before Long She Becomes Troubled By The Casual Coexistence Of Vast Wealth And Woeful Poverty, And By The Stark Differences In Freedom And Power Between The Men And The Women It Also Becomes Apparent That There Will Be No Support Or Companionship From Her Fellow Westerners And Colleagues.Fajar Has Lived In Jakarta All His Life He Gets By, Loaning Money From Friends And Family, Spending His Nights Racing, And His Days Working On The Roads As An Ojek Driver When He Impresses A Customer With His Understanding Of English, He Sees An Opportunity He Dedicates Himself To Being The Woman S Driver Taking Her To And From Work, Running Her Errands He Thinks He S Won Big.Neither Fajar Nor Vic Expect To Find Friendship And Solace In Their Strange Arrangement But, Before Long, They Will Step Outside The S Of Their Cultures Together, Crossing A Boundary That Will Shake Both Of Their Lives

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 102 pages
  • Ramadan Sky
  • Nichola Hunter
  • 09 June 2018

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    Ramadan Sky by Nichola Hunter BLURB A contemporary twist on a classic story of forbidden love, set in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.When Vic accepts a teaching position in Jakarta, she has already been working and travelling in Asia for many years she thinks she knows what to expect However, before long she becomes troubled by the casual coexistence of vast wealth and woeful poverty, and by the stark differences in freedom and power between the men and the women It also becomes apparent that there will be no support or companionship from her fellow Westerners and colleagues.Fajar has lived in Jakarta all his life He gets by, loaning money from friends and family, spending his nights racing, and his days working on the roads as an ojek driver When he impresses a customer with his understanding of English, he sees an opportunity He dedicates himself to being the woman s driver taking her to and from work, running her errands He thinks he s won big.Neither Fajar nor Vic expect to find friendship and solace in their strange arrangement But, before long, they will step outside the s of their...

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    A somewhat unusual story, Ramadan Sky presents the uneasy relationship between Vic, a 40 year old Australian woman arriving in Jakarta to teach English as a Second Languague Fajar, the young motorbike driver who ferries her around the city and becomes her lover and Aryanti, Faraj s former fiance, who still loves him In an impoverished city of impossible pollution, religious barriers, poverty and futility, with islands of extreme wealth, Vic s situation seems almost unreal In fact for a part of the story I really didn t see this relationship happening at all Vic seemed a force out of another, earlier novel where the white woman man helps the dark skinned man woman move beyond their means.But this is a modern story and it includes a wry look at modern pitfalls including the use of cell phones I was left feeling tossed between cultures as Vic likely felt, unsure where I wanted to land but knowing that I needed change.Ther...

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    Ramadan Sky tells the story of a brief and inevitably ill fated cross cultural love triangle set in Jakarta Against the city s backdrop of poverty and corruption, the story unfolds over most of a year as Vic, an Australian English teacher, falls for her much younger and hot tempered ojek driver, Fajar He has an on again, off again engagement to a girl in his neighborhood, Aryanti, the kind of good Muslim girl he can marry, but will never quite love.The novel makes graceful use of three or really four different narrators each character in the triangle, plus Vic s journal This is a feat for such a short novel, but the choice gives us useful access to what is most important in this particular story economic strangulation that narrows young people s futures to a few unattractive options, and the expatriate loneliness behind Vic s financial patronage, which adds an uncomfortable element of dependence to her relationship with Fajar We get a layered portrait of a Westerner s experience in an economically crippled city, a deceptively simple love story shaded with a dark history of neo colonialism.What I love about these kinds of stories I m also thinking of Linda Horowitz s While the Sands Whisper, which I edited last year , is that they depict the impossible complexities of a normal human relationship when it gets hung up on the rocks of money, history, culture...

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    Ramadan Sky by Nichola HunterI ve just read this book that my wife reviewed for netgalley My wife and daughter are intellectuals They review books for their literary merits and tend to be analytical in their reviews whereas I, am an ordinary bloke, who decides whether he likes a book or not by gut reaction This novella I did not like it was bitter, racist and contemptuous of the Indonesian society depicted I ve never been to Indonesia, and know nothing about it, but suspect that it is probably not dissimilar to India, the country in which my wife and I have worked for the last 15 years I love this country and respect and accept its culture, poverty, corruption and all As for the ex pat community portrayed, I have worked with many ex pats and found them nice, easygoing people, who do a good job, with enthusiasm Many have become friends over the years they are certa...

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    Thank you Netgalley and Harper Collins for providing this in exchange for an honest review Hunter has a gift for realistic writing characters People are never 100% good or bad, and she was true to that The low rating is because while the writing was wonderful, I didn t care for the story or the characters so much Just because characters are realistic, doesn t mean they re actually likable You have a gro...

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    Jakarta, the setting for this novella, is depicted as a bleak but strangely appealing place As a rose can grow from the side of a brick building, beauty will assert itself The sights and sounds of Jakarta, the ugly as well as the beautiful, are vividly conveyed, with extraordinary poetic sensibility.The lives of the three main characters through whose points of view the story is told, are also bleak Vic is a lonely, going on forty Australian woman who arrives in Jakarta to teach, and is depressed by her surroundings and what she sees as a stifling, repressive society.She meets Fahar, a young Indonesian man, and the two begin what might be described as a relationship of convenience, during which Fahar becomes engaged to a young Indonesian woman, Arianti, while continuing to see Vic.Early on in this novella the reader realizes that this situation is not going to end up happy for any of them It seems as though everybody is using their relationship to get something from the other person, and the characters make little pretense about their arrangements.Their story is told with empathy and a deep understanding The reader is immediately swept up in the lives of the characters, and wishes for them to dare to dream, and for their dreams to come true It really is not they who are at fault so much as their surroundi...

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    This is art.Yes this is mesmerizing and in a wonderful way Reading the first chapter, I was transported to Jakarta, which is foreign to me but I was there.I felt myself b r e a t h e while reading it felt like sitting i n a mellow river, filled with smells from the landscape around You have an uncanny talent for descriptions that burst with L I F E This is art they watched me together with 4 eyes and many claws waiting to pounce And The beginning of change is a small la...

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    E galley received through Netgalley for review.

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    I received the e Arc copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWhat could I say about this novella, besides the almost perfect details of all of the familiar things that Nicola Hunter had described about my country or the capital city, actually It is a sunny day, but nothing shimmers or sparkles.There is one particular woman I pass every day on the way to my office She sits on the concrete in the hot, damp weather with faraway expression of cattle A filthy baby lies on a square of cloth next to her and, next to that, a child scratches at ulcerated leg.I especially don t understand the casual, uneffected way that the rich people seem to trample all over the poor You have everything that belongs to everybody else locked up in your own impenetrable vault, and down in the street, where there should be hospitals and schools, there are of these malls going up.On Sunday afternoons you see the well heeled families of Jakarta eating dim sum and ravioli in the vast, expensive eateries sitting at the tables while maid stands up next to them, holding the baby.Familiar, is it I would complaint nothing for those descriptions, because for some reasons, it was accurate It doesn t mean that the whole cities in Indonesia like that, but everything happened in Jakarta especially the bad things, like fires, demonstrations, etc always became the national issu...

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    I have very mixed feelings about Ramadan Sky Although I adore the realistic and heartbreaking portrayal of relationships and society, I found most of the characters intolerable and not a good representation of Indonesia The themes mentioned were evident in many countries, and are still relevant in modern society Firstly, the reason I kept going with this novel was the gorgeous writing Concise sentences, blunt commentary and sometimes gritty perspective of what it s like to be a different person in a new country A lot of the key themes were explored, and having three narrators although Vic and Fajar remain the main two creates a better understanding of each character and the overall theme What is blatantly obvious and almost doesn t need stating to one character, is clearly interpreted differently by another I also loved the descriptions of Indonesia, as in the scenery and physical, tangible features, and found them to be quite accurate Ramadan Sky has a lot of good points which kept me reading.However, the reason I have mixed feelings is because of the characters and the rather demeaning portrayal Although I understand the main character is Australian, and probably cannot comprehend the vast changes in this new country, I found myself repulsed by her quick judgements and hollow conclusions I initially loved her character, but...

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