Vampires Among Us (Vampires Among Us, #1)

Vampires Among Us (Vampires Among Us, #1) Erica Harper Is A Human Trapped In An Abusive Marriage With A Rogue Vampire Trusting The Only Friend She Has, She Runs To Him To Escape The Wrath Of Her Husband Unbeknownst To Her, She Runs Straight Into The Arms Of Another Vampire Kevin O Rourke Is The Leader Of The VCTF Vampire Crime Task Force And A Prominent Figure Within The Vampire Society When He Discovers His True Mate Is Being Abused By A Rogue Vampire, He Must Protect Her And Convince Her That They Are Meant To Be Together As Erica Begins To Heal Both Emotionally And Physically, She Realizes That Not All Vampires Are Evil Creatures It Is During This Time That It Is Discovered She Holds A Few Secrets Of Her Own But Will That Be Enough To Overcome Her Fear Can She Let Go Of Her Past Long Enough To Embrace Her Future Within A Society Of Vampires

I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom I started writing about three years ago at my daughter s urging,but it took me until mid 2013 to get my nerve up and try to get published It has been a whirlwind ride since then, but one that I don t plan to stop any time soon

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  • Vampires Among Us (Vampires Among Us, #1)
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  • 20 August 2017

10 thoughts on “Vampires Among Us (Vampires Among Us, #1)

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    Love this book It is truly one tale that I can read over and over again.

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    Wow this was HOT This is the story of Erica Harper, a young woman how is stuck in a very abusive marriage, to a nasty Vampire.When she finally gets the courage to run away, she turns to her only friend Kevin O Rourke Unfortunately, Kevin is also a Vampire He however is the leader of VCTF Vampire Crime Task Force and from a very prominent family, so is very well respected in the Vampire Society.He wants to protect her, as she is his true mate So together with the help of his family the VCTF team, they watch for her husband to catch him bring him to justice.This was a very well written story The characters were brilliant You connect with them straight away, and you can t help but feel for Erica.There is a lot of humour in this, and touching scenes The sex scenes between Kevin...

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    Can I just say Awesome book One of my favs, steamy romance and thriller rolled into one..started out rough, poor Erica being tortured by her abusive vamp husband..I get very angry about this kind of stuff so for the beginning of the book that was where my head was..then enters kevin in the mix,and the heat is on found myself holding my breath freguently never knowing first if Erica gets out of her house to safety then never knowing when Shawn would find her..I became invested in the characters of this I was coming to the end, I found myself slowing down because I didn t want it to end I sure do hope book 2 comes soon and with of Kevin and Erica s lives together and of course throw in some intrigue with some ...

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    Too much talk, I found that a lot of it did not add significantly to move the story along and I got a bit bored I ended up skimming pages I don t usually like to compare stories but I got a bit of a Twilight vibe when Kevin s family was described I don t recall ever finding out what Erica was studying at Uninot that it probably matters but it would have given me an insight into where her int...

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    I loved this story There wasn t anything I would change about this story and I m looking forward to book 2 Out soon..I hope

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    The story begins right off with the main female character, Erica, trying to get home from shopping before her husband gets home By the end of the first page, Shawn Harper is giving his wife a brutal beating What makes the abuse even worse is his strength is magnified by also being a vampire His abuse doesn t stop there as Erica is his source of blood Her arms are badly scarred from his years of forcing her to provide for him.Erica is a typical abused woman who has reached the point where she knows she needs to get out before her husband kills her She wants to leave, yet doesn t because for a couple of good reasons Who would believe she s married to a vampire Not knowing there are good vampires out there, She fears for the safety of everyone involved in her escape once Shawn learns she has left Erica believes that Shawn was drawn to her because he knew she grew up in the state s foster care system She had no family Therefore, there was no one to care what happened to her.Kevin is a classmate who has become a good friend, offers to help her if and when she decides she s ready to leave her husband Unknown to her, is that he s also a vampire From here the story is fairly predictable, the differences between this and similar stories are in the details This is the first time I ve read one in the abused wife genre where the husband is a vampire.I wasn...

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    Vampires Among Us is a paranormal romance that will keep you reading from start to finish I won an e copy of this book through a contest and I really enjoyed reading it The entire story flows very nicely, and the interaction between all the characters is wonderful Ms Brown tells such a great story that I could picture the scenes so vividly while I was reading, and I look forward to seeing what she has planned for future stories.Erica Harper did not know that she married a vampire until it was too late, but she might have been able to accept what he was if he did not abuse her She has stayed with him out of fear and knows if she asks for help she will put the other person in danger She would never forgive herself if her husband hurt someone just because they tried to help her Knowing she can no longer live like this, she finally has the nerve to leave him, and she runs to the only friend she has What she does not know is that he is also a vampire Has she run from one violent creature right into the arms of another Kevin O Rourke is well known and respected in the vampire society, and due to his training he is in charge of the VCTF Vamp...

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    Excellent Start to a New SeriesWhat did you like The author did a good job setting up this new world There was lots of information and a believable community There is a good basis for a series, as the secondary characters are well developed It was a nice change of pace to see that the community, while well developed still had improvement and places to grow I predict that the underground community will grow along with the storyline in the following books The hero was just what the heroine needed he was patient, loving and yet still an alpha male able to give off protective vibes It was nice to see his vulnerabilities but not have them be debilitating ones or ones that would weaken the heroine The heroine had a nice twist her ability to dream events which saved everyone, balancing her contributions, so it wasn t just the hero saving people.What did you not like...

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    I loved the fact that the author but a lot of history about vampires her version into this story The O Rourke family even though vampire were the most sweetest loving family I fell in love with all the characters and how they were all eager to help and very accepting of Erica and her problems Kevin O Rourke if I could have a boyfriend or husband like him yes I know he s a vampire I would definitely snatch him away from Erica There were only to characters I did not like Shawn, and Philipe but I guess every book has to have unlikable characters.While reading this Mrs Brown actually had me visualizing every detail and every sing...

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    I have no idea what rock I had been living under but I sure am glad that I climbed out from underneath it and read this book because I LOVED IT Erica is a young woman who is caught up in an abusive relationship but that s not all her husband Shawn is a vampire When things finally come to a head for Erica she runs for her life with the help of the very attractive and sumptuous Kevin However, things are not what they seem and Erica is in for the ride of her life.The author s creative and sensual writing style does not leave you lacking The story line is well developed and the sizzling sex scenes will leave you completely breathless The characters are strong and compliment the sto...

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