Glassbyen New York Var En Labyrint Av Endel Se Skritt Og Uansett Hvor Han Gikk, F Ltes Det Alltid Som Om Han Hadde G Tt Seg Vill Glassbyen, Paul Austers Fortelling Om Identitet, Spr K Og Galskap, Regnes Blant Hans Aller Beste Denne Postmoderne Metadetektivromanen Er Her Mesterlig Bearbeidet Til Tegneserieform, Og Den Tegnede Versjonen Ogs Den Er Blitt En Klassiker Regnes Som En Av De Virkelig Store Amerikanske Graphic Novels I 1999 Ble Den K Ret Til En Av Rhundrets 100 Viktigste Tegneserier Av The Comics Journal.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Glassbyen book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Karasik author readers around the world.

[Epub] ↠ Glassbyen  Author Paul Karasik –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Glassbyen
  • Paul Karasik
  • Norwegian
  • 25 February 2018

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    Such a great adaptation of the Paul Auster novel In the original City of Glass, the labyrinthine feel of the story was created through Auster s prose In this adaptation, it s illustrated through beautifully creat...

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    ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOYCredo che fosse il 1991, l anno in cui ho incontrato Paul Auster per la prima volta La musica del caso.E fu subito a A grande c erano in Auster umori che in letteratura mi sembravano insoliti, fuori, e oltre, che all epoca percepivo solo nel cinema non per niente l esperienza cinematografica di Auster sostanziosa e fortunata Citt di vetro era introvabile, cos come la raccolta completa, la Trilogia di New York fuori catalogo, e le biblioteche a Roma funzionavano ancora per modo di dire nel senso che non funzionavano affatto Ci volle del tempo per metterci le mani sopra, dovetti aspettare la ristampa.L a continuato per qualche anno, ho letto di suo tutto quello che veniva tradotto un po troppo tosto in originale per me Poi, l a finito si sa, le storie iniziano e finiscono, solo poche durano per sempre, uno di noi due s era stancato, forse entrambi, uno di noi due era cambiato, ma non lui a me sembrava che si ripetesse oltre la mia sopportazione, che giocasse troppo a fare il Paul Auster, indugiasse nei suoi tic, ormai clich lui voleva che io gli fossi fedele oltre le mie con...

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    Not only a fantastic, engrossing read, but also the most teachable comic I know My students in a recent 9 week class took a deep dive into the book and found layers of depth even I was unaware of.It s also an adaptation that s true to the original, but does much than merely illustrate the text...

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    the original City of Glass, by paul auster, was a book that i enjoyed greatly when i first read it i thought it was really unique, a thoughtful, stylish blend of raymond chandler, kafka, and borges i still like it, but it hasn t aged that well for me a lot of what i thought was playfulness now seems precious, facile the prose is polished, but by the same token oddly eroded, flat, sanded down often it feels like auster doesn t actually inhabit the english language he reads like he s always already a french translation which is maybe why he s so popular over there and anyway, i like exuberence now, headlong run on rushes and spiky thickets of clauses.this graphic novel, with art by paul karasik and the amazing david mazzuchelli one of my all time comic book favorites , is another beast entirely it takes the fine small bones of auster s narration and clothes it in images they ar...

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    This graphic novel was based on a novella by the same author and Comic Journals voted this in the top 100 for the 20th century It s about a writer who takes on the role of his detective character to investigate a mystery but this choice sends him down a path of obsessive madness It blurs the line between reality and fantasy and even identity as the author of this tale finds himself changing roles, stories and overall identities The voices coming out of objects and gradual changes and pullbacks were intriguing That said, it s so cleverly done that I feel there wasn t enough of an in...

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    graphic novel Auster , Auster , , .

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    5 Estrelas Gr ficasLi o romance A Trilogia de Nova Iorque do escritor norte americano Paul Auster n 1947 no in cio dos anos 90, uma obra inicialmente publicada em tr s partes Cidade de Vidro , Fantasmas e O Quarto Fechado.Decorridos mais de vinte anos come o a ler Cidade de Vidro , uma novela gr fica , adaptada por Paul Karasik n 1956 e David Mazzucchelli n 1960 , sob os ausp cios de Art Spiegelman n 1948.A adapta o de um bom romance ao cinema de tal forma comum que raramente suscita pol mica, acabando quase sempre por desencadear as inevit veis compara es qualitativas entre o livro e o filme.Agora transformar o romance de Paul Auster, Cidade de Vidro , publicado em 1986, numa novela gr fica , editada em 2004, mais incomum e original, e na edi o portuguesa da Asa h uma introdu o escrita por Art Spiegelman que resume e esclarece as in meras d vidas que nos podem suscitar esta adapta o da obra de Paul Auster desde a concep o original at ao convite endere ado a Paul Karasik e a David Mazzucchelli para materializar tal ideia Tudo come ou gra as a um n mero errado o telefone tocou tr s vezes a meio da noite e, do outro lado, uma voz perguntando por algu m que n o era ele P g 1 2 Daniel Quinn, foi no passado um poeta promissor, que perdeu a sua mulher e o seu filho, que desistira de tudo , tornando se, actualmente, num escritor de romances policiais, sob o pseud nimo de William Wilson.O referido telefonema, efectuado por Peter Stillman, era destinado a Paul Auster, um d...

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    Despite the fact I remembered original novel including ending, etc by Paul Auster, I enjoyed having one day with this comic and think that it is worth reading Brilliant from the very beginning to the very last page The ideas of climbing inside an imaginary skin of someone you don t know, chasing the ghostly footsteps of unknown man, vanishing into the heart of megalopolis seem still catchy for me While reading I remembered the first time I read novel City of Glass and I loved the nostalgic feeling I had What also should be told is that Art Spiegelman who is a real prodigy in comics field tells the introduction story about how this book was created He also speaks about respectability and reputation of comics uses term graphic novel and etc Very interesting and good pages to read As for the art by David Mazzucchelli, I can only say positive words It hauntingly follows the narration and combined with the story is so good that you cannot skip any panel By the ...

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    I haven t read the original book, but the story seems so unbelievable that I doubt I would enjoy it as a novel The visuals of this graphic novel told the most interesting story, despite the loosely held ...

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    Pure masturbation Lots of build up with no closure Lazy Reminded me of the show Lost , the endless questions keep you going until you realize they have given you no answers Perfect bookshelf filler for the pseudo intellectual.

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    Considero a adapta o do conto Cidade de Vidro, de Paul Auster, para os quadrinhos por Paul Karasik e David Mazzucchelli, o melhor trabalho de transcri o de uma outra m dia para os quadrinhos Digo isso porque seus art fices conhecem profundamente o potencial da linguagem dos quadrinhos e isso pode ser verificado em outros quadrinhos seus, como o Asterios Polyp de David Mazzuchelli De longe essa adapta o que mais usa e abusa dos recursos gr ficos e narrativos de uma hist ria em quadrinhos para ampliar o sentido da leitura de uma escrita liter ria De longe tamb m, toda a Trilogia de Nova York, obra prima de Paul Auster, n o s o narrativas de f cil transcri o para a linguagem gr fica, ent o essa outra raz o para reverenciar o trabalho de Karasik e Mazzucchelli com Cidade de Vidro, principalmente a iconicidade e a metalinguagem da his...

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    Pocas veces me he encontrado con una adaptaci n tan bien llevada pese a la dificultad de la obra original Es casi m s un complemento a adido que una adaptaci n

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    Eine sehr eindringliche Geschichte mit viel Interpretationsspielraum Kann man sich lange ber das Lesen hinaus auf jeden Fall mit besch ftigen Gerade die Adaption ist sehr interessant Freue mich darauf, im Seminar mehr dar ber zu erfahren.

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    I read City of Glass about 2 years ago for my international baccalaureate, and had to analyse the heck out of it I remember not being into graphic novels at all, but I had to read it for my international baccalaureate The moment I started reading it, I was amazed by the setup of the story It reminded me of this old detective movie, with a shady and gloomy setting Then I started reading it, and I recognized a lot of old detective aspects to this story For example Daniel Quinn often picturing himself as a ice cold detective, with a long trench coat and a cigarette hanging at his lips, ready to solve the mysteries whilst seducing the ladies However, as I started to read of this story, there were a lot themes that perfectly integrated with one another in this story There was the identity crisis, religion, darkness light, reality vs fantasy I think that covers about all of them, but I m sure that there s Besides the amount of themes in this story, there are also loads of references to other authors and novels in this story When I read the first page of the book, I noticed an introduction written by Art Spiegelman, the author of the one and only graphic novel that I ever enjoyed reading besides city of glass The Complete Maus As it turned out, the adapters of the graphic part of this novel, Karasik Mazzucchelli, were influen...

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